Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 16) (Starting of Light phase)

Thank you so much you shavoring your so much of love in last episode. Contine supporting and xommenting.
This chap especially for all natue lovers.

At dawn she was continuously rubbing my feet indicating that she had to go now. Though I was understanding this very well, but I didn’t wanted to leave her so early. After all I have got her now, and wanted to get this feeling as far as possible. Finally facing me, she gave a pleading look to leave her. Removing the hand which was encircling her waist I said-“aacha, jao.”
She immediately got up and arranging her saree properly, She started going out.
“haa” she said facing me, blushing profusely.
I stared her some seconds. Her face was glowing, a glow which she lost from months. Then I slowly said-“kuch nahi, bas yunhi.”
She smiled to me. Smile which we have after losing many things but at last getting something. On the door, she just said-“provide me a postcard, I wanted to write maa from a long time but couldn’t ask anyone”

After she left I dressed myself and got out. The scene of rising sun was giving a serene feeling. All grayish sky, only from east little beam of orange slowly rising up and up making the place shining like a golden vessel. Calm and cold morning wind touching my face gently and chirping of birds was giving a new calm and comfort feeling in my heart. All was so good and new.

It seemed that I was first time watching a sun rise. As if I was closed up in a dark room all these months. Not seeing and understanding what is happening around me. Now coming to light, how will I be able to meet eyes with Ragini? How will I be able to face those complaining eyes? Then I suddenly remembered that she asked for postcard. I wanted to fulfill her wish as soon as possible since first time she has asked me something. But there be shps opened now! Ok, I will ask for them from Hardik.

After shouting for minutes, Prince Hardik showed up his face. With sleepy irritated face he said-“ what happened? You left from here at 11 only, and now sharp at 7 again popped up” then with little naughtinesss he added” your wife is in mayka. So you are disturbing poor fellows early morning.” I couldn’t help chuckling at this little joke. Wanted to say-“whose jerk’s wife is in mayka” but making a serious face from outside I said-“ what do you want? Should I leave from here. Come out and see, whole world is awake.”
Opening the door he said-“ if world is awake, let them awake. Bhai I have given so much big exam yesterday, now couldn’t take little rest too? I am not like you have come to earth telling god that will rise two hours before the sun, then will drown in hell cold water and then will go out awaking the world.
Sitting on sofa I said-“ now you will take hous for grooming yourself. Let’s wait for you.”
He said yawning-“no no you have all ready spoiled my dreams then let’s talk. First tell me why are you shining so much today? Have seen dream of passing in first division in exam? Dreams of morning often comes true?”
“yaar don’t ask me about exam. I am so afraid about them.”
Then we talked about random things for some hours. He wanted me to continue my studies but there was pressure on me from family to do any job and support family. Then I left taking a post card from him.
When I was on his gate he asked-“ at least tell me why are you so happy today.’
I without facing him said-“ Ragini aa gayi hai.” And was leaving hurriedly from there listening a shouting Hardik.” Aacha beta, too yeh baat hai.”
Truly Ragini has now really came in my life as mine, only and only mine.


so sorry for again giving same recap. l know you all were eagrely waiting for that but i have got much busy now. first recovering from disease ang then eid is coming in 10 days!!!! School has also opened:(:(

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