Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 17)


so with much awaited chap I m back. But it is half. couldnt write more.

With shock I asked Ragini-“ You saw it yourself?”
She without looking on my side said-“I didn’t saw myself, but Uttara didi saw. She was the one who told me that as soon as I turned to other side bhabhi put a handful of salt in dal.”(U all remember in one epi I showed that Utttara wanted to say something to Sanskar but she withdrew as soon as Bhabhi entered. So this was the thing she wanted to tell)
I was thinking about this for some seconds and then with a pout asked her-“why did you didnt you said anything on our wedding night? What was the need of insulting me on the very first day?”
She was slowly answering all my questions. Today with much difficulty I have make her to clear her pov in all past activities. She said-“ I didn’t insulted you! Why it seemed to you that I insulted you?” then taking a deep breath she said “leave all that. It was written in the fate so it happened.”

“It’s nothing about fate. I am so much curious to know all things. Tell na I am requesting you so much.” I said in a pleading tone and gently took her hand in my hand. A current passed in me holding her soft hands with my cold ones.

She didn’t take her hand from me. Laughing a little she said -“have showed me so much negligence for a year then this much request should also be done.” Though she said this in joke but it pinched my heart like a sharp dagger. Then with some seriousness she said-“I was tired of waking for a whole week. Was feeling very low. Continuously thoughts of home were coming in mind. Then Uttara didi told about her story. After that my mood lowered more. Couldn’t think anything else then crying. Then at last moment I came to know that you didn’t wanted this marriage. Now the left out dare was also gone. So what should I talk to you?”

‘Don’t worry. Say all things clearly. I want to listen all.”I assured her and then slowly kept my head on her lap. I thought that she will jerk my head away saying that now after a year has come to show love but I felt so much joy when she started caressing my hair with her fingers.

“aacha tell me why maa and bhabhi are not happy with you.” She in the typical women style said -“How could I know? It was written in my fate so it happened.”

Credit to: Amna

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  1. Sindhura

    Why so short one yar

  2. So sorry for this abrupt endingbut if l wouldn’t have closed computer in a minute then my mother would have killed me. I hope u all will understand what is angriness of a mother.?

  3. SPP

    Nice but short
    Next time make it long
    Slowly Sanskar care for Ragini
    Waiting for the next one………

  4. superbb amazing awesome …and mindblowing ..but want next part …plz update next so soon ..
    plz ..

  5. Dharani

    very nice

  6. Very short dear but nice one

  7. Lila

    Very nice…

  8. Nice

  9. Am so disappointed dear from last 2part waiting for rag pov but u started & end the today chapter not fair hey na.. but love the track atlast sanskar gave up asking her pov of 1yr good to see his love towards rag & she is so cool wow..

  10. Love ur ff

  11. PinkChocolate

    Oh my Amna! I’m really sorry! I donno how I missed to read your ff!! And yeah obvio! I’m the last one to comment too?! Sorry my princess! So lemme tell you about this chapter!? RagSan are so damn cute?? Really very matured and sorted?Sometimes Ragini behaves like a kid and Sanskar acts like her protective partner or sometimes vice versa??I love’em?? I loved it ?So have you started going to school? Perfectly alright??

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