Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 2)


thank you so much for so warm response and i am glad that there are some north indians here. I am giving a small hint of my city guess it if you can. It is one of the most holiest places for hindus and became a city og much importance since BJP came in government. Guess it!!!!

I finally avoiding these people I reached the temple to get some piece. Resting my head on the big pillars of temple , I srated thinking how my family destroyed my whole life in a month. But in their pov they were doing a great thing providing maa a new bahu , bhabhi a new house keeper and Uttara a new companion. But what about me , I never wanted to get married. I wanted to finish my studies first but no their need for a new bahu was much more important then that.

I didn’t had that much of guts too that I could elope from here. It would have been better if I would have run from here atleast for fifteen days. But I was just crying and pleading them not to tie me in that unwanted relationship. I should have listened my mind which was shouting that ”there is still time, runaway” when I was taking seven round around that fire which burned my happiness. That priest was chanting so many mantras but all I could listen was “stand up and run away” “ stand up and run away” .

Relatives were saying that now choti bahu should come in our house. Maa was persuading me that it’s been three years of Adarsh bhaiya’s marriage and now they need his bahu. Bauji was making me listen that had been dept of Uttara’s marriage which could be somehow paid in his marriage. All were thinking of their selfish motives and happiness. They would not care of other wish and will. Elders think that the world could by their wish but children also have their own wish? When we try to make them understand they would give their stupid arguments. “what a man wants? Only a nice wife, some children ,a job of clerk in low class office and then manage house after them.” What will happen to my dreams of doing something great.

But the truth is that now I am married. But I did this marriage in pressure of my family members. Now I will do what I want, I will not get trapped in moh-maya of marriages.

People were saying that Ragini is literate and is a graduate. I haven’t seen anything except her white hands. Haa when she was walking infront of me in the pheras her delicate feets coloured with kumkum were visible. No no Sanskar…………….what are you thinking……………. I don’t have to keep any relation with her. I will neither talk with her or if needed then talk only what is necessary. I will try to send her back to her home. I did this rriage in pressure. Now I will be selfish and not worry whether she wanted this marriage or not. Still I want four years for completing my MA. Till then where she lives? What she will do? I don’t know anything about it. Sanskar beta some time hurdles comes having a very good appearance ( here, he is talking about Ragini ) but I did not need to be distracted by them. Wife will do what she wants and I will do what I want.


Credit to: Amna

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  1. Interesting
    eagerly waiting fr ragini pov

    1. thank you dear but i will not give Ragini’s pov. I have planned the whole stry from sanskar’s perspective.

  2. nice but make it long

    1. sorry dear but i m not used to typing. It is seeming a tough work to me . SO, I will give small but regular updates.

  3. It was awesome dr.cant wait for next part

    1. thank you so much Ammy:):)

  4. Excellent epi…ur way of expressing sanskar feelings are awesome…..waiting for ragsan moments…pls make it long and update regularly…

    1. oh that was a great comment dear.I m not used to typing so I m finding difficulty in writing episodes. BUT as my summer vacations have started i will try to be regular in updating.

  5. hahaha….funny…..hurdle is going to teach u proper lesson sometime,….right?? 😉

    1. yup she will be a great lesson to him but before that she will be a hurdle to him as it is not easy to resist our Ragu’s charm;) I m really happy that u read it dii.

  6. Nice update 🙂

  7. Awesome dear

  8. awesome yaar
    city i think or guess is varanasi

    1. yup u are absolutely correct

  9. Superb

  10. As I’ve read this ff, I would love to say that it’s really superb. Basically, I always hunt for the concept in every story, I read n urs is an awesome one dea. I just loved it. Want to give u a big hug for such a lovely creation. Love u dea…

    N well, I’m also a North Indian dea…

    1. Oh thank you so much.? As l m very big very of ur stories l really wanted that u like it so that l can also say l cld b cld ur fan.??

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