Ragsan ff – REALITY (episode 11)


here is the next episode. guys i am constantly getting msgs to make them longer. but yaar i m feeling so much difficulty in writing this much also. i take more than a hour to write this and then i have too think too as though the plot is in my mind but i have to attach little things to make it philosophical
Episode 10

Next day I was feeling so happy as if I have saved myself from a very big mistake. I was feeling fortunate that I didn’t do anything in my strong emotions. Now I have deal with my Mrs. Whenever I was remembering last night, automatically my teeth started greeting. And again I would repeat the same line as if I am saying it first time-“so much arrogance! I gave a little pressure that I have to study for that she is giving me taunts.”

While eating I told maa that her presence in the room is disturbing me so shift her to another room. Huh, if she doesn’t want to live with me then let me help in fulfilling her wish. Though no one was agreeing on this but my constant force they agreed for it.

Next night she didn’t slept in my room. She has shifted to Uttara’s room. Till late night I was making plan to teach her a good lesson. Her arrogance had make a deep effect in me. Now I have to see her and it seemed that I have come in a battlefield. And I will use the same weapon – ignorance and arrogance.

Next day while going out I said to bhabhi –“why are you doing any work. There are many people in the house for doing all these work.” My clear point was towards Ragini.
Last night I saw her cleaning utensils. She was touching them as if they are burning. I sniffed a-“eklauti beti ( only daughter)” she would have never touched these utensils? Now the game starts:/

After this she started doing all work of the house from cleaning to cooking. It seemed that bhabhi was waiting for these moments from years. In starting Uttara helped her but later she also becomes to minimum. Most of the time she (uttara) would sit in a corner and always remains in her thoughts. Then too whenever anyone complains her of food or rotis then she would take her side.- “uff she has to make so many . what will happen if one or two will burn? Someday come to kitchen and one roti only. Then you would know.”

There was a different atmosphere in the house nowadays. Bhabhi’s delivery date was coming near. Uttara has already told that she will take a gold earring after all this it will be the first grandchild of the house. All wanted it to be a boy so most of the time conversation happens on this topic only. But there sweet dreams on shattering did not give much pain so themselves they would say- “ all this is in god’s hands. Could anyone stop if girl will be there? We would love her equally but it will be good there will be first grandson would be there.” This is true they will love her equally. Uttara too was the most pampered in the house. First she was youngest among us then first daughter of the house. But then too she has to go with the way a girl has to be in our society. She was not allowed to study much as in our society girl should be married as soon as possible. These thoughts sometime pierce my mind but the world is male dominated society and it is too difficult to change it.

Then finally on a night adarsh bhaiya became a father to a beautiful daughter. All were showing a fake happy face. But babuji was really happy for a thing that he has escaped from giving a big feast which he had to give if it would be a boy.

Now work pressure on ragini has increased much. Early morning getting up, first giving bhabhi some kadha for her and her daughter. Then cleaning house completely and hurriedly cooking whole food so no one leaves from house without having food. And at night she would press maa’s leg before sleeping.

I am surprised that how she manages all these things so easily as if she was a machine feeling no tiredness or pain. She would accept all new works with so much ease as if she is habituated for all these work. I would wish that she shows any sign of disapproval in her behaviout and I could enjoy it.


I m said that no one suggested me any name. Don’t tell me if l choose some funny name.

Credit to: Amna

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  1. nice bt plz give also ragini’s pov….
    u always write about shanskar pov i really wanted to know what going on ragini’s mind how did she manage the new life or what her opinion her feeling about her married life mostly shanskar…does she like him or not so next time plz try to add ragini’s pov I’m just saying rest is unto u bt don’t take that much time to write about her….clover it was good update soon

    1. i m really sorry for disappointing you but when i thought about the story it was all aout sanskar and now i couldnt manage writing from her pov. dont worry i will tell about her soon. may be in 3-4 episode. thank you so much for providing your. now i will especially work for that epi

  2. am shocked abt d precap

    1. just wait and watch dear;):0

  3. poor poor ragini…all because of sanskar’s impulsiveness. i hope he has the sense to talk to her at some point

    1. yupp he will talk. Actually he is too lonely, he wants someone to grab him and make him understand thinkgs.

  4. Superb.eagerly waiting for next part to know why sanskar slap to ragini

    1. thanks. And like always it will be due to some social outlook

  5. Awesome
    Eagerly waiting for the next one……..

    1. thanks i will not make you wait much

  6. Nice

    1. Thank you

  7. Nice….can’t believe he will slap her

    1. You will know the reason soon.dear

  8. Is this really reality but the precap is realty coz men never treat a wife as atleast a human also but in harming will will show thr rights like sanskar slapping ragini let it whatever reason but specialy he had no any rights on her.. he never ever think about her in good also then how come as a wife..y man can b arrogant but not a women stupid logic of this society..

    1. Reality in this means reality of our society. This is the thing which l want to show. Man in our society treats women like this. Though they may not be regular violent but one or two slaps is not a very big deal for them. Thanks for providing your feedback .

    1. Thank you

  9. Nice….but i am really sad for ragini…..pls pls change their mentality ragini should get some respect….pls make her raise her voice for her rights

  10. Poor ragini

  11. My poor ragini…..

  12. O m g ….my ragini…feelng sad for her…bt still it was amazng…plz update nxt epi.. soon..love ragini. .love ragsan..

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