Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 5)


sorry for giving short updates but l cld not type much. comments are decreasing episode per episode. Guys l know it is not like usual romantic series. but this chng once they are united so support me. PROVIDING LINKS OF PREVIOUS EPISODES IN THIS ONE.

episode 5

The news that I didn’t talk to Ragini and was not in the room previous night spread like a fire in the family.

From morning many people have asked me about it. But I ignored everybody. They must have been asked this from Ragini too. Huh, god knows what she must have said about me. Surely she would have made me villain in front of whole family. But I didn’t heard anything like that and this was amusing me. Did she didn’t say anything about me?
Sometime I think that is this a way to attract me!

I felt so frightened when Uttara came to me and said-“ babuji ne balaya hai. Jaldi jaiye.” Babuji has called me. Surely I will get a nice scolding today. Though from last five six years he have never beaten me but the memories of childhood are enough to send a shiver in my body. Now when he does not do anything on our mistakes it seems that a large number of punishment is getting deposited in my account and will get a good lesson whenever this account is opened. No matter how much rebel and courageous I become in front of the world but the moment I come before babuji all my rebelity and courage vanishes in air. This is the reason why I tend to do everything he wants.

While going to his room I was making a speech in answer of his questions.

“what is the matter? didn’t you like bahu?” He asked very softly. The softness in his tone increased my fear. The speech which I have very keenly prepared was disappearing from my mind.

Seeing me sitting silently, he again said in a little louder tone “say the matter clearly. Why are you not saying anything?” now it was impossible that I would open my mouth.

“Atleast you must think that for whom that unknown girl has come to this house? Does she has come here to get this behavior from you? What she will say when she will go to her house? I aree that this marriage didn’t happened with your choice but you should behave well with her.” He said in a very serious tone.

I suddenly bursted in tears in front of him. Like a child was crying and wiping my eyes from the back of my hands. He was not ready for something like that. “ok don’t do this childlessness. You can go.” Like a obedient child I quickly got out from the room.

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Credit to: Amna

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