Ragsan ff by Aanchal [Part – 4]

Hiiiiiiii friends I’m back sorry for the delay but now let’s start my ff

Ragini and uttara are talking with each other and aarav is playing with ragini’s hair or her fingers sometimes he touches her eyes
And uttara noticed that aarav is very attached to ragini now then uttara ask ragini, Ragini do you have any boyfriend? Ragini answers no I don’t have any boyfriend. Uttara feels relaxed. And start her chit chat with ragini again.
On the other side sanskar reached the venue and see ap and dp with his business partner Cum his bestie aakash Gadodia. He went to their side and hug aakash and ask ap ‘Ma where is uttara and aarav I told you to bring them’ then ap said they Are with ragini as aarav was not leaving ragini. Sanskar asked ma who is ragini then aakash said buddy she is my baby sisremember I told you about her . Sanskar said ya ya I remember your sis she is a child specialist . Am I right? asked sanskar. Yes buddy you are right. Come with me I’ll introduced both of you and by the way your champ likes my ragini a lot and behaving that she is his mother and then chuckledand sanskar just ignore this. Then sanskar saw uttara talking with a girl wearing purple gown and holding aarav and aarav was chuckling with ragini and he was suprised as aarav was very comfortable with her he then shrug off her thoughts. Then aarav said ragini and the girl turns and sanskar was super shocked to see her as his bestie baby sis was the same morning girl with whom he shouted and also get scolding from her in return his face become pale ???? ? then aakash said sanskar , buddy she is my baby sis and ragu he is my bestie Cum business partner sanskar maheshwari. Ragini knows that sanskar is aarav’s father and his brother bestie so she don’t look surprised but she was cursing him in her mind and then she suddenly forward her hand to shake with him and said Hi I’m Ragini Gadodia nice to meet you Mr Maheshwari then sanskar becomes normal and said hello I’m sanskar maheshwari nice to meet you too Miss Gadodia and shakes his hand with her and a current passes in both and they take out their hands,.
Then sanskar asked Ragini, Miss Gadodia can I take my baby then ragini said sure Mr Maheshwari and gives aarav to him who is sleeping now then host announced and said now let’s rock on the floor with your partner and then aakash asked uttara Miss can you give me your hand to dance and uttara blushes and then give her hand and join him on dance floor. Then ap came and take aarav from sanskar and ask ragini, beta why are you not dancing then ragini said aunty I don’t have any partner to dance . Then ap said don’t worry my sanskar dances with you then both sanskar first look at ap with shock on their face and then see each other then sanskar said mom I’m tired so please no and then ragini said aunty it’s ok I too don’t want to dance then both aakash and uttara drag both ragini and sans on getting signal from ap. Then unwantedly sanskar keeps his one hand on ragini waist and join another hand with ragini’s one hand and ragini keeps his one hand on his shoulder. Now ragini was feeling butterflies in her stomach but keep her eyes on floor not dare to look at sanskar eyes

Done thanks for supporting me with your lovely comments and now I’ll update on 8 may after my entrance exam so please pray for me that I got selection in medical college as it is my one and only one dream.

Till then bye bye love you all ???

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      Of course shri u can call me aanchu

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