Ragsan: Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai (Part 5) (Finale)

Hey guys……..Bela the Vela is back with the last update of this SS. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I had no idea that there were so many Ragsan/Tevar fans left. It is so heartening to see you guys. Love you all.

I believe that if you have read each update of this SS then you would have realised that Ragini is a headstrong and stubborn girl who refuses to agree that it may be her fault. She has definitely grown as a character but some qualities need to be subdued for her. Her zidd, her anger and such qualities need to be toned down. Only then can she live happily. And love would do that. She needs to learn that ego and self importance has no place in a relationship. And she would learn that.

Let us start with the finale of this SS…………………….


It has been a month. A month since that fateful night when I lost my love and my zeal to live. I call her everyday, I message her and I have even dropped by her house a lot of times. But she has refused to see me.

Maybe she never felt for me. Not as I do. Maybe that kiss was just something which felt right at that moment to her, under the influence of alcohol. Maybe she never planned to fall in love with me. Even I didn’t. It just………..happens. And once it does, it is so hard to forget that loved one in your life. I haven’t seen her in a month. At least, not face to face. I see her in my dreams when I sleep, I see her pictures but I haven’t come in front of her yet.

My classes were going on fine and I had immersed myself in my work to relieve myself of the huge pain. I worked late at nights, hardly slept, studied for my MBA and cracked my deals. The fatigue and the work made me occupied with things that weren’t related to her. Because to be honest, only my company and my studies didn’t have her impression on them. As soon as I stepped into my normal life, everything reminded me of her.

Meals reminded me of the time we used to sit and eat together and I would pick up morsels from her plate and she would try to stab me with her fork. My room had that picture of us framed together, when we met for the second time at her Dad’s party. My couch reminded me of her when she would sprawl on it lazily and abuse the gossip magazines. I remembered each of her curse words. They were so colourful.

My kitchen was filled with cake ingredients because she would come and try them in my oven as her mother wouldn’t allow her to mess up their kitchen at her house. My bathroom was filled with antibacterial soaps which she would buy and send to me, saying that it would make me a less ‘dirty’ person. It would kill me slowly as I was germs myself. I laughed as I thought of it. She was so funny. So outright and so bluntly honest.

My cars had all been driven by her, there wasn’t a single one in which there weren’t any memories of us. I am going crazy day by day. People come up to me and give me a lot of sympathy, asking me what made us split. I hate this pity. I hate this attention. There was a time when I loved attention but now, I would trade it all for the attention of just one person who mattered to me. Ragini.


Things seem………….normal. Yet, they don’t. I don’t know why though. I have reverted to my old lifestyle of waking up, having breakfast with my parents, going to college, eating with the Elitista gang, coming back home, watching TV and playing my guitar and talking to Laksh. Then I go to sleep. But something is missing. Maybe I got too used to him. I refuse to even take his name and I don’t allow anyone else to, in my presence. Laksh gloated about how he had always warned me that Sanskaar wasn’t a good person. I had screamed at him and boxed him so hard that he couldn’t walk straight for two days. I dont know why I did that though. Why I got so defensive.

My parents were so disappointed that it didn’t work out with Sanskaar while everybody kept on asking personal questions about our split. The media termed our parting as a ‘tragedy’ while all my friends looked strangely at me. Bulbul once told me that I have changed. And that after the split, I have become moody. And I had to grudgingly agree. I am often found staring into space, glaring at flowers(which remind me of a man who used to give them to me regularly) and I absolutely hate cakes and antibacterial soaps. I haven’t seen him for a month. He calls me daily, leaves messages, even sends letters but I ignore them. And I never see him when he comes home. Even though I am tempted to. I don’t know why I am tempted to, though. Maybe so I can glare at him and throw my chappals at him. But I don’t. Somehow, my heart doesn’t agree.

Laksh and Swara have started fighting again. Honestly, they fight for such trivial reasons like, ‘You care about your dog more than me’, ‘You didn’t call me’ or ‘You didn’t pick up my call or respond to my message’. It is very annoying. But then what can I expect from two immature people? It isn’t as if they are understanding people who know that their partner may have some work. It isn’t as if they have a compromise about when to call and when to meet. It isn’t as if Swara is like me and nor is it that Laksh is like San…………….

I threw my phone in frustration. Okay fine, I admit it. I am missing him. I think about him. A lot. Almost all the time, actually. I wonder what he may be doing and whether he must have eaten or not. I wonder whether he would be sleeping properly or not. His business is doing really well and he is stealthily rising to one of the top Businessmen of our country. His work is in the papers all the time but he isn’t. I haven’t seen him in this month. I admit, it may be my fault as he DID come to meet me. But then I don’t want to meet him. Period.


“Mr. Maheshwari, this deal is brilliant but I am afraid that investing in this project would be quite a risk for our company. Considering your country’s equation with some of its neighbours as well as the fluctuations that the Sens*x shows, it would be a bit stupid if we take this deal forward with you.” Mr. Brown, the spokesperson for the company with whom I was to deal with said to me as we talked via video conference.

This company, Birdwings Ltd., has become a nuisance. The only reason I am trying to deal with it is because I want a headstart into infiltrating the foreign markets, especially the UK. Dealing with a large company would put my sovereignty under a risk as they would want a higher percentage in the partnership. Then they would want me to work their way. And I wouldn’t take that.

I don’t know why, but my mind drifted to an incident which happened with Ragini once.


“Eat. Poora. Eat it all. I made it specially.” Ragini commanded as she pushed the plate towards me.

I peered into the plate. A burnt thing, which looked like a roti along with some gooey thing which I had no idea about, lay on that plate. It was supposed to be my dinner. “What is this?” I asked her curiously.

Ragini huffed in indignation. “What do you mean by what it is? This is roti and Aloo matar. Can’t you see?” She asked me.

Aha, so this semisolid gooey thing was aloo matar? Really? I picked at it with a spoon to confirm.

“What are you being so high handed about? I told you to keep the stock of noodles and pasta ready. Hell, your kitchen is empty! No stock of sauce even. And that cook of yours, he ran away to his village so abruptly! Along with my cook. Even Mom and Dad aren’t at home, or I would have taken their help. So stop making these offensive faces and eat!” She screeched at me.

“We could have ordered from outside…………” I told her and she waggled a finger at me.

“Who would serve you food at 12 am? Haan? Me, of course! I am the only fool who would bother with your meals at this ungodly hour! I went out with Radhika and Arjun and had my dinner and then I come home and find that you are sitting hungry because your good for nothing cook ran away!” She said with a sniff.

“I appreciate your concern and your effort Don, but you honestly think that I can eat…………this?” I said to her as I picked that stuff up with my spoon and it dropped back to the plate with a splash because it was too sticky and gooey.

“I did a favour on you! You are totally dependant on others for food because of your incapability to fix a meal for yourself! No one would care whether you have eaten or not. And that is because of your own deeds! If you had a more efficient cook, you would have been fed! Stop whining! Eat this or I would force feed you!” She threatened and I immediately put that ‘aloo matar’ in my mouth and swallowed it. It didn’t taste bad. It was just a little………..spicy. And lacked salt. But I couldn’t say that to her because she would eat ME alive. I managed to wash my hands off the burnt rotis. Ragini gave me a leftover bread in return.

So while the dinner was bad, my stomach was full with all the love with which Ragini had made me that food.

***End of Flashback***

I don’t know what possessed me at that moment but as her words rang through my mind, I blurted them out.

“I am doing you a favour.” I said. Mr. Brown looked at me in shock. “What?” He asked.

Suddenly, I felt a lot more at power. I felt free and exhilarated. Like I do when I am with Ragini. The words were coming out in free flow.

“Yes Mr. Brown. You heard me right. I am doing a favour on you and your company. You must know that I can easily choose another company over yours. And don’t give me India’s foreign relations and the Sens*x thing. The pound has fallen, thanks to Brexit. You guys NEED the trade from other countries to stabilize your economy. I can choose but to be fair and honest, you can’t. You don’t have a choice.” I said to him with my signature smirk.

My team looked impressed and very happy that I was in form. I gave them a wink. No matter whether we got this deal or not, I was very happy.

“Umm…….I…….you are right. Sort of. I would have to consult with our Managing Director. We would get back to you soon. Good evening Mr. Maheshwari.” He replied and disconnected. There was a roar of laughter in our board room.

“Sir, the deal is ours! I am sure. I am having a gut feeling. You were amazing.” An employee said. I smiled at her.

Suddenly, everything started looking hazy. The world started spinning. I clutched my head and the last thing I saw before I fainted was the worried face of my PA.


I was lying on my bed and eating toast. I had another bad night. I often do, since that night a month ago. I have strange dreams where I am kissing him and then he pulls away and says, ‘Let’s not do it.’ And I say something and then my dream breaks. The problem is that I am never able to hear clearly what it is that I say to him.

The morning paper was kept alongside my tray. I picked it up. The toast fell from my hands as I read the headline.


My heart started beating madly as I held onto the paper with shaking hands. I read through the entire article.

Famous industrialist Sanskaar Maheshwari, 24, was hospitalized yesterday at City Hospital. Sources claim that Mr. Maheshwari collapsed after a video conference in the evening. His employees rushed him to the City Hospital where doctors have declared him stable but critical. It is a case of overworking and fatigue. An employee, who wished for anonymity, told the paper, ‘Sir has been working nonstop for almost two weeks to complete the proceedings for a deal. Combined with his college, it has taken a toll on his health. He works late till nights and even sleeps very little.’

Doctors have refused to share the details of Mr. Maheshwari’s condition and have said, “He has requested for utmost privacy. No one is allowed in his ward. We cannot share information.”

Mr. Maheshwari’s PA was unavailable to comment. We wish him a speedy recovery.

My hands were shaking badly as I read the article. He was in the hospital. He was stressed and fatigued. He didn’t sleep properly and as much as I know him, he wouldn’t have eaten properly too. I felt angry. How can he be so careless? Is he a child who needs to be fed and taken care of? Stupid moron!

I quickly showered and wore my shirt and slacks. I arranged my hair in a braid and collecting my stuff, I went downstairs.

Maa and Dad were having tea in the drawing room. I went to them.

“Ragini? Where are you going so early in the morning?” Maa asked me. I showed her the newspaper. Dad and she read the headline. “Are you going to the hospital?” Dad asked me. I nodded.

“Don’t go. He has been admitted in a private ward and no one is allowed to meet him.” Maa said to me. I raised my eyebrows at her. “How do you know?” I asked her.

“This happened in the evening yesterday. The news was on TV as well. When we saw it, your mother and I went to meet him. We were denied entry.” Dad said to me.

I was mad with fury. They already went and didn’t even bother to inform me? How can they?

“Maa, Dad. Don’t you think that you could have mentioned it to me once?” I asked in a cool tone. Maa looked at me in a strange way. “What? Mention it to you? Why? You have forbidden anyone from speaking about him in your presence. Why would be broach his topic in front of you?” She asked me in a cold voice.

“Maa, that is different……………….”

“No it isn’t Ragini. You don’t want to talk to him and you don’t want to talk about him as well. This is juvenile behavior, yet your mother and I refrained from saying anything. You may have cut all ties with him, we haven’t. And we visited him so it doesn’t mean that we tell you about it. Especially when you are so determined to avoid anything related to him. The last thing he would want while recovering is to see you again.” Dad said to me sharply.

Tears came to my eyes. They were right. I have been avoiding him so much that had they even mentioned his name, I would have screamed at them and walked off. They were wise enough to keep silent.

Maa placed her hands on my shoulders. “It won’t be of any use to go right now, security is tight and the doctors have said that Sanskaar himself has requested not to be disturbed. You can go meet him when he gets discharged.” She said to me soothingly as I sobbed.

I went to a florist shop and ordered his favourite flowers to be delivered to his hospital ward. I was sure that no one knew about them. He had whispered it once to me while we had been discussing about flowers. With it, I attached a note.

I smiled as I read the message. I was missing him. Yes, I wanted us to remain friends. I was finally ready to meet Idea Chor Sanskaar Maheshwari.


The room was filled with flowers, fruits, chocolates, notes and cards and other trash. I sighed as I looked at them. Had Ragini been here, she would have scowled and said, “Ye Kya garden grow Kiya hai? Have you started the business of Flowers? Gardner Maheshwari!”

I chuckled as I thought of her. She is EPIC. I recalled an incident.


I made a face as I saw the calendar. Today was 14th February. Valentine’s day. Yuck!

I may be a romantic person, but I do not like the concept of Valentine’s day. I don’t know why, but seeing mushy mushy couples on the streets, calling each other appalling names like ‘Pumpkin, Jaanu, Honey, Coochie-coo’ and all, I feel ready to puke. Unfortunately, I still had to attend that party which Mr. Gaur was throwing. Because he had married for the third time and his wife was a pretty little thing of 23. Who loved all this crap.

I heard a knock on my door. “Come in.” I called out. The door banged open. I smiled. I didn’t even have to look up to know that only one person acted like as if she owned the world. Ragini.

“Hey IC, whose idea are you trying to steal right now?” She asked in a foul mood as she plopped down on the loveseat and stretched.

“Why in such a happy mood Don? Someone killed your Roma?” I asked her with a smirk. God, this woman makes my day happier just by her presence. She looked at me with a foul expression.

“You would be in a similar mood if you saw your parents having early morning romance and then received a call from your crush who wanted to know what he should give to his darling girlfriend for Valentine’s. I hate this day!” She said grumpily.

My heart started beating happily. “Another thing we have in common. Even I have no taste for this day. I feel it is overrated. Boys and girls spend money on each other the entire week. Chocolate, teddy etc. And then get bankrupt.”

Ragini smirked at me. “Why? Is there some tragic story about how Sanskaar Maheshwari got dumped on Valentine’s by the love of his life? So he turned into such a cold hearted monster who hates this day?” She asked. I rolled my eyes at her.

“You have a very weird imagination.”

“I got the first prize in school in story writing competition”

“I do not wonder how. When surrounded by people as dumb as Laksh, you would obviously shine.”

“Good one.”


“They loot on this day. Normally, chocolates are given in a square, circular or a rectangular box. On Valentine’s, they give it in heart shaped boxes. Other than being extremely tacky, I calculated and realised that they save on six chocolates per box. That would give a whooping sixty chocolates per ten boxes. And we all know how many of these boxes are sold. That too, at the same price, sometimes even more. Such chors………just like you!”

I laughed. She was right, as usual. I really like how she notices such things. Hell, I like everything about her.

“Well, they also give Valentine’s discount………..” I said to her but she waved her hand at me.

“Only to attract more customers. Even if they give a discount of say, 15% per meal, if they get even ten customers more, they easily cover it up and even earn profit. And you know how it is. Boys save money for this day and end up ordering the most expensive dishes in order to impress their girls. So a 15% off on the costliest dish is more profitable than any random customer buying a normally priced meal with no offs. And more customers too……….just think of the earnings they would have today!”

“You are very practical, right?”

“Very. Maybe that is why Dad says that I would make a good businesswoman.”

“You definitely would. Even I hadn’t thought of this. It is the most impressive thing.”

Ragini had closed her eyes and was apparently snoozing but she suddenly opened them and looked at me with fear. “Sanskaar! Have you been invited to that party thrown by Mr. And Mrs. Gaur the Third?”

I started laughing very hard. Mrs. Gaur the Third? She is hilarious! Ragini smiled at me sheepishly.

“I used to call her Teesri waali or the Hat trick. Maa said that it was offensive and rude.” She said. I started laughing harder.

“I have been. But I am planning a fever. So I may not be able to come.” I told her. She smirked at me.

“I was also planning a headache. Who wants to go there? Have you met her? She is such a cow…………”

I had. Mrs. Rhea Gaur was a confirmed wannabe who was new to the elite circles. When she met me for the first time, she flung herself at me and pressed her chest to mine. I was not sure whether it was this hug or her overpowering perfume which troubled me more. Her fake accent made me feel suicidal for the entire time I was talking to her. Actually,she was talking. About the latest fashion collection from Milan. Only, that she was pronouncing it as ‘Meelahnnnn’.

I had fallen even more deeply in love with Ragini when she called me up in between my ‘conversation’ with the cow and demanded that I pick her up from a mall as her car had broken down. She told me that she cared peanuts if I was in a party or not, she wanted me there in ten minutes. Since I had kept the phone on loudspeaker, everyone heard her. Many smiled at me, calling our romance so cute, while Mrs. Gaur the Third had looked as if her Alphonso mango had been snatched from her mouth. I had hurried off to rescue my ‘love’ and on reaching Ragini, treated her to an ice cream.

“That woman……….she looks at me as if I told her that she was thick in the thighs. Which, to be honest, she is……. but that isn’t the point. She treats me so coolly.” Ragini was whining. I smirked at her. I wasn’t about to tell her that I was the reason.

“Hey Don! I have an idea. Both of us don’t want to go to that party. Let’s do one thing. We will go out of the city, and release to the press that I took you out to celebrate our first Valentine’s day privately. And give some false report too. Mr. And Mrs. Gaur can’t be insulted if we aren’t in the city altogether.” I said to her. She smirked at me.

“Idea Chor! What an idea! Who did you steal it from?” She asked me. I rolled my eyes at her again. “Deal?” I asked her. “Deal!” She replied.

So the evening found us lying low in a farmhouse, sleeping and eating, while the gossip columns raved on about our fairytale escapade and all. Yet, in retrospect, I did end up spending my Valentine’s day with my love.

***End of Flashback***

Ragini, Ragini. Why can’t you just speak to me once? Even if you are not willing to be in a relationship with me, I wouldn’t mind. I just need you around me.

A knock came and a nurse entered with a bunch of flowers. “For you. A lady sent them just now.” She said as I smiled at her and picked them up. As soon as she was gone, I put them to the side. Another bouquet. Ugh………………..

Wait a minute. Are they……..white lilies? My favourite flowers? Along with one black magic in the middle? Only one person knows that I like white lilies. And that person herself likes black magic. Ragini.

I picked up the bouquet in a hurry and looked at it. It was arranged just the way I liked it, except for the single rose in the centre. Ragini’s favourite flower surrounded by my favourite ones. They were from Ragini. Still, to make sure, I searched for a card. I found it and on reading it, a wide smile came to my face.

Dear IC,

Jab tak hospital mein hai, you are safe. Come out and I will make you see stars in daylight.


I hugged the flowers as I smiled widely. Closing my eyes, I took a whiff of her bouquet. Ragini Gadodia. White lilies. Black Magic. IC and Don. The usual threats. I knew that everything was going to go okay.


I haven’t had the chance to meet him at all. When he was discharged, he was informed that his Birdwings deal had gone through. He was required to go to London for signing documents and discuss the terms. And unfortunately, when he came back, I had to go to my Nani’s place in Phuket as she was ill and my mother couldn’t travel due to the pain in her lower back. I spent almost two weeks at my Nani’s house, taking care of her.

Today, I was returning to India. Maa had called me up and told me that he was throwing a party tonight to celebrate his infiltration of the British market and his recovery. And we were invited. I was excited. I don’t know why. But I was.

In the month and a half that I have been away from him, I have realised one thing. I want him around me. I want us to keep in touch. This time period has been filled with restlessness for me. I regretted treating him the way I did because to be honest, I had kissed him first. And he had pulled away. He had been everything good and courteous while I had overreacted and insulted him.

I don’t know why, but hearing him say that, his confession, it had made me scared. Scared that it would change my life. Scared that I had fallen so easily in his trap. Scared that he would be joking. Scared that it would be…….true. I have never been told that I am loved by anyone other than my parents and my immediate close relatives. For someone like Sanskaar to say that, and that too so passionately, made me uncomfortable. As if it was a joke. And if it wasn’t, I felt angry that he made such a fool out of me. As a person, I expected him to respect me and my decisions. And being the hypocrite that I am, I also disrespected his feelings for me. I would apologise and we would start as friends again. He is a good man.

Laksh had come to pick me up. He gave his goofy grin as he saw me and hugged me tightly. “Hey buddy!” He said to me. “Hey Lucky!” I replied.

Laksh and Swara are on a ‘break’. They have realised that they have issues which they need to sort out. They are taking a break and meeting other people and taking it easy now. That meant that I had an overdose of my best friend everyday.

“So, are you going to his party tonight?” He asked me. I nodded.

“You guys are back on talking terms?”

“Would be, after tonight.”

“I like you.”

“I like you too Laksh. Even if you are a horny, stinky harami.”

“No Ragini. I like you more than a friend. Like, romantically waala like.”

My eyes widened as I looked at him. Woah……I didn’t expect that. Where did that come from? “Laksh, if this is one of your jokes, I swear I would beat you into a pulp and stuff you in Pulpy Orange ka bottle.”

“Ragini……I am telling the truth. Look into my eyes and tell me. Do you think I am lying.”

I looked into Laksh’s eyes and saw a lot of honesty and clarity. There was a certain warmness to it. A spark. I felt comfortable. Those black eyes………..

With a start, I realised that Laksh’s eyes were brown. And yet, I was seeing black eyes. And HE had black eyes.

“Ragini? Are you still not over him?”

“What do you mean? I have been over him since it was I who called it off.”

“No Ragini, you aren’t. You had been sulking for a month after your breakup. I wanted to confess earlier but I wanted to be sure that you had moved on. I thought that you have. Clearly, you haven’t. You still like Sanskaar.”

Do I like him? Do I? Do I think about him a lot? Do I worry about him? Do I wish to see him? Do I like talking to him? Do I need him? Am I happy with him? The answers to all of them were a yes. And there, sitting beside Laksh in his car, hearing his proposal, I came to the shocking realisation that I liked HIM. Shit!


I entered the ballroom which I have been in numerous times. I was visiting his house after quite some time. It was the same. Beautiful, classy, and welcoming.

I chose to wear a red gown which had a plunging neckline but was full sleeved. It reached to the floor, despite my wearing stilettos. It was fitted all the way down and flared from just an inch above my knees. My hair was straightened and open, hanging on my back. With a deep red lipstick and nail polish to match my dress and a silver clutch and diamond earrings, I looked okay. I guess.

I roamed around the place, looking at the walls as the time spent here flashed through my mind. I smiled as I recalled our silly squabbles on everything unimportant and the serious discussions and debates on serious issues. He and I are really comfortable with each other. Maybe that is why I like him.

My eyes searched for him but he was nowhere to be found. A strange sense of disappointment filled me. I spotted some family friends and stopped to talk to them pleasantly. As I was about to move ahead, my mother’s friend, who I had been talking to, yanked me back by my sleeve. I lost my balance and was about to fall down but a pair of strong hands gripped my waist and saved me. My hair was covering my face and I felt fingers removing them from my eyes. I looked up and saw him. “Sanskaar!” I whispered. And history repeated as I fell right in his arms.

45 days. I was seeing him after 45 days. He was dressed immaculately in a shiny black three piece suit with a deep red tie which was the exact colour of my dress. His hair was shaggy and tousled and he had his stubble still. He was looking gorgeous. Yet, I could spot his tired face and his eye bags.

Taking his name after so long sent a wave of thrill across me. I gripped him by his shoulders as he pulled me up. His hands were still on my waist and his eyes were still on mine as we stood in front of each other. “Ragini. Nice to see you.” He said. I smiled at him. “I am dressed well.” I replied. He gave me his signature smirk. “Yes. So well that it took me almost a minute after saving you from falling to recall who you were.”

I threw my head back and gave a peal of laughter as he joined me. Everyone was looking at us, some with fondness, others with amusement, some with wonder while others in envy. Our position was intimate, with my hands on his shoulder and his on my waist. We drew apart as he smiled and nodded at me.

“I hope you are well now.” I asked him with a smile but my voice was filled with concern.

“Yes. And ready to see the stars in the daylight too.” He said with a smirk. I grinned.

We separated as he went to do his host duties while I mingled with the other guests. Many were curious to know what I had talked to him about. I waved their evasive questions off as politely as I could. I had a strong sense of déjà vu as I felt someone’s eyes on me the entire night.

The dance floor was open and there was a ball dance. Laksh came up to me and escorted me to the floor while out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Sanskaar escorting Swara. I smiled humorlessly as I realised that this was how we had planned it initially. Laksh and I. Sanskaar and Swara.

Throughout the dance, I could feel his eyes on me. And I too, was seeing him constantly. Somehow, we were unable to look away from each other. Laksh tried to hold my attention but gave up when he realised that I wasn’t interested. Swara didn’t even try. After a while, we switched partners. Swara and Laksh paired up while I paired up with Sanskaar. As his hands gripped my waist and I touched his shoulder, a jolt of electriciry passed through my body.

“You are looking beautiful tonight.”

“You are the only one who has said so.”

“I don’t believe this.”

“No one called me beautiful. Everybody said I was looking gorgeous, classy, amazing and umm……….red, but no one called me beautiful. Which forces me to think that either you are blind or you have a really bad choice.”

Sanskaar smiled. I smiled back. “People called you red?” He asked me with a grin. I nodded darkly. He laughed and we glided across the floor together.

Soon, too soon in my opinion, the dance ended. We parted as we looked into each other’s eyes.

Sanskaar was called upon by everyone to sing. He looked at me and I smiled encouragingly. He went up to the stage and picked up his guitar.

“The last time I sang publicly, I got the first prize and a trophy. I sincerely hope that I win something this time too.” With that, he started singing.

Haan aa…

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

I recalled the moments I spent with him. Our banter, our fights, our care for each other. Everything. Sanskaar was looking at me while singing.

Haan hum badalne lage
Girne sambhalne lage
Jab se hai jaana tumhein
Teri ore chalne lage (x2)

Har safar har jagah
Har kahin ban gaye
Maante thhe Khuda
Aur haan wahi ban gaye

Haan hansi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

I recalled our last time together alone. That night. How happy we had been after the win. And how it had all gone for a toss when he confessed his feelings and I rejected him. Rudely.

Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Pehchaante hi nahi ab log tanha mujhe
Meri nigaahon mein bhi hai dhoondte wo tujhe
Hum the dhoondhte jisey wo kami ban gaye
Tum mere ishq ki sar-zameen ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye (x2)

O.. aa…

Sanskaar had looked at me intensely as he had said the last lines. I closed my eyes. My dream started playing in my mind. As the last sounds of his guitar blared from the speakers, my mind replayed each scene from my dream. We were kissing passionately, suddenly he drew back. ” Let’s not do it Ragini. It is wrong.” He said. I again said something in reply. It was a bit inaudible.

The sounds of Sanskaar’s guitar were loud and I furrowed my eyebrows as my closed eyes tightened. What was I saying? What was it? I was looking sad. Upset. What was I saying? Focus Ragini, focus.

And as the last tune played from Sanskaar’s guitar, my voice rang out in my mind clearly.

“But I don’t want to stop. I love you Sanskaar.”

My eyes flashed open wide as my words replayed in my mind. That was what I had wanted to say. That was what had been at the back of my mind. But I ended up acting rude because of my ego. And I realised something very important.

I didnt want to accept that I had moved on from Laksh because I had fallen for Sanskaar. I didn’t want to give him the credit. I was worried that I had betrayed myself. And so, I had trampled Sanskaar’s heart along with mine. Just because of my misplaced pride.The force of this realisation made tears come to my eyes. I ruined my own life and brought pain to everyone. As the tears began to roll down and people came up to Sanskaar to congratulate him, I turned around and entered a room to control myself.

As the tears began to fall freely, I cried hard. I am so foolish. Why did I have to be so egoistic? Dad was right, I acted like a juvenile. Sanskaar was the right man for me and I ended up insulting him and throwing him away from life. How much pain we both had to go through. How much he must have suffered. All because of me.

As I wiped my tears, I saw a picture framed on the wall in front of me. It was of Sanskaar and I, when I had fallen in his arms at my party. I looked at it and through the glass, saw him standing behind me. I turned around and saw him with red eyes, looking at me with a lot of pain. Seeing him so, a fresh wave of tears came to my eyes.

I felt something soft being pressed to my hand and saw Sanskaar’s handkerchief. I looked up at him.

“Umm…….you may need it.”


“You have snot.”


“So…….I love you.”

I looked up at him with a weird expression. He loves me because I have snot in my nose? Has he gone crack? Seeing the expression on my face and correctly interpreting my thoughts, Sanskaar laughed.

“I know this is weird. Actually, it is crazy. But I couldn’t stand here and see you cry, you know. It would be such an anticlimax to the film.” He said as I rolled my eyes.

“Ragini, if you wish to blow your nose more, tell me so. I have a lot of spare handkerchiefs as we haven’t seen each other for a month and a half.”

“No thanks. I would prefer washing my face. Is this room yours?”


“It is beautiful. Although I don’t know why you still have a framed picture of us, even after what happened.”

“Because I am looking handsome in this picture.”

“You are such an ass………but then I love you, so I can’t help it.”

Sanskaar inhaled sharply as I watched him. His eyes displayed a lot of emotions. Worry, anger, sadness, relief, hope, and finally joy. And a promise.

“You sure you aren’t lying?”

“Actually I am. I randomly walk to people and tell them that I love them.”

Sanskaar grabbed me by me waist and pulled me towards him as his other hand cupped my cheek. His eyes bore into mine. While I was swooning at the thought of how romantic it was, his gruff voice came to my ears.

“Do not play with my feelings Ragini. Tell me honestly. Was it true?”

I looked at him. Idea Chor Sanskaar Maheshwari. Beautiful black eyes, fair skin, shaggy black hair, round and full lips with a cute nose. And a beautiful heart and a cocky attitude.

“I love you.”

With this, I sealed our fate. We leaned forwards and his lips captured mine in a soft, slow and needy kiss. Soon, it turned into a passionate one. I combed my fingers through Sanskaar’s hair, my other hand on his shoulder as his hands gripped my waist. A few minutes later, we came up for air.

“How did this sudden change of feelings happen?” Sanskaar asked me breathlessly as he touched his forehead with mine and cupped my cheeks.

“Laksh proposed. And I realised that I was about to say yes, thinking he was you.”

Sanskaar chuckled as he stroked my cheeks with his knuckles. “Will you blo*dy go down on one knee and propose formally?” I asked him. He grinned.

“You are the most beautiful woman on this earth.”

“And stuck with the dirtiest creature.”

“I have been using your antibacterial soap daily.”

“Maybe that is why you ended up in the hospital. I was right. You are such a disease………..”

“A disease you have just accepted. Well, I knew you would come back. Who else in this world would quietly go through the torture you call your cooking? Other than poor little besotted me, of course!”

“I have learnt a new recipe. It is called Sanskaar keema.”

Sanskaar grinned and hugged me tightly, kissing the top of my head and muttering ‘I love you, don’t leave me, I will die’ constantly. As I breathed in his scent, I knew that I had finally found someone who would never want me to change. And who would silently bear with my cooking.


Okay there Ragsanians. Done. Now quickly go to the comment box and tell me how you liked this finale.

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  1. Sindhura

    Wow so cute

  2. omg what to say it was amazing as always ur writing skills are brilliant u know i felt like laksh will definitely like ragini but it would be too late and ragini’s hilarious vishesh tipni on everything was just amazing and the note was also amazing amd once laksh said i like u to ragini i for a fraction of second thought she would say yes if she would have i would have punched her hard on her face ????? and i just love sanskar throughout the ff he is such a darling owwww every girl wants a partner like him who just love u for what u r and doesn’t want u to change hopefully i’ll find one ???? come back soon with another ragsan ff but a little longer atleast 50 episodes

  3. Omg! Bela you rocked it yar, amazing, my words are not enough to praise your skills dear, please write one more ragsan story

  4. Rafeee

    wow superb dear…plz cme bck wid anthr ss r ff…

  5. Amazing bela
    Mind blowing…..
    Loved it

  6. Silent_writer

    Omg love it to the core bela incredible yr suprb ???????? thank u so much for giving us this ss love u tc

  7. its just their where word also ends for appreciation u r amazing and this ss is super amazing

  8. amazing.i loved it

  9. Sreevijayan

    I have honestly no wrds to comment bela..m speechless..m blank…hw can u write so well…u deserve an applause man…

    Hats off..one of the best love story i ever read…..

  10. hahaha …
    cooking vala scenes awesome …
    i luv it …superbbb superbbb

  11. U r impossible… I have no words to explain… Fantastic mind-blowing… Ur jabra fan ?

  12. Haya malik

    Bela do you have some shame or not…I mean seriously tell me what is this how can you be so amazing… You always make me speechless… All the words which I have been collecting while reading the update till end they all became just useless I have to think a lot that what to write in appreciation that you deserve but no use what I can mutter is only “speechless”…
    I love the way you write…its just amazing mind blowing awesome marvelous extraordinary… Well now I m really out of words I will have to search dictionary to find new words to praise you…
    Seriously yar you are superbbbb…thankx for sharing such an awesome ragsan journey

  13. Crystal089

    Awesome yaar superb ur tooooo good
    Loved it badly going to miss it loved it….. ………

  14. yar this was so awesum y it has to end so early
    love ur story love ragini

  15. Lila

    Mind blowing….I’m so going to miss this… hope u come back with another Ragsan SS.

  16. You r an outstanding writer dear. I am first in ur commend box, but a regular reader. Your stories are amazing.i cant appeciate u by mere words… But i really enjoyed dear. Thanks for ur ss treat.

  17. One of the best ragsan story ever.. loved it.. and will miss IC and Don.

  18. Deesh

    Fantabulous bela!! I am at lack of words to describe how fab your ss was. Keep rocking!!

  19. Wow tat was a fabulous ss
    i want another ragsan from u plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  20. amazingly written bela.I would miss this story.Ua writing skills are simply amazing.Stay blessed dea.Thanku for tz

  21. it is beautiful

  22. Malika

    Fantastic Bela

  23. Fairy

    Hey bela d vela!!!!hahahah 😉 frst of alll thnku sooo much for such an epiccc ragsan story….u already know dat u r a marvellous writer….
    D story is jst amazngly awesome….being a tejaswi fan its really a treat to read such stories…v r reallly lucky to have u wid us….keep on writng ur creations n entertaining us lyk u always do….
    M in love wid sanky’s charecter in dis ff…ragsan scenes were fantastic….
    D way u represent dere emotions ws excellent…d realisation part of rags about her feelng ws superb…all in all it ws mindblowngggggg story….may god bless u & always keep smiling dear…..
    Keep rockng n stay blessed sweetheart..love u a lotzzz……

  24. It was amazing ….best ff ever…love ragsan as a couple .thank u soooooo much for this beautifup ff of our Ragsan.i am going to miss this ff…

  25. Ragz_teju

    I loved it to the core. .. it’s just not because the pair is ragsan but because you are a excellent writer.. I was lack of words to describe it. .. keep smiling… waiting for another one

  26. awesome comeback with another ragsan ff

  27. Update tmrp asap . nyc ending. I cant express how nyc ur ff is. Jist superbb yaar

  28. It was just out of words it was amazing fanta fabulous awesome incredible loved dd it just feeling bad that it was last cm back with another with the same pair

  29. Inu

    superb.perfect end.loved it.

  30. superb.waiting for another ragsan fff

  31. Hii Bela
    I am a silent reader but ur writing made me to comment….ur just amazing…. I really like Koi muzako yu mila hai and tera mera rishta purana also….. Keep writing and keep entertaining us……this was also good…All the best for your further writing. eagerly wainting for next part of tera mera rishta purana.

  32. Nami

    word can’t describe my feelings after reading this. M falling short of words to describe how beautifully u have written this. Loved it. Ragsan were adorable.

  33. Oh no last part…?
    Bela i will miss this SS ….you are an amazing writer…..i loved it…
    Plzz comeback with another story plzzzz…..u r amazing….whole episode was awesome…..
    Lots of Love and
    Keep rocking dear???????????

  34. AMkideewani

    The story is unique, I love it, you are a mindblowing writer, I hope you write another story, but this time please a fanfiction and I’m your fan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????????
    Can I be your friend?

  35. Richa19

    It was just outstanding fabulous amazing and what not….. I loved the story the concept the dialogues everything…. U r really a wonderful writer… Great job!! And hope to see more ragsan shots from you… Thank you for this!! Love you… God bless!!! ??????

  36. More than awesome… Best ragsan ss

  37. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing Fabulous Outstanding Marvelous Wonderful Mind blowing one
    Magnificent Tremendous
    U just nailed and rocked it
    Loved it to the core
    Love you alot
    Thanks for this SS
    No words to express my feelings towards it
    Loved Ragsan alot
    Ragsan were so cute and adorable couple
    Loved each and every part
    Sorry for not commenting in last Part as I was out of town and read both the part now only
    Love you
    Come back with another ff or OS or SS soon

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