Ragsan ff: Pyaar Dosti Hai (Part 1)

Here is the first part of PDH

Sanskaar enters the café named “the burning eyes”…he laughed at the name because it was similar to the girl sitting right in front of him who had red eyes burning with anger….he looks at his other two best friends who had expressions of a criminal who has just been sentenced to death…..they were looking dead scared..
Sankaar: jerry….
Girl: enough mr. sanskaar maheshwari…I have been waiting for the past 2 hours…we were to start rehearsing for the coming music fest but u seem uninterested…what the hell is wrong with you?
Sanskaar was shocked because she always calls him by his nickname not full name….
S:jerry please listen to me yaar….bunny teddy please help yaar
Sanskaar said to the 2 guys sitting with the girl
Teddy : jerry maan jaa naa bat yaar…he must be in some grave problem
Bunny : haan of course…imp kaam mane toh dreams of some hot chick…kyu tom haina?
Sanskaar was cursing him under his threat….hearing this the anger of the girl flared up and she picked up her stuff…hit sanskaar on his head and starting going away…
The screen freezes on the faces of the four people and a background voice comes…
First focusing on sanskaar’s face
“this is sanskaar maheshwari urf tom as called by his frnds….ameer baap ki pehli santaan…..a flirt and dreams of a perfect girl for him…best friends with jerry , bunny , and teddy ….the lead singer of the band named…the rockstars..also a guitarist…the brain behind the group rockstars but is really the second in command….can become a lion for his friends but a scaredy cat in front of jerry but tries to act strong”

Then on 2nd boy’s face
“this is neil khanna urf teddy….the serious guy of the group…wanted to become a police officer but got stuck in this college ….though he feels blessed because he got an awesome group of friends…..has some detective instincts in him…has a crush on the girl named avni but except sanlak no one knows…drummer of the band and childhood chuddy buddy of sanlak….he is a big serious brother to them…most of the time gives advise which saves their neck every time”

Next is the turn of the 3rd boy
“now this is the joker of the group…laksh maheshwari urf bunny…..twin of sanky…almost a carbon copy of sanky but a little difference…..where sanky is looking for his perfect girl…laksh has already found a perfect match in swara…whom he is dating since last 2 years…just waiting to disclose it infront of his family…guitarist in the band”
Here comes our heroine of the story
“ragini gadodia urf jerry…..best friend of tom bunny and teddy…..a very short tempered girl…with lots of energy…a hard core music lover….female singer in the band…shares more of an enemy relationship with sanky than friendship…hence their nicknames tom and jerry….but closest to him…knows each others’ darkest of secrets….the actual leader of the group”
“now this is their group….when they are together…siyappa toh hona hai….but the whole clg is jealous of their this friendship…oh wait wait wait..I forgot to introduce you to the other important members of this family…ahhh never mind…will make u meet them directly”
The screen unfreezes…..
Sanskaar runs towards her and and holds her hand….she stops but jerks her hand away and moves forward..a girl comes running towards her
But stops seeing her anger…ragini gives her a look and goes away
Sanky (to himself): beta aaj toh ye tujhse teri naak zameen par ragadwaegi ( she will make u rub your nose on the ground).
Girl: ragu ko kya hua laksh…
L: yaar don’t ask shona…inka phir se jhagda ho gaya….
Shona: oh noo
“this is swara bose urf shona for her friends ….the twin sister and girl bestie of ragini…dating laksh…the only one who can control her temper..always worries for her…plays keyboard in the band……a proper girl….gives girly advise to tomboy ragu”
Teddy: I think we should help them…..
Shone: I know how…only one person can help us now
Swalakneil (together): D
Sanskaar smiles hearing her name.
Ragini is sitting like an angry bird…..suddenly someone closes her eyes…first she panics then gets relieved once she feels the hand……instantly her face glows into a smile
Ragini: D when did u come back??..I know its u don’t try to lie to me…
Girl: ohhooo jerry ….how can u recognize me soo easily every time..
R:becoz u are my cute si frnd avni….

The girl pouts cutely…
“well this is avni…neighbour and childhood friend of swaragini…and the soul mate of ragini…called as D by her friends or duck…..because she has a habit of pouting and when she does that her face looks like a duck….has a crush on neil but except swaragini no one knows…the only one who can handle ragini when she is mad in anger…..ragini cannot say no to anything she says….plays guitar in the band also sings in the band”
“well now..this is it…..their whole group or the rockstars band…..or the sizzling six as the whole college fondly likes to call them ….they all can die for each other and even kill if need arises…each others savior…..soulmates and real family as they like to call themselves…just a call away from each other……..so tom , jerry , teddy , bunny , shona , duck are the important characters of this story which I am going to narrate to u guys…..don’t be jealous of their friendship haan”
Avni: ab kya hua??
R:kuch bhi toh nh..
Ragu knew she was busted…can’t hide anything from her
R: phir se he came late for practice and….
Avni: and u fought with him isn’t it?
Ragini pouts at her with a sad face…
Avni hits her forehead with her palm
Avni:phir se shuru ho gaye tom and jerry…waise tum dono ka bilkul sahi naam rakha hai…( tom and jerry started again….we have kept your correct names)
Ragini smiles sheepishly
Bunny urf laksh comes to her…..
L:ab leave it now
R:no he can never learn…idiot….

On the opposite side sanky had placed his face on his hands and was staring into the unknown…with a sad face…..swara and neil went to him
Neil:saale….kya natak kar raha h ab…koi nayi baat nahi h ye tere liye…( what drama r u doing…nthng new for u)
Sanky:teddy its not fair…she never listens to me …always keeps on fighting with me…this time I won’t talk to her….she would have to come to me and say sorry..
Sanskaar said childishly
Swara and neil look at each other and nod their heads unbelievingly
Swara:ye hamesha kaa h tera ( its your everytime affair)….u know u cant stay away from each other for very long..
Sanskaar huffs angrily
On ragini’s side…
Avni: ab bas bhi kar ragu…its alright now…..u are not going to be angry on him for long…u know that right..
Ragini huffs stamps her foot…avni laksh slam their foreheads….
Ragini:Yeh Kaisa Ladka Hai, Tu Tuturu

Sanskaar:Yeh Kaisi Ladki Hai, Tu Tuturu

Ragini:Iska Maein Kya Karoon, Tu Tuturu

Sanskaar:Isse Maein Kya Kahoon, Tu Tuturu

Ragini:Yeh Ladta Hai, Haan Haan

Sanskaar:Akadti Hai, He He

Ragini: jhagadta hai

Sanskaar: bigadti hai

Ragini:deewana hai

Sanskaar: deewani hai

Laksh: but he is your best friend yaar

Swara: but she is your best friend yaar…

Realization dawns on ragsan…they smack their foreheads….and run towards each other…with avni laksh and swara neil behind them

They come face to face…both at the same time…
Rag/san:I am sorry..

Both stop….then again…

Rag/san:I should not have shouted at you/come late..
They hold their ears and make a cute puppy face at each other

Swalak and avneil move their heads unbelievingly at their antics…

Ragsan then hug each other..

Avneil and swalak show thumbs up to each other…

Then ragini pinches his nose and says “next time I won’t spare u”

Sanskaar holds her hair “ jerry tune phir se mujhe pinch kiya….aaj tu nh bachegi” ( u again pinched me…today I will not leave u)

Ragini removes his hand from her hair and starts running and sanskaar runs after her

Avneiswalak: They again back to normal

Ragini:Haye Haye Re Haye Yeh Ladka
Haye Haye Re Haye, He
Karta Naadaniyaan Kyun Poocho To Haye, Yo
Kabhi Yeh Hamse Ladta Hai
Kabhi Jhagadta Hai
Koi Paas Iske Na Aana
Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana, Hai Deewana

Sanskaar:Haye Haye Re Haye Yeh Ladki
Haye Haye Re Haye
Karti Naadaniyaan Kyun Poocho To Haye
Kabhi Yeh Hamse Ladti Hai
Kabhi Akadti Hai
Karo Door Se Chhedh Khaani
Yeh Ladki Hai Deewani, Hai Deewani

Ye kaisa ladka hai song plays…..

Ragsan swalak and avneil…..enjoy with each full day in college
Then they come back to their homes….
So this the first episode cum CS of PDH…..hope u guys liked it
So shhot the comments below whether positive or negative….and this episode is dedicated to my buddy….meri jaan…urf sam (crazygirl SP)

Happiest Birthday To you meri jaan……have a wonderful day…and keep on writing many more awesome ffs on ragini…..love u lots dear….and take care

P.S. CS of junooniyat has already been posted…do read it

and don’t forget to comment

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