Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 13)

so 13th part. So Leela appi how is your fasting going on. now l m all fine with me as l remain in AC whole day but what what will happen once school will reopen and guess what it is from 21:(: and then my devil friends who will bring best cuisine of the world to tease me. They are no less now ……………..as l m getting thier daily menu card from whatsapp.

“Kyo bhaiya how much time is left for exams.” Uttara asked me.
I answered her casually ‘one week’. Then reality hit me, only one week is left for exams. Though these days I always repeat in my mind the importance of these exams but didn’t realized that only one week is left for it. After that all my thoughts started revolving around exams only. I forgot about Uttara’s presence and her question.

Then suddenly a question hit my head, “Am I going mad?” I tried to deny the question with the same speed with which it fit me. I am perfectly normal. Else I am more sensitive than other people. The more I tried to make myself understand that I am not abnormal the more the thought that something is wrong with me was popping in my mind. OK if this was happening too then from where all these started?

Then unknowingly that slap with all my strength, ragini dangling to other side and my harsh words to her came in my mind. Is that continue repentance and guilt is the reason of all this? Again all that started. How could I raise my hand on her? How can I do that wild thing?

But I was continuously trying decrease my guilt with stupid reasons. She should not do this. Could she not differentiate between normal and sacred thread? How much bhabhi must have been hurt by this? After allit was her daughter’s naming ceremony. Forgetting all your customs and ritual is not right.she really needed some msg for that mistake. ( I need to tell here that his family is a typical conservative family where much importance is given to customs. And leaving tradional rituals is thought to be very wrong. Though Sanskar has modern thought but he could not simply avoid his up brings. And there clash happens within his reforming thoughts and tradional thought.)

February had arrived, only two days have been left for exams. Most of the time I studied in hardik’s house( his friend. I will later give his detail introduction.) as I couldn’t concentrate my mind in house. Sometime I stay at his house in night too. Honestly speaking I get more peace in his house than mine. In mine house always a scene would have happened or would be happening. But in all this a thing sometime give a hard blow on my heart. That was Ragini’s emotionless and unchanging face. There was never a complain, sadness, happiness, hurt, pain or anything in her eyes. The spark in her eyes which I saw in her earlier was missing. Was am I reason of all this?

One day when I returned from Hardik’s house. I saw maa telling herin a caring tone-“ why don’t you right any letters to your parents. They must be worried about you. At least write anything to your mother.” No matter how much irritating she must be but she was a mother and she understand the pain of not knowing what is happening in your daughter’s life.

I saw her eyes watering up. A emotion from her after a long time. She immediately composed herself and answered-“ what to write maa? There is nothing to write her.” Her answered somewhere pinched my heart but I totally avoided it as once if I will start thinking about it, then I will not be able to concentrate to anything else.


So how was the name;)) Give your feedback and I don’t know when will be next update.

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  1. Its aweasome…feelng sad for rags…n happpy brthday tejaswiii yipppeeee its her brthday…love ragini..

    1. Happy birthday to her. I don’t have any social account to wish her.?

  2. First of all Awesome epi…Secondly my fasts are going really good..although it gets really hot here in Manchester sometimes. And hahaha I get the feeling. yesterday my friend sent pictures of my fav caramel frappuccino…(teasing me) and my other friend was sending pictures of my fav food. Such devils they are but I still love them. Anyways my holidays are nearly starting (JazakAllah) and then finish at end of September…

    Btw Amna where r u from? Which country?

    1. Oh god you are from Manchester ??l m from lndia only……….varanasi city. Do you belong to lndia?
      Yup this is true. They may be biggest devil but with it they are biggest angel too. My friends are a imp part of my life and I couldn’t imagine life without them.??

      1. No dear I’m not from India, I’m from Pakistan…city-Lahore..
        Yh I also can’t imaginemy life without my friends.

  3. really awesome epi….feeling so sad for ragini

  4. Awesome Superb
    Feeling sorry for Ragini
    Waiting for the next one……..

  5. Awesome

  6. So sad…poor ragini…

  7. Feeling sad for ragini
    hope now sanskaar mom will lessen her anger on her
    she’s becoming emotionless
    Doesn’t anyone from her parents house
    Come to visit her ???
    sanskaar seems one confuse soul

    May the divine god shower u with lots of blessing this Ramadan

  8. Awesome

  9. nice episode
    poor ragini
    waiting.for next part update soon

  10. nice epi

  11. Amna Yu made me cry seriously?I am feeling very very very bad for Ragini?I can’t tell she’s cute or sweet but I am sure she’s very matured, sorted and is very intensive. Haawww?? I am waiting for the next one darling! Please post as soon as you find time..I love this Ragini a lot?A lot! A lot?I’ll be waiting?Take care?

    1. So sorry for making you cry dear. Yup you recognised right trait of Ragini’s characterisation. She deserves all the love which Sanskar is not giving her currently. I m so sorry but l couldn’t updates soon as l m still writing that os. My mother is also furious on me for sitting on computer for long hours inspite of roza. So you will have to wait dear.

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