Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 12)


so with 12th part of the story. I wrote a raglak ff and got so good response for it that I was literally in my dream land for a whole day. And when in morning I wote this epi then by mistake pressed cut instead of copy and all was gone. I will be highly irregular from now as Ramzan will start from tomorrow. may be 2 updates in a week.


I am surprised that how she manages all these things so easily as if she was a machine feeling no tiredness or pain. She would accept all new works with so much ease as if she is habituated for all these work. I would wish that she shows any sign of disapproval in her behaviout and I could enjoy it.

My life has changed greatly after Ragini’s arrival. Whenever I return from anywhere my room is always clean and tidy. Will see some clothes and think of giving them to someone or wash it myself but before it they will washed and put on to dry. Will think of ironing them but already they will be ironed and properly kept in cupboard. Unknowingly Ragini has become a important part in my life. Slowily I am getting dependent on her for all my works.

Sometimes I get irked. What is all this? Day-night Ragini- Ragini! What Ragini has eaten? What ragini has done? Did she ever take rest.? In all food I will find faults of spice and salt to tease her! Always finding chance of giving her taunts! In one or another way she is always on my mind. As if I have got no other work! If I would have given so much attention to studies then I would have defiantly become a college topper. If I have decided that I would not think about her then why to think so much about her?

On the day of naming ceremony of bhai’s daughter, when I returned to home there was a scene happening there. Maa’s was shouting loudly-“she is a girl or curse. Has studied a little and thinking herself above all faiths.” Bhabhi was crying and saying and saying- “made my daughter’s function inauspicious! This is study? Forgetting all your custom? God knows what will happen bcoz of her sin?” Uttara was standing silenly not saying anything. Ragini was standing frightened in a corner. I understood that she is culprit. She in a very low frightened voice said- “I didn’t did it intentionally. I thought it as some ordinary thread. If I would have known it I would have never done it.” Maa shouted- “Are you blind? Could not find difference between ordinary and sacred thread? Doing a sin and then arguing.”

Though I had understand the matter a little, then too asked Uttara in a loud voice-“what had happened Uttara? What is happening here?” She didn’t answered so Laksh said from behind-“ bhabhi has tied and thrown garbage bag with sacred thread that pandit ji has given in morning.” Bhabhi once again started crying and Ragini became more frightened.

I was shocked. I slowly headed toward her. Stared her for some seconds like a teacher stares his pupil with anger. Raised my right hand, weighed it and then ‘ taraak’. She fell on grond bcoz of slap. I shouted pointing my finger towards her- “bl**dy atheist! If want to live here then live properly or simply leave from here.” All were dumbstruck. Maa’s anger and Bhabhi vanished suddenly.
But as soon as I slapped her I felt so much shame on myself that I directly headed towards my room. I also didn’t saw what happened to her? Whether she cried or remained sitting there?

Upon entering the room my conscience started speaking to me. What did you do sanskar? What had happened to you? First time in my life I have raised my hand on a women. Once I have said so much to bhai when he raised his hands on bhabhi. And now doing same with my wife? How can I become so blind in my rage? First time I spoke something to her in these days that too in abusing words? First time talked that too in slap?

Someone shouted in me. Bustard! Coward! Nerd! Shame on you! This is your dream of becoming great? Doing graduation and don’t know how to behave with a woman? If she has done some mistakes also then too what was the need of behaving like this? And it seemed that a cry was hurriedly waiting to come out of my throat. And I broke down crying miserably?


l m relly sorry if I hurt someone’s religious sentiments by this. but l always see that indians are too intolerant when it comes to religion. and politicians take advantage of it to make us fight between ourselves. Divide and rule has not yet gone so be careful and spread peace and harmony.

Credit to: Amna

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  1. its really true anger make u blind n When we are angry we are blind to reality
    thats what happened with sanskaar
    poor ragini
    even thought he realized later but raising hand doesnt make u superior
    agree dear many people do use religion for their own benefits
    why does sanskaar’s mom n bhabhi taunt ragini about her education
    the way ur presenting a story is awesome

  2. nice but if possible try to update in free time

  3. nice
    poor ragini……

  4. pavani darling

    Poor rag

  5. Very nice

    1. And Ramzan Mubarak to u too Amna?

  6. you have written it so beautifully. ragini needs to take a stand, how could sanskar do that?
    i mean its just a small mistake. she didnt commit any sin.

    1. Ramzan mubarak 🙂

  7. So bad sanskar….my poor ragini…

  8. I want to know avt rags pov

  9. Nice
    Feeling sorry for Ragini
    Ramzan Mubarak
    Waiting for the next one…….

  10. Wowwww superb update….feelng bad for rags…n ramzam mubarak…. 🙂 🙂 ..love ragini..

  11. nizzz stry

  12. aRamzan mubarak.superb

  13. nice episode Ramazan Mubarak to u
    i won’t say update soon as it is ramazan so when u free update a awesome episode tc..

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