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When I left the hall giving my last exam, I was very happy seemed that atleast one heaviness has left me. Hardik has insisted me for the cinema. Though it had been years since I went cinema but then too I was in no mood to go there but for keeping his heart I had to agree.

Confirming about the time when I returned to home there was a different tense atmosphere there. My first reaction was “ Ab kya ho gya yaar”. Then I came to know that after an era Rajat( Uttara’s husband if you remember) has come to show his face. My blood boiled. Why the hell babuji has even allowed that bustard to enter in the house. Must be bcoz of his hollow social antiques. I was more furious when I was informed that he has come to take Uttara. Did not remembered her when left her in a half dead position and now have came to take her? Were that witch for whom he left my sister gone?

At night he was left in drawing room and a meeting was going in angan.
Babuji announced –“ tomorrow uttara will go with him?”
Maa was first to rebel. “ leave her so that he kills my daughter?”
Babuji answered-“He has realized his mistake. He is repenting hard. That women has run taking many things from his house. He has assured that he will never repeat it. “
Maa – “ how can we believe him?”
Bauji –“ we have no other choice. If her home once again building then whats the problem.
All these argument were going when Uttara who was sitting in a corner started crying heavily.
I was first near her. I immediately hugged her asking what happened. But she was crying sobbing heavily. I too couldn’t control myself unknowingly tears start to flow from my eyes too. The condition was same for the most of the family. Afterall she was our laado, our only sister. Adarsh bhai and laksh ran to us and joined us hugging tightly. We all were sobbing after all siblings bond is the most innocent bond of the world where we fight at a moment and then cry for each other next moment.
Suddenly she broke the hug and ran to bauji hugging him tightly. Sobbing like anything but not telling anything. Thick tears which he had somehow stopped till now started flowing in uttara’s hair. He was caressing her head continuously asking her not to cry. Finally between her sobs she said- “ bauji don’t send me with him………….. I will die……………… H…he will kill me. I will do any small job, will eat only two royis but don’t send me with him.”
Bauji was making her understand-“ pagli………………why do you need to do any job. We are alive till now. But what we are saying is for your benefit. He has assured that he wil not repeat it.

I wondered why between the fight of heart and mind always mind …………..always minds wins? Why can’t we take our decisions by our heart not by what society says? Why my little innocent sister had to be send with that devil just bcoz a girl should not stay at our house after marriage? Why….why ……….why?
Next morning she was send with Rajat by the train.


Shoced by precap, let’s see how dumb head Sanskar got some brain

Credit to: Amna

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  1. Sindhura

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  6. Very emotional Amna…what u said in our society, is absolutely true…many times I feel it…precap superb earely waiting..

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  8. PinkChocolate

    It was tooooo good Amna? Exactly! Very exactly portrayed the scenario of our society! And there are still many many people who r living with the same mindset! Or actually we are still the same with very lil modifications which we call to be a drastic change. Had this incident occurred now, most of the ppl would have reacted exactly like how Bauji did. Tho’ he loved Uttara so much, he had chosen society over her. The so called “society” , who choose to stay away when we are in need of them and who are hyper active to taunt others. Lovely one Amna? And yeah wanted to ask Yu. Do Yu speak any other lang apart from Hindi???

    1. Ohh pinki l m glad that u are able able to see what l want to potray from the story. As told you l m an art intresting child and all these often penetrant my heart. I m not saying our society don’t love their daughters but the problem is they don’t want to change the typical attitude towards women.
      No yaar l m a north lndian……..as told from varanasi city. We speak no other language then hindi or English. Yes l know a little urdu bcoz of my family.

      1. PinkChocolate

        Ah its ok? I thought if you were a Gujarati or bengali or Marathi etc etc..I could learn lil from you? But its fine?, I’ve been to Varanasi actually, a beautiful place?

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    Nice epi…..valid questions…..hope he is asking himself those same ones regarding Ragini….one req….can u pls write more bigger epi.

    1. Actually dii l m from a family where preference is given 2 only studies and all these considered as time waste or signs that ur child is loosing their way. My mother knows that l write some os bt don’t know about ff. So it’s for me to write long epi. I hope u will understand.??

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