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Hey peeps!
Well , a lots of analysis going on right?Why not with my fav ragsan then?
Guys ffs I am going to mention are my tastes , it maynot be yours and everybody elses so I hope I wont hurt anyone of you 🙂 i’ll start from 3 of my fav ffs and then so on
1.red string of fate
Damn the girl Azure , what should I say about her? I dont think there’s a need !! A word – perfection defines her ff ..Words and phrases become less to express my love for her ff!She is definately , certainly , undoubtedly and flippin-lutely one of the best writers..The best part of her ff is that she describes emotions perfectly.She has put up the business things and love side by side making the ff a perfect mix of love & suspence.A big sorry sweetheart I never commented in your ff 🙂

2.love ishq kadal by dhamini
This girl , I am gonna kill her if she’ll ever stop writing!!
I loved Ragini soo much in this ff..She is indeed a perfect human..Have you ever seen a girl who forgives unforgettable mistakes of a guy who made your life hell?IF not u gotta read Dhamini’s ff 😉

3. Someone please help me out with this ff’s title! The story where Swaragini arenot sisters , Rag is a police , Dp had been villian once , rag had made laksh her bro andswara had made sanky her bro , it’s not getting in my head !!someone really needs to help me out with it..Finally , its “Everything is fair in Love & War ”
The concept , the story line ,the characters are just ………mind blowing!
get ready to blow your minds out of your head by reading this ff
Tese ffs are also praiseworthy !!
true power of love – by lila
is this love – by dc
broken heart – by dc
Swaragini rocks- swalak and ragsan
Jo tu mera humdard hai

Now the rising stars ….to be honest the girl Anu has won my heart within 3 episodes of her A Swalak Ragsan ff – Sanso Ko Jeene Ka Sahara Milgaya ..U are surely to get hooked with it..This girl expresses emotions perfectly..She makes me cry and laugh..I was awestruck to hear she is a 9th grader student!

Another rising star is the writer of Raglak – ek cup coffee
I’m sorry I mentioned this ff but me being a ragsan fan , read this ff and It won my heart..Its a very cutee story..raglak’s first meeting is cool ..the storyline is beautiful..the concept is just wooo!!!loved the new avtar of rag in this ff..this ff is really close to my heart!

Credit to: Miss Unknown

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  1. Joona

    Ya..they r my fav too
    That ff I think it is sindhu di’s prem dewana

  2. so many of ragsan ff stopped by middle I don’t know y I think all are busy in exams. ff name is prem dewana by sindhu akka

  3. rag…san is non existing couple.. some ragini fans are so desperate they want our swara’s sanskar for their ragini.. they are not satisfied with laksh.. delusional fans.. sanskar is only and only swara’s . sanskar fans , swara fans and swasan fans do not want any rag or lak . but ragini fans very desperate.. they want jeth , bhabhi jodi..

    1. Megha

      Do you know that along RagSan fans there are RagLak fans as well and oh yeah SwaLak fans as well. Aren’t Swara’s fans desperate? Grabbing both the guys for their favourite?

      Felt bad?

      We also do when you and people like you post comments like this. If you don’t like it, ignore it, no need to share such thoughts of yours. And moreover, were Ragini and Sanskar born jeth and Bhabhi? I didn’t know about that 😮
      Just because you don’t like one thing that doesn’t mean that others won’t like it as well. So please, in case you come across a post like this, and want to rant about how RagSan aren’t perfect for each other, that Swa…………San are the best and blah and some more blah, try and ignore it please and do not comment.
      Thank you?

    2. Oh hello miss.nia….if u don’t like ragsan then jz ignore it y do u poke ur nose into ragsan ffs…start being mature ya everyone have their own likes bt dat doesn’t mean u can poke into others matters and criticise them…if u r not okay with ragsan then keep it with u….don’t spoil others mood u have no right to do so……if u love swasan then go through swasan ffs and comment there….don’t poke into ragsan…..stop hurting othrs…..even ur beloved fav actors doesn’t like criticism they won’t b happy by seeing dis behaviour of their fans..

    3. Swasan s fictional character tey can b made pair wit any other acc to fans wish..if u like swasan itz ur wish …y u r interfering in our wish…if u don’t like leave don’t leave such type of comments nd hurt us…

    4. Yaar they are actors na…….. directors can take any actor for their films so why can’t we take them and as these name are more easy for us to rmmbr so we opt for these names. Where does these jet bhabhi came in between.??You all are acting as if you will start protest if in next show directors will take them as pair. ??TAKE MY SWARA. SANSKAR SWARA KA HAI . SANSKAR SWARA KA HAI.??

    5. that’s d prblm of f**king swa——-san fans
      guys explaining her is a waste nothing is gonna go in her small brain
      just wanna say
      f**k u b*t*h …

      1. Megha

        Now this is wrong. Don’t curse like that, please.

    6. Lila

      I didn’t knw Swara owned Sanskar. Nia if u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t comment

      1. Dear please don’t use these words ,please don’t!
        If we start using those what would be the difference between us and swa————-san fans???
        And you Nia, don’t write whatever pops in your mind.for once think about others people’s emotions.honestly we hate swa——san..
        By snatching brother’s would be wife,the post of bhabhi doesn’t change mind that..And yes laksh handed Swara to Sanskar as some fans like you were begging ..so yes enjoy ur veeg ki couple and don’t ever poke your nose where not needed ???????

      2. I’m not guilty if my comment hurts
        So girl thats what feels like????

      3. Sorry Lila , i didnot noticed I replied to you
        actually wanted to reply LOL & Nia

    7. Azure

      nia…a lot of us here read stories and write stories for our own pleasure. this is side interest for us. not our life. but based on your comments, you are making swara the focus of life. for your own sake, please remember that they are imaginary characters and some day very soon the show is going to end. and when it does there will be no swara and no sanskar and zero chance of the same actors working together as pair ever again. do not get so obsessed over fake characters that u lose site of your real life and mess up real relationships.

  4. all ragsan ff’s are so good loved ragsan

  5. Piya

    Yupp all ragsan ff r good… nd just stop bashing guys… ragini, sanskar,laksh,swara r just character so its our choice which pair we choose.. so don’t poke ur nose in this matter… nd ya dhamini plzz post nxt part of ur ff nd same with ff everything fair in love and far

  6. as ragsan fan i like all the ff but which u mention they are best….red staring of fate is my fan one from all the ff…other also good…the title u r talking about it prem dewana by sindhu di…..n thanx for mentioning raglak ff ek cup coffee…now i will read it as u said it good…nice analysis

  7. all ragsan story are good …i liked all …

  8. 3rd one prem dewaana by sindhu….nd nia rd ur swasan ff dnt interfere ragsan ff r analysis

  9. Lila

    Thnx for adding mine…I too like the ragsan ffs u have mentions

  10. Aw!
    Thanx for the love 🙂
    loads of love from my side 🙂

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