Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 3)

so here is our 3rd chapter . Keep supporting and commenting.


If she is educated and understanding , then I could make her see my pov ? Suppose if ever I would have to make out my married life with her , then it would be easy to manage with her this way. Bhabhi was saying that she is extremely beautiful. I should have atleast seen her face. Today is my SR, if I will go early all will tease me. Who knows what to do in SR? How to do it?

Oh what I have to do with all this ? Now I have just decided that I do my final year exam well. As it will decide my future. But I couldn’t manage taking nothing to her? what will I say to her? “See we both are mature. Parents did what they wanted. Now we have to decide for our future. First , I want to finish my studies……..” but if she starts crying listening this. I will not be able to resist a woman’s tear. No ,no, no gopio ka pyar Krishna ko sanyasi banne se nahi rok paya.

But is wife always your weakness? She could be your
strength like Sita was strength of Ram.


Pushing me slightly in the room bhabhi locked it and I came inside the room. I was feeling like I am a stranger in my own room. Ragini was standing near the dressing ,her face covered by a veil. . I was standing there for sometime and then quickly get seated at the edge of bed like a frightened child. I have thought that I will sleep as fast as I could but that day there was no clue of sleep in my eyes. Boys were excited to tell me so many things. Foolish boys couldn’t understand that I am not like all other boys. Boys who run miles after girls just to get an image of them.

Before coming to this room I thought that Ragini like all married bride will be shy and will welcome me like I am a king. But watching her I was shocked…… though she was looking like a bride but showing no antics like them. She didn’t reacted even when I sat on bed. When I was entering there was so much noise………murmuring and giggles of women along with bhabhi ………..but now it is so quite that I could hear the needles of clock. I was curious if she slept standing but didn’t she raised her head when I sat on bed?


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