Ragsan ff by Aanchal [Part – 1]

Gadodia House
A man shouts doll wake up you are getting late for your hospital. Girl says bhai 5 minutes more then I’ll wake up now let me sleep. No ragu you have sleep enough now get up and get ready for your hospital. I and Ma will wait for you on dining table so ready fast and come down. OK bhai you go I’ll be there in 20 minutes said the girl.

Yes the girl is ragini and the man is his elder brother aakash.

After 20 Minutes Ragini came down wearing a long skirt with white sleeveless top and said MA I’m getting late I’ll have my breakfast in hospital canteen. Then janki came towards her and give her an apple and said eat this during way to your hospital.

Ragini take the apple from his brother and mother and leave for hospital in jaguar car which was gifted by her brother to her on her 25th birthday. While driving she is handling steering with one hand and eating apple with other hand and suddenly her car dashed with another car after a handsome man come out from that car and Ragini dropped his jaws by seeing that man

So here I end my this update I know it is small update and friends I’m busy in preparation of my neet entrance exams hope u all will understand but I’ll update regularly so bye and in lady I want to ask one question

WHAT IS TRUE LOVE? answer according to your thinking till then bye bye


  1. Meetu😀😛🤓

    Neet ur from Tamil Nadu I’m too from TN from Coimbatore. All the best. I too need to write neet next yr best wishes🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  2. AMkideewani


    |Registered Member

    Superb. Love is something that happens without you realising it and it’s felt by your heart, to find true love is hard, but it’s easy to find fake one.

    The inside of a person(with good characteristics, pure hearted) matters to more than the outside(so good looking), but you never really know how their hearts are.

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