Ragsan: Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai (Part 3)

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Let’s start………..


“What should I wear?” I asked Sanskaar. “Clothes.” He replied. I hit him on his back. “Even I know that! But which of these clothes?”

Sanskaar looked at the stuff we had bought yesterday. “Hmm………..let’s start with the jumpsuit. Your hair is curled, so it would go well with it. And no sneakers! We bought you new shoes earlier this week. Wear something nice.” He said.

Sanskaar always has an extra pair of clothes in his car. So, he got ready in the guestroom. And now, he was playing ‘fashion fashion’ with me.

Half an hour later, I came out ready. Sanskaar gave me a butterfly locket and a watch to complete the look. He looked me over. “Hmm………you look okay!” He said. I bowed like a Regency era British woman and after having a quick breakfast of toasts, coffee and fruits, we went to college.

As we sat in the car outside the gates of the college, Sanskaar turned to me. “Ready Don?” I looked at him and nodded. Then, we stepped out of the car and walked towards the building, holding hands.

To say that people were surprised would be like adding just one spoon of sugar in a big container of kheer. The reactions were varied. Some were surprised, some were shocked. Others were jealous while some others were unbelieving. Many were impressed. I noticed many boys looking at me appreciatively while many girls looked ready to murder me! All in all, I knew that I had made a statement.

We went to the canteen and took a separate table. For a week now, Laksh has been particularly nasty to Sanskaar and I. To avoid any tension, we took a separate table. I caught up with my friends later. Since I had confronted Laksh yesterday, I didn’t know how he would react. So I found it better to let him cool down for a day or two.

I knew everyone was watching us. Sanskaar, being the drama king he is, smiled at me and held my hand, giving me a meaningful look. I smiled back and squeezed his hand. We talked about a few things and laughed.

Seriously, he is fun to be around. When he isn’t busy being a pompous git. He is witty, sarcastic, funny, and cynical. It adds to his personality. Unfortunately for me, I am on the wrong side of these qualities of his. I am the butt of his jokes, the subject of his cynicism and sarcasm, and his muse as far as troubling someone concerned.

“Ragini…….listen to me. I am older than you by four years!” he said with a smirk.

“So what? Should I call you Bhaiya?” I replied with a sweet smile. His eyes darkened dangerously. And the next instant, they went back to their previous state. The change had been so instantaneous that I would have missed it, had it not been for my quick observation.

“No. Sisters are to protect. And I would need protection from you! So, NO!” He said. I Scowled at him.

“Rags………” Laksh came to my table. I looked up at him. He was looking at me determinedly. “Can we talk? Just for a while?” He asked. I smiled and nodded. I felt Sanskaar kicking me below the table. I looked at him and he gave me a meaningful look. I nodded and went with Laksh.

“I thought about it last night. I realised that I am just overreacting. I mean, it isn’t as if I have been around for you to tell me. I have been too busy with Swara that I haven’t paid much attention to you. Sorry for that. I still don’t like Sanskaar though. Something is off about him.” he said.

‘Of course, something is wrong with him. He is trying to steal your girlfriend!’ I thought to myself, with something burning inside me.

“But if you two like each other, I am cool with it.” He said. My jaw dropped. Hey, this isn’t fair! You were supposed to say that you want to give us a chance! But this was better than nothing. I tried to be optimistic.

Laksh escorted me back to my table and gave me a hug. “You look hot Rags!” He said. “Well, I don’t have a flat chest now!” I replied. We laughed and he gave me a peck on my cheek. “See you later.” He said. I nodded to him and smiled. He smiled back and went away. I touched my cheek, feeling deliriously happy.

I didn’t notice Sanskaar holding the knife in his hand tightly and glaring at Laksh.


I looked at our photo which I had had framed. It was from the party which her Dad had thrown. This particular photo was a natural click and was taken when she fell in my arms and we both looked at each other’s eyes. It was a sideways click and looked very romantic.

I smiled happily. She had looked so beautiful. When I saw this photo in the album, I had taken it out and sent it for enlarging and framing. It came today via delivery and since then, I have been looking at it continuously.

Ragini. Ragini Gadodia. My Don. My first love. I have had crushes before, even girlfriends. But there has been no one in my life like Ragini. No one who made me want to lose myself. No one who gave me sleepless nights. No one who dared to challenge me outright and win. No one who bewitched me.

I saw her first in the college when she fell in my arms. I had just finished meeting with the principal and come out when it happened. She was in a hurry and was not paying much attention. She had muttered a thanks and went on her way. Leaving me standing like a statue on the spot. The whole day, I thought about her. Her beautiful face, her attitude, her presence. It gave me shivers. Sparks had flown. And I love sparks. It had been love at first sight.

I had not thought of meeting her again when it happened. Going to the Gadodias’ party had been a matter of chance. I had to go to a meeting which was cancelled. So I sent my RSVP to her mother. And when I entered, she fell in my arms again. Looking amazing. And then, I noticed her eyes. They were the most amazing shade of chocolate brown. They were large and shining. It was so easy to just lose oneself in them. Unfortunately, we had to part. I mourned for the lost of skin contact. Getting to know that she was Shekhar Uncle’s daughter, I made up my mind. This was the woman. The lady I was supposed to spend my life with. The one for me.

I have always been a go-getter. Usually, Dad would bring me everything, even before I asked for it. And if I wanted something, I would go and get it. But with Ragini, things are different. She is not a possession that I have to gain. She is a woman whose trust and heart I have to win. With her, I am no longer the ruthless businessman who cracks deals mechanically. I am not the man who has the entire responsibility of a huge empire and thousands of people working under him, on his shoulders. I am not the man who doesn’t hesitate to get something he wants. I am not Sanskaar Maheshwari.

With her, I am just a normal college mate who solves the problems she comes up with. I am the irritating guy who is a full time vella and loves to tease her. I am the guy who steals her ideas. I am the one who makes faces at her, taunts her, pulls her hair and eats her lunch. I am Idea Chor aka IC. I am just Sanskaar.

People admire me because of my power. She hates me for my irritating presence. People look up to me because I have money. She looks down on me because I have no consideration for her feelings. People try to get close to me because I can change their lives. She tries to run away from me because I annoy her. And that is what I like about her. Her resilience. Her dignity. Her individuality. Her courage. Her determination to not stay with me just because I am rich guy. She is different.

I had tried various ways to impress her. I came to her house regularly, hoping to see her. I tried to impress her parents. But this woman is stubborn. She wouldn’t warm up to me. She would be friends but nothing more. Her resistance was confusing me. And then, I found out. She liked Laksh.

That day had been the worst of my life. The outlet of all my pain and anger still lied in my gym, all the sand out of it. I tried to change her mind. It wouldn’t work. And even Laksh was in a relationship with Swara. And it wasn’t going well. I was damn scared that if he broke up with her, Ragini would see a chance to try her luck with him. And I couldn’t let that happen. Ragini and I are perfect together. She deserves love. And I love her. More than my life.

So I decided to do this drama. It would have two benefits. Laksh would stay away from her and I could get closer to her. I knew that once we started talking normally, even she would warm up to me. And that is happening. We talk about a lot of things. Casual conversations. We still bicker, we still insult each other, but we are close friends now. And that is an improvement.

The makeover had been necessary. Not because Ragini needs to be changed. But because she needs to have more confidence in herself. She has no idea how beautiful she is. She is unaware of the havoc she has wreaked in the hearts of many men in the college, including me. Most of them are afraid to approach her because she seems ready to beat up anybody. But I am not just ‘anybody’. I am the man who loves her for real. Someone who has serious intentions. That jerk Laksh has really brought her self esteem down. By changing her appearance and seeing its effects, she would realise that she didn’t need anybody’s opinion of her because the world is fickle. The people who thought of her as a ‘Don’ would call her a ‘Doll’ as soon as she dressed up. She didn’t need their unstable judgement. She is perfect as she is. The way I saw her first. A girl who is a rebel.

A rebel with a good heart. My eyes watered, thinking of a particular incident when I realised that indeed, Ragini was a gem of a person.


It was a Friday night a week back. I had a lot of work to do. The time spent at college has taken a toll on my work as I have created a backlog. It was 11:00 p.m. The office was empty, save for me. I was working on a deal. My shoulder muscles were aching and I was tired.

My phone rang. ‘Don Calling’ it read. Why was she calling me so late at night? Was everything okay? I panicked and picked up her call in a hurry.

“Hello Mr. Idea Chor!” Her voice came. It was normal. I relaxed immediately.

“Hello Don. Today must be my lucky day that Her Highness, The Great Gangster Ragini Gadodia, herself called me. To what do I owe the pleasure of this honourable call?” I shot back, already feeling energised.

“You are such a pig!” She said in irritation. I smirked.

“You are such a hippo!” I replied. She gasped. I smirked deeper.

“Mujhko Moti bola? Mujhe? Hello, I wear S. S for Small. And I am in a great shape……….”

“Yeah I know. Your chest is no more flat!”

“SHUT UP! Pig! Vile! Vulgar!”

“You called me to abuse me?”

“No. Actually I came to your house to give you the notes which your professor gave to me to pass on to you. I was told by a member of your working staff that you will be working late.”

“So you decided to chat with me pleasantly? What a good girlfriend you are! Mere bhaagya khul gaye!”

“Shut up a**! It is just that…………I kind of know you. And I know that you must be tired and………………..forget it! Goodnight! Work your a** off and drop down dead.” she said and disconnected.

I frowned. As much as the conversation was refreshing and interesting, I don’t think she would have called me so late at night just to chat pleasantly. Maybe she had something to say. But probably not important.

A knock came to my door. I asked the person to come in. One of the security guards came inside with a big paper bag. “Saab, this is for you. A girl gave it, saying that you needed it.”

I furrowed my eyebrows. A girl? I needed it? What? Shit! It could be an explosive………….

“Saab, she said her name is Ragini.”

Ragini? Ragini was here? What for? To give the notes? So late at night? Is she crazy? I dismissed the guard and thanked him. He saluted me and went back to work.

I inspected the package. Maybe that is what she called me for. To tell me that she was sending my notes here. I often sleep at the office itself, so it was a good idea. I could work on them as soon as I was finished with my work in the office.

I opened the bag and saw the file. It had all the notes. Then, my eyes fell on some boxes kept inside the bag. I opened them.

It had food. With a jolt, I realised that I was indeed very hungry as I hadn’t had anything to eat since lunch. The boxes had noodles, chilli potato, fried rice, spring rolls, a bottle of Coke and a slice of cheesecake. A full blown dinner. Next, I opened up another box and found Aunty’s handmade laddoos in it. The last box had a hot water bag and some painkillers. Obviously for my shoulders and neck.

Tears came to my eyes. No one had been so caring ever before. Not even Dad. The woman had come alone at this hour to give me food and other stuff, knowing that I would be hungry and tired. Maybe that is what she had been about to say. ‘And I know that you must be tired and………..hungry.’ She had wanted to say that. But she couldn’t because of my sarcastic attitude and dismissive tone. And her ego. She had probably made the food herself. I remembered from our conversation that she could only make such items. She did so much of hard work for me. She actually thought of me. And this realisation made my heart flutter.

I ate the food silently, thanking my stars for making me meet such a wonderful woman. Someone who genuinely cared. I didn’t take the painkillers but the hot water bottle came into use. I smiled through my tears.

***End of Flashback***

I am in great danger now. My feelings are getting deeper while the progress made with her is slow. A week back, when Laksh and Ragini patched up and he kissed her on her cheek, I had been tempted to drive my knife across that Laksh’s heart. I am falling for her even more deeply with every passing moment and I am afraid that I wouldn’t be able to bear it and would end up doing something stupid. And it would ruin my chances. I needed to be cool. Patient. Calm.

My phone rang. I saw the screen. ‘Don Calling’ it read. I smiled and picked it up.

“Maa made Jalfrezi.” She said in a bored tone. I copied it and replied, “Is that so?” I could FEEL her getting angry. “No. It isn’t so. I am a fool who had a lot of free time and a wish to waste my money on phone bill! So I decided to call an equally useless, if not more, person to waste my time!” She said. I laughed internally. She is so amazing!

“Tell Aunty I would come up in fifteen minutes.” I said. She slammed the phone down and finally, I burst out laughing. I imagined her red face and her cute nose squeezed while her nostrils flared. I have gone mad. Stark, raving mad. And I am loving it.

I looked at our photo again. The beautiful picture. I would put it in my bedroom. So that I can see it and go to sleep every night. Hanging it on my bedroom wall, I got ready to go to her house. Because her Maa made Jalfrezi. And because she would be there. And the latter mattered.


“Haan. Haan. Abbey bola na haan. Stamp paper pe likhu? Tu itna pitega na…………..” Ragini was screaming on her phone as I entered. She looked at me and scowled. I smirked at her.

“Maa, langar laga do. Aa gaya aapka bhakt!” She called to aunty as she kept her phone down. I guwaffed.

“So, who was the fortunate man who was enjoying your sweet voice?” I asked her as I gifted Aunty a bunch of flowers. Ragini’s face darkened.

“Laksh. He and I are going for a music competition together to Pune. He wants to confirm whether I will be able to make it or not.”

Oh no! This isn’t good. At all. Ragini and Laksh together alone. And that too, so far away from here. This is my worst nightmare come true.

“To be honest, he is just sticking along. He can’t sing for his life. He is only good at playing drums but that too as an extra. I need a male solo singer who can play the guitar with me. Not Laksh. But he wants to tag along because he will get to see hot Marathi chicks doing Lavani.” She said in irritation.

Male solo singer. Also plays guitar. Three day trip to Pune. Alone with Ragini. Sanskaar Maheshwari is in!

“Umm………if you want, I can come. I sing and play the guitar. Any genre. What do you think?” I asked as casually as I could.

Ragini looked at me. It seemed she was really seeing me for the first time. Her eyes widened. “You? You will come IC? Really? Brilliant! Laksh won’t go as he dislikes you! YES! We will go! I will talk to Mr. Jones, our music teacher.” She said happily and hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her, smiling and breathing in her wonderful scent.

“Stop sniffing me like a dog!” She said to me in my ear and I blushed beet red. Ye ladki kabhi nahi sudhregi!


Laksh is mightily pissed off that I chose Sanskaar over him. But what to do Lucky? It is the matter of college’s respect. I don’t want to perform solo. I want a male singer with me. And you can’t sing even if Shreya Ghoshal gave you personal classes.

Also, I don’t like being in your presence much. I don’t know why but it just seems……….forced. Our relationship. I don’t know why, but I have started finding your conversations meaningless. Your jokes seem childish. You seem immature. And the level of intimacy between us has now lessened, thanks to Swara and now, Sanskaar.

I don’t know why I expect something from you. I feel that you should be talking more seriously. And you should stop calling me hot. I know that I have recently become hot to guys like you but it seems rather shallow. Specially coming from you, who has known me for years and was my best friend for so long. Yes, ‘was’. I don’t know whether the friendship we have now can be called a ‘bestie waali friendship’.

“Don?” Sanskaar’s voice came. I rolled my eyes at him and showed him my fist. The smirk on his face vanished and he gave me an uneasy smile. “The five of us have been confirmed. A pianist, a drummer, a guitarist, you and me. We will be going to Pune day after tomorrow.” He said. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

Three days alone with Idea Chor. Hmm………it would be interesting.


Taaliyaan, taaliyaan……….for all those who correctly guessed Sanskaar’s ladylove. Bhaiya Ragsan SS Hai. So it has to be Ragini only na???

Lalalalalalala………..Sanskaar and Ragini alone! ???
Will something happen?

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