Ragsan: Dil Ye Bekaraar Kyun Hai? (Part 1)


Hey guys Bela is back again. Seriously, I think I am addicted to Tellyupdates! So this time, I venture into my first love. Ragsan.

Honestly, when Sanskaar entered, I was gushing over what a romantic pair they were. What a beautiful story theirs would be. And then, BOOM! Ragini turns negative, Ragini marries Lakshya, Sanskaar married Swara and blah blah. I came to accept and love Raglak because they share a great chemistry.

So this story is NOT based on the serial. Its my world. So yeah, let’s start……………..


Damn. He was at it again. With Swara this time. I don’t understand why he never notices me. It isn’t as if I am ugly, am I?

I am Ragini Gadodia, rich and tomboyish. I am 5’6 and 55 kgs and I am a…………………woman. Yeah. I have b**bs, I have a butt and I am fair. I normally wear ripped tees and ripped jeans with an occasional change of shorts. Sneakers are my comfy shoes. My hair is always tied in a bun on top of my head. I wear wristbands and hoops in my ears. I am not a punk and defo, not a hippy. I am a cool gangsta. In fact, I am very popular in college and together, Laksh and I are the ‘dudes of this college’. Our group Elitista is ‘The Group’ of the college with Laksh, me, Arjun, Radhika, Neil, Sam, Kabir, Purab, Bulbul and Karan in it. So yes, I am very popular and very looked up to. And very scary.

Laksh and I have been best friends since we were kids and realised that the people of our own s*x had cooties. So we teamed up and became besties. And when I was fifteen, I realised that my effing hormones were rising and that too, for Laksh. That piece of crap. Stinky crap. And I was horrified.

And now, we are 20 and I wish that he noticed me. He is a player, changing girlfriends faster than he changes his underwear. It is such a task for me to remember his new girl’s name. But this time, it won’t be a problem. Because it is Swara Bose, the new hot chick in college who all the boys are going gaga about. I have a sneaking suspicion that she wishes to enter our group. Well, we will see about that!

“So Swara, there are three types of girls in our college.” Half ticket, a nerd who we copy notes from was explaining to her. “One type is the girls who are really hot, really s**y and are much in demand. The second type is of the female versions of me-boring, nerdy, behenjis and those who have gawky specs and braces.”

I slapped him on his head in irritation. The one reason why I am popular is that I do not judge or differentiate between people. Although I am a part of the elite group of the college, I stay the same with everyone. I know everyone by name and I respect them all. And everybody respects me too. I speak to Gauri who wears suits all day long as I speak to Shanella, the wannabe. I don’t take shit and I don’t let people talk shit about others too.

“And the third type?” Swara asked. I rolled my eyes. I have heard of the third type a million times.

“Ragini! There are the hot girls, there are boring girls and then there is Rags.” He replied and got a kick on his shin from me.

Swara looked at me critically. I stared right back. She smiled and held out her hand. “Swara Bose. New student in 3rd year Pol. Sci.” She said. I took her hand and shook it well. One perk of being a rich lady is the manners we are taught. And a perfect handshake is one of them.

“Ragini Gadodia. Really old student. Third year in BBA Finance.” I replied. She smiled and I smiled back.

“Arrey she is Rags. My chaddi buddy. We both used to swim together naked when she had a flat chest and I had a small winkie……..” Laksh was saying when I glared at him. He promptly shut up. Swara giggled while I smiled tightly.

“You are funny. I like you.” She said to Laksh. My blood boiled. I controlled and controlled as Laksh and Swara stared at each other. I don’t like this girl. At all.

While I was walking through the corridors, bristling at the thought of Swara and Laksh together, I bumped into someone. It was a man. I lost my balance and was about to fall down but he steadied me. I fell in his arms, Karan Johar style. Thankfully, the wind didn’t blow and there was no background music. I didn’t pay much attention to him and muttered a quick thanks and went on my way.

I didn’t notice the man looking at me intently.


I got ready in my suit. Gurr…..how is it that Laksh never manages to come to these boring parties? He ALWAYS has an excuse but recently, he has started coming. And unfortunately, whenever he comes, I am dressed in clean clothes but which are a sophisticated version of what I wear in college. Tonight, he won’t be coming and I am wearing an anarkali Thank god, he would have laughed his a** off.

It is very pretty though. Gold, Cream and champagne, very unique and classy. I am wearing a plum lipstick with it and a huge ring and beautiful earrings. My hair has been left open and curled to give volume. I look……….better.

*(For Ragini’s look visit http://www.lashkaraa.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Anar.jpg )

I walked down the stairs and the staring commenced. Do I look like a joker? Huh. Maa promised that I would look beautiful. But then, she and Dad always find me beautiful. I shouldn’t have trusted them.

I went around and mingled with the guests and they complimented me. I took the compliments gracefully and moved ahead. This sham continued for a while and then, I got really tired. I decided to go out for some fresh air. As I was about to move out, I collided with a waiter. The glass in his hand fell and the wine in it spilled on the floor. My foot slipped on it and I fell backwards. But I didn’t reach the ground as I felt strong arms holding me tightly. Cool, in one week, I have fallen in a man’s arms twice. Last time it was some idiot in the college and now, a guest. At least last time, nobody witnessed my clumsiness. Here, the whole ballroom was watching me. He was holding me by my waist with his both hands on the small of my back while my arms were around his neck. I was leaning backwards and dipping while he was close to me, bending as well.

I looked up and saw two black eyes. They were really dark and had flecks of brown in them. My eyes went to the rest of his face, a beautiful nose, pink full lips and a s*xy jaw. He was very good looking. And good smelling. I drew back a little and he pulled me up and steadied me on my feet. I noticed that he was wearing an all black suit with a black shirt, black blazer, black trousers and black shoes but his broad tie, which was tied very fashionably, was the colour of my anarkali. His hair looked very soft. What? What am I thinking?

“I hope you are fine?” he asked me. His voice! It is………toe curlingly s*xy. Amazing. I felt shudders on my spine as I fumbled for words. Then reality struck in. I am Ragini Gadodia. Not a silly simpering schoolgirl or a wannabe. I regained my posture and thanked him gracefully. He nodded briskly.

“Sanskaar…….what a pleasure to see you here! I guess you have already met my daughter!” Dad came from behind and addressed him. He smiled politely and took a beautiful bouquet from his PA, who was behind him, and gave it to my mother.

Sanskaar. Hmm……I have heard of him. Sanskaar Ramprasad Maheshwari. The current sensation in Dalal Street. A very promising young businessman who apparently isn’t even an MBA but has a natural flair for business. Like I have. But I need a degree. Cause it is a necessity. Rumour has it, that he is also planning to join a college to complete his degree in MBA which he had to leave in between in London and come back when his father, a friend of my father and a famous businessman, passed away. He had to take care of all the business and he was very busy for a year. Now, at 24 years, he will be completing his MBA.

“Oh I did meet her. But I have not had the pleasure to know her name.” He said smoothly. Yuck! He is such a suck up!

“Ragini. Ragini Gadodia.” I said as smoothly as him. I think he noticed because he smirked and took my outstretched hand and kissed it. “Pleasure to meet you.” He said back, even smoother than me. Now, I smirked. This was a fun game! “Pleasure is all mine Sir. Please enjoy the party.”

The whole evening, I glared at everybody, wishing to be upstairs and sleeping. Or talking to Lucky and trying to tell him that Swara and he didn’t belong together. Just a few days after they first met, Laksh asked her out and she happily complied. Now, they were an item and Laksh and I were drifting apart. And this was hurting me.

I felt someone’s eyes on me all the night. But whenever I turned around, I saw no one. This was creeping me out. I feigned a headache and went back to bed early. As I recalled the evening, a blush came to my cheeks when I recalled Sanskaar. He was handsome, even if he was slimy. And he did smell good. And he did have a good dressing sense. And he conversed well and was apparently intelligent, since I knew about his business and the way he caught my sarcasm, pointed out that he was smart. But why am I thinking of him? It isn’t as if I am going to meet him daily. Huh.


“Hey you heard? There is a new guy in the college who is pursuing MBA. He is hottt………” Sam said dreamily as Neil stiffened. I smirked. Neil likes Sam a lot and even they have been best friends since childhood. But Neil is scared of sharing his feelings and I think Sam would reject him even if he does.

Arjun looked up from his newspaper. He scrunched up his face and said, “New guy? MBA? Yeah……he is a famous businessman. Maheshwari group ka CEO. Couldn’t complete his degree in London because Mr. Maheshwari died while he was studying. So he is going to study and complete his degree here after almost a year. I don’t remember his name…..Saransh…..Samrat….”

“Sanskaar!” I whispered in shock. Everybody looked at me and Arjun nodded. “Yes. Sanskaar. Sanskaar Ramprasad Maheshwari. He is older than us, by three or four years. And he is very smart. I mean, have you heard about his latest deal? He doesn’t even need that degree……..he is that smart! But as they say, one should always complete his or her education.” Arjun said. I nodded in agreement.

Lucky looked at me suspiciously. “You know him?” He asked me. I nodded. “Met him at that party which Dad hosted some days ago. YOU ALL didn’t turn up, you cheats!” I accused everybody and they suddenly started looking everywhere and started whistling nonchalantly.

Kabir held my hand. “Yaar……main aa jaata. But you know na, Mom is having a fever. So I had to skip……..” He said, looking very sorry. I smiled at him and pinched his cheek. “It is okay. Tell Aunty I would be coming to meet her tomorrow evening.” He smiled and assured me that he would tell her so.

The whole day, everybody was talking of the enigma that was Sanskaar Maheshwari. Laksh seemed put off that ladies were paying attention to someone who wasn’t him. Apparently, Sanskaar had helped a girl in a question and she was now hot property amongst the girls who wished to know everything about him. The said girl was enjoying all the attention and cashing in on it, exaggerating about her conversation with him and praising his intelligence.

‘He won’t be able to recognise me.’ I thought to myself as I looked at my clothes. I was wearing a dark blue crop top which had The Beatles printed on it. Teamed up with black high waisted slacks, white sneakers, a black sling bag and my usual top knot, I was a far cry from the woman who had been in the party that night. There was a cat’s chance of a hell that he would recognise me. Even if he did, he wouldn’t acknowledge me. About that, I was damn sure.

I walked down the corridor, munching a sandwich when I collided with someone. Again. And yet again, it was a man. He steadied me and I looked up to thank him and found myself face to face with him. Sanskaar. He was looking exceptionally hot today, in a white button down shirt, blue denims, black leather shoes and a black and white scarf wrapped around his neck stylishly. His hair was blow dried and looked great. His shirt sleeves were rolled up to his elbows and he had a Titan watch on his left wrist. I shook myself to my senses and tried to go back and realised that my locket was stuck with the buttons of his shirt.

“Hold on, just a sec. I will free it.” He said and worked about for a few seconds and released my locket. I stepped back and looked at him. “Thanks.” I said. He looked at me and smiled.

“We meet again. In the same way. Hello Ms. Gadodia.” He said s*xily. I smiled lightly. “Hello Mr. Maheshwari. Pleasure to have you here. Thanks for the help.” I replied.

I realised that people were staring at us. I glared at them menacingly. “Chalo, ab show khatam. Give me the money for putting up this show that you all enjoyed.” I growled at them. They gulped in fear and stalked off here and there like scared lambs. Sanskaar laughed deeply. It was a beautiful sound.

“My, my! Someone has power here!” He remarked dryly. I smirked in reply. “Power, and a short temper. Aazma lo!” I replied. He held up his hands in defeat and smiled. “No thanks. This show was enough evidence.” He replied. I smirked and went away.

As I turned around the corner, I spied him looking at me with a small smile on his face.


“We have three types of girls here……..” Half ticket was explaining it again to Sanskaar when I entered the canteen. Seriously, is this his only work? To find new admissions and lecture to them about the types of girls and types of boys and which are the best places to snog!

“And then there is Rags! You see her over there. The one in the blue crop top. Yeah, with that joodi over her head? Yep. She is a different piece. Unique!” Half ticket said dreamily. I sighed in frustration.

Half ticket, or Shubham Tandon, is a full on nerd. He copies from the books and the board and then lets us copy from him. We call him half ticket not because he is short, he is actually very tall. It is because he always manages to not go back to his native place Amritsar in the holidays because he didn’t confirm his ticket. And it is a theory that he does so, in order to stay back and see me. There is this conception that he has a huge crush on me. And I? I have a huge wish to crush him!

Laksh whistled at me. “Half ticket is extolling your virtues to that businessman. And exposing his sheer love for you too.” Laksh sniggered. I banged my hand on his hand which was kept on the table and he cried out in pain. Everybody in the canteen looked at our table because of the noise. Swara rushed up to her feet to help him and glared at me. I shot back a dirty look.

“He is coming here.” Radhika whispered. All the ruckus on our table died down. He reached us and smiled. The women smiled back and the men looked on warily. I, meanwhile, focussed on my milkshake.

“May I sit here?” He asked us. Bulbul nodded her head and he gave her a smile. Bulbul smiled back. And I? I was about to die of shock!

And Mr. Maheshwari decided to take the seat just next to mine. Half ticket, who had been on his way to that seat, looked at Sanskaar like he was a piece of crap. I smirked. That is what you get for being over friendly with such people!

“I am Sanskaar Maheshwari. I am new. MBA.” He said. Everybody gave their introduction.

“And this is Rags. I mean……Ragini Gadodia. College gangster and my chaddi buddy. We used to swim together naked when she had a flat chest and I had a small winkie…………..” Laksh said, pointing to me. I flexed my fingers in a sinister way in front of him. His eyes widened and he stopped speaking.

Sanskaar smiled at us. “You both are together?” He asked. I snapped my head up to meet his eyes. He was looking at me. Laksh’s eyes widened comically while Swara shouted,”NO! I am his girlfriend!”

Sanskaar relaxed immediately. “Oh, I am sorry. I assumed. My apologies.” He said sweetly and Swara smiled and forgave him easily. I shuffled in discomfort. We talked for a while and then slowly, everybody started leaving. Soon, it was just Sanskaar, Laksh, Swara and I left.

“Chal Ragini, I will drop you home. Your driver has taken an off, right?” Laksh said to me. I nodded absentmindedly. Swara clasped Laksh’s hand and looked at him with a pout. “Baby, you promised to take me for a movie tonight! Forgot?” Laksh looked at me helplessly. I nodded to him, allowing him to go with her. Laksh gave an uneasy smile and then went out with Swara.

“So that is what a best friend behaves like!” Sanskaar remarked. “Anybody asked you? You got a problem?” I snapped at him. He shrugged his shoulders while I turned away from him.

“Shall I drop you?” he asked gently. I shook my head and told him not to take the trouble. He laughed. “Nonsense! I am anyways going to pass by your house on my way. It won’t be an issue.” He said.

I had no choice. My driver had run off to meet his Laila in his village while Dad had taken his driver to his trip. I knew driving but I didn’t bring my car as Laksh picked me up today. I could hire a cab but then Maa would scream her head off about how unsafe it is. I had no choice. Damn Laksh!

I agreed and he smiled at me. He escorted me to his car. Mercedes Benz. Black. Shiny. New. Beautiful. Suddenly, I was feeling happier. He opened the door for me and I smiled at his gesture and sat inside. He went to the driving seat and together, we zoomed our way through the streets.

We were silent for quite some time. Then, in an attempt to break the ice, Sanskaar said, “So, you and Laksh are besties? Swam together naked……” I glared at him menacingly and he smirked. “I have no idea why he insists on telling about it to everyone. It isn’t a topic for discussion!” I whined. Sanskaar gave me an amused smile.

“Well, I have never gone swimming with a naked girl ever in my life……..” He said. He was enjoying making me uncomfortable. That jerk! I narrowed my eyes at him. We reached my home and I politely asked him to stay for a cup of tea. Just a formality. He refused even more politely, stating that he had work. I thanked him EVEN more politely for dropping me home. And that git said welcome EVEN more politely than I had thanked him. Finally, I huffed in annoyance and stomped my foot on the ground and stalked off. I swear, I could hear him laughing!

Laksh mesaaged me later that night.

L: Abbey you reached home safely na??
I: No. Sanskaar dropped me and he broke a leg of mine and slashed my wrists!???
L: Don’t joke Rags. Are you safe at home???
I: Mind your own business?
L: Why are you being so rude? I am just asking you!
I: Because you ditched me at the last moment! I don’t like Sanskaar but still I had to go with him because I had NO CHOICE!
L: I am sorry bro. Swara was insistent.
I: And I am angry!???
L: Maaf karde. McDonald’s chalenge!
I: And you will make me pay as usual!
L: No, this time, I will pay!
I: Fine………….I gotta go. Project complete karna hai. Ttyl. Bye.?
L: Bye……chaddi buddy!?

I rubbed my temples. There was no project work to be done because I had already completed it. I may be a spoilt rich brat but I am a TOPPER spoilt rich brat. So even the teachers love me! And I keep my work updated.

I stopped the chat because I don’t want to talk to Laksh beyond this. I knew what was coming next. He would start praising Swara and tell me each and every detail about her. Normally, I used to listen to these descriptions earlier and even laugh at him but with Swara, it is different. They are getting pretty serious and Laksh is drifting apart. So I was sure, I didn’t like the newcomers this year. Neither Swara and definitely not that ‘s*xy Jaw, s*xy Voice Sanskaar’!


“Abbey nashedi……..yahan rakh. Abbey yahan!” I screamed at Half ticket as he picked up the carton containing our project. I had a sneaking suspicion that he was checking my legs out. But I wasn’t sure so I couldn’t beat him up. What a life!

Half ticket stumbled and as I went to help him, I slipped on a paper that had fallen from the carton. Again, I was about to fall on my bum but a pair of strong hands caught me. I looked up and found, to my horror, Sanskaar holding me with a glint in his eyes. He pulled me up and steadied me.

Oh my God! This is so mortifying! Whenever we meet, I am about to fall and he always saves me. This has been going on for a month now. He comes to college only twice a week, he has a business to manage after all. When he doesn’t come, I am the most graceful bird. And when he comes, I slip and he catches me. I am telling you, something is wrong with him.

My irritation with Sanskaar has just intensified. He is a cocky guy who uses sarcasm like I use curse words. He taunts and teases and flirts with an equal ease. Although he is friendly with everyone, he is a loner. He sits in the front of his class, I am told, and pays no attention to the girls who lean in front of him on the pretext of picking up something, in order to show their cleavages. And he doesn’t pay attention to the whispering. He speaks cordially with everyone. But with me, things are totally different.

We play the Insincerity Game a lot. I try to act polite and he tries to best me. We keep on bickering back and forth. That man has the gall to say that Chris Gayle is better than Virat Kohli! And he is a Man Utd. fan while I am a die hard Barca fan. We are constantly at loggerheads with each other over this and there have been times when people had to interfere in order to stop violence.

With a great amount of frustration, I had realised that after Lucky, it was Sanskaar who knew me best. Since he was the son of my father’s best friend, Dad made it a point to invite him for dinners and to chat and to even offer any help if Sanskaar wanted. Sanskaar’s mother had died during childbirth so even Maa treated him as her own son, giving me her homemade laddoos to give it to him at college. I would do that awkwardly and he would smirk.

He would drop by our house, sometimes to talk about his business with Dad and then check out the famous Gadodia wine cellar. Maa would overfeed him. And all this while, I used to look at him as if he was a dead rat and he would look at me as if I was a two year old who had done potty in her panties.

Due to this overexposure, he had come to know me well. He knew which buttons to press to rile me up and he knew all my likes and dislikes. Even I, because of casual conversations and observations, had picked upon his habits and choices. We made a silent agreement to use the other’s weakness against them and have fun. To my great annoyance, Sanskaar, by the power of observation, realised that I had feelings for Lucky.

Surprisingly, he never goaded me on that. He understood it to be a private issue and remained respectfully silent. That was the only maturity he showed. Otherwise, we were famous as the local Tom and Jerry.

“Umm……I know I am hot but that doesn’t mean you stare so shamelessly at me, Don.” He said with a smirk. I huffed in annoyance. He calls me Don because he thinks that I am a gangster. So I call him Mr. Idea Chor, or IC because he always steals my ideas and presents them in front of everyone as his own in a bid to irritate me. Which he is always successful at.

“Tum? Hot? Yeah sure…….and I am Alia Bhatt!” I said. He muttered something which I didn’t catch. I demanded to know what he had said and he shrugged. “Kuchh nahi. Just that I am glad that Alia Bhatt doesn’t know that she has been compared to a whale like you! It would break her heart!” He said and stalked off. I stared at him with an open mouth. He called me a whale?

Half ticket, who had been standing next to him scratched his head in confusion. “I though he said something like ‘you are more beautiful’! I am not sure though.” He said. I looked at him in disbelief and he smiled sheepishly.

“Chal ab, issey uttha aur yahan rakh!” I commanded again and he quickly set to work again.


The room was dark. The projector was switched on and it projected a large image of her on the wall. I looked at her lovingly. She is beautiful.

Her gorgeous hair, her big eyes, her soft lips, her nose, her smile…………everything about her screamed of perfection. This particular photo was taken when she had been strumming her guitar and smiling. It was a natural photo which I took with my mobile. And natural beauty is the best. And she was a natural beauty.

I stood up from my chair which was behind the projector and walked towards the wall where the image was. I lovingly touched her face which was projected. I wanted to be with her always. She is my first love. And I will do anything to keep her happy. And I am determined to win her.

With this in mind, I went back to the table and called up Ragini. “Hey Don! I wanna meet you somewhere alone. Something important to discuss. Yeah. Okay. Caffe 10 at 5 pm. Fine. Be there, okay? No I don’t trust you. Fine.”

I disconnected the call and looked at the picture. I love you and I will try my best to win your heart.


Why did he call me here? What for? Is this a prank? What if he doesn’t show up? Huh. I would skin him alive.

“Hey Don!” I heard his cocky voice. I turned around and saw him standing, looking all gorgeous. My stomach flipped. I nodded to him and he sat down. “One cappuccino, please.” He asked the waiter. Then, he turned to me.

“Right, let’s get to business. You must be wondering why I called you here, right? Well, I am thinking of doing a deal with you. Interested?” He asked. I started at him. Did he hit his head somewhere?

“Okay. So you like Laksh, right?” He asked.

I nodded stiffly. Is this some sort of a horrible prank?

“Good. Don’t you want him to be with you? As your boyfriend? You two know each other so well and are perfectly cute together. You like him a lot and I am sure that he likes you too, he is just blinded because of……….his interest somewhere else.”

“What are you getting at IC? Be clear. I am not afraid.”

“The thing is that I like Swara. I mean, romantically. She is beautiful, funny, smart and intelligent. And in a relationship with Laksh. Now you see, I like her so I want to be her boyfriend. For that, I need to throw Laksh out of the picture. You like Laksh so if he goes off with you, I can try my luck!” He said.

I stared at him for some seconds. Then, I burst out laughing. “You…..you think……..that I am……….a fool? You think I will fall for this? Hahahahhahha………..you are too funny! Gosh! Where did you get that idea from?”

Sanskaar looked a bit hurt. He gripped the table hard and said in a low voice. “I don’t know why you refuse to believe me. But that is the truth. I like Swara and you like Laksh. Look into my eyes and tell me. Am I lying?”

I looked at him. He wasn’t lying. Shit! He liked Swara! Oh dear! He is asking for my help too! Now what?

“We will do something so that Laksh realises his feelings for you and breaks up with Swara. You keep him and I will make Swara fall for me. What say?”

I pondered over the idea. It wasn’t bad. But there were some loopholes.

“First of all, may I know, how Laksh will come to me? I mean, we have been friends for more than 15 years but he still hasn’t noticed that I am a girl. So how would we do it? And about you and Swara………what makes you think she would fall in your arms? Why you? Why not someone else?”

Sanskaar tapped his chin. “Good points. You are getting smarter by staying in my presence! Hmm………the only way to fix your problem is to give you a…………..makeover. You know, change of look. He would notice that you are a girl. And about my problem……………well, there is a way but I don’t think you will agree!”

My interest rose. What way? “What is it? Tell me about it. I will think of it.”

Sanskaar looked at me directly. “That I get a girlfriend who breaks my heart and runs off with someone who Swara trusted. You. If we act to be in a relationship, and Laksh gets attracted to you, I would be left with a broken heart when you get together with him after he leaves Swara and Swara and I would cry on each other’s shoulders and become close.” he said conspiratorially.

“Are you crazy? You and I in a relationship? Never! Even if it is fake. And what you are suggesting is wrong! If Swara and Laksh love each other, then there is no point to try and separate them. It is a sin!” I shot at him.

Sanskaar looked at me critically. “We will only be trying Ragini. If it doesn’t work out, we will call it off. And do you really think that they are in love? Laksh flirts with other girls all the time and he doesn’t like me because he thinks that I am too chummy with you……..WAIT, DON’T look at me like that! You know it is true! Meanwhile, Swara stalks off with her friends and leaves him alone. They fight all day long too. Do you actually think they are meant to be together?” He asked me.

I had to admit that he was right in all aspects. Laksh never noticed me because I was a tomboy. In fact, he made fun of me, saying that only a blind fool would look at me that way. Swara and he were in a relationship but they weren’t really going smooth. And I had ample evidence that if I dolled up a bit, I would look slightly better. But still. Faking a relationship with IC to get Laksh. Am I that desperate? I looked at him as he sipped his coffee. He would anyways do something to get Swara. If I have a chance to get Laksh, why not give it a try. He said that if it doesn’t work out, we would quit it. So what is the harm in trying?

“So are you ready for it?” He asked me. I nodded while he smirked. “What about the…….makeover?” I asked him. He waved his hand at me. “I would take care of it. Don’t worry. Just tell me. Confirmed?” He asked again.

I don’t know why but I was feeling uneasy. As if my life was going to change. “Can I get time till tomorrow morning? You would be coming tomorrow, right? I will tell you then.” I said. He nodded. “Fine. You have time till tomorrow. Tell me about it.” He said and we finished our coffee and went back together. He dropped me to my home. “Think about it.” He said. I nodded and he smiled softly. “Goodnight Ragini.” He said. “Goodnight Sanskaar!” I replied, thinking of how well his name sounded through my lips.

The whole night was spent by me in tossing and turning, trying to figure out what to do. I like Laksh and if I can have a future with him, I want to try at least once. And this idea isn’t that bad. I mean, I would just be showing Lucky that even I am a woman who he can consider for a partner. I won’t be outrightly stealing him from Swara. And even she would get Sanskaar, who I know is a good man despite our history together. He would keep her happy. So I decided to say yes to Sanskaar tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke up with a bright smile. Today would be a new start. I came downstairs and saw Maa and Papa looking at me with smiles on their faces. “Mujhe kyu nahi bataya?” Maa asked me. I frowned in confusion. Dad passed me the morning paper and I realised what they were smiling all about.

There, on the front page, was the headline:

With it was printed a photo of Sanskaar and I in the caffe, talking earnestly. And there, at that moment, I knew that it was already a yes from my side.


So how was it? It won’t be an ff, only a few shots. Tell me through your comments how this was.

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  1. Lila

    This is far by one of the best ragsan stories I read. Loved it. Was awesome. Can’t wait for next part

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Lila ?

  2. Superb it s…? loved it… Evn I love this pair ragsan.. Amazing to read any ff of ragsan…

    1. Bela

      Thanks yasii?

  3. Crystal089

    awesome awesome bela love u and ur writing fantastic loved it waiting for next part………..

    1. Bela

      Thanks Crystal089?

    1. Bela

      Thanks j?

  4. Sonya

    its awesome dear
    im happy that one more story on ragsan
    they r my fav too
    here diff character of ragini , tomboys
    im sure sanskaar fall for ragini n it was ragini’s pic
    he wants her to do the fake drama for being in relationship n makes ragini fall for him
    so ragini can truly realize wt does she want
    its going to be superb
    do update soon

  5. Sindhura


    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Sindhura?

  6. Plz plz make it a ff it is awesome wat to say about u ,u alwaz rock

    1. Bela

      Thanks Ashi. Sorry, can’t make it into an ff. But I hope that you like it 😀

  7. Lots of hugs and love from my side…… I really wish u achieve what ever u want to pursue in future……Hats off for ur effort…..And All the very best for ur 12th and further studies…….Cmin to ff….my first love is also ragsan….the way ragin used to care for sanky when he acted as mad……adorable…as usual every thing was destroyed by CV s…..now I am doe hard fan of raglak……awesome story

    1. Bela

      That is the story of every Ragsanian out there. On one hand, we have started loving Raglak but still we dream secretly of Ragsan world 🙁
      Thanks so much 😀

  8. Trust me! You are my most favourite writer here? Aah! The story is too too good? Sanskaar! He is too smart? and Ragini…hmmm I’m thinking how it’ll end up with RagSan? And yeah! Very eagerly waiting for Rishta purana too? Keep rocking! Take care?

    1. Bela

      Thanks a lot Riya. TMRP part 5 is out 😀

  9. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved Ragsan alot
    I think Sanky loves Ragini and to make her realize he is going to do this drama just a guess
    Ragini in Tomboy get up loved it
    Please continue DEAR
    Waiting for the next one…………..
    Update ASAP

    1. Bela

      Hehehehehehe. Let’s see.
      Thanks a lot 😀

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome

  10. AMkideewani

    Superb dear

  11. plz post ur nxt ep fast fast cant wait nd even i luv ragsan

  12. Awesome… Loved it…

  13. is it true ,i felt really lyk in a dream
    yippeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!i m dancing lyk mad and a bright smile has covered my face,ragsan,ragsan omg u wrote on ragsan,i m feeling really delighted.thank u sooooooooo much for writing on them
    cuming to the story no less than a masterpiece,well i really lyk our rags tomboyish avatar
    laksh and his all tym fav. dialogue ,oh god,he’s seriously mad
    don,idea chor and half ticket ,wat an innovation,hats off girl,you rock it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ragsan’s bond it was sumthing really different to see and i really enjoyed it thouroughly.
    their insincerity game her evrytym falling in his arms such cute moments
    i cant say much about it,
    well done dear and thanks for writing on our first luv ragsan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Awesome

  15. OMG u r too good this by far the best ragsan pls update early

  16. Ragz_teju

    if the girl is ragini that Sanskar loves then it would be so interesting…. good work

  17. Shana98

    Awesome can’t wait for more xx

  18. Sriya

    ohhh omg bela? bae now wat to say? looks like i m addicted to ur stories like ur addicted to tu? right? it was tremendous update…!!
    mind blowing…!!!
    no more words? searching for google…!! love you a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt take care xoxo….!!!!!

  19. Nixi18

    dear bela bae this is first time i m commenting on sr page…!! it is the one of the bestest story i have read in ragsan..!! it was tremendous jhakas ekdam bomb karak episode kamal dhamaal episode tha?? seriously..!! loved it to the core of my heart muahhhh me too same pinch my first love ragsan..!! and i am die heart shramanian too but first love always ragsan..!! a warm hug from me lots of huggies and kisses to u~ ur sisso..!! can i be? ur sisso?…!! love u a lotttttttttttttttttttttt sisso…!! sweetheart cupcake with extra sugar from top to bottom..!! take care xoxo muahhhh….!!

  20. fantabulous ……….it is just awesome n what not!………….next one plz make it soon plz………….tc

  21. Pammy

    It was just awesome faboulous
    It didnt feel like am reading an ff on tu reallyyy i felt like i was reading something on QuoteV…literallyyy it was dammmmm good. I luved it….awww my gosh…nd if am not wrong its ragini’s pic awww come back soon dear i cant wait…post next part ASAP

  22. Nyc bella. I guess the person he love is ragini and not swara. Is he doing it bcoz he spend tym with ragini

  23. awesum loved every part of it humour to romance

  24. ragsan story from ur side was like icing on the cake because u r such a great writer u should start writing novels and i’ll be the first onr to buy it

  25. Bela i juz want too kiss your hand for your great work…..amazing girl you nailed it……so perfect story wow…i juz love the way you expressed all characters…..awesome……Ragini is juz awesome……and Sanky damn cool Hunk…..i loved it soo much yaar keep ROCKING DEAR

  26. Rafeee


  27. Bela seriously you always rock and this part was omg. What to say yaar. I really love ragsan. And this part was fabulous. Update soon yaar

  28. This is best ragsan story I ever read… U r superb bela… Now I m ur jabra fan…. Nd most important I like laksh’s intro when he introduce ragini nd his frndship.. Omg ????

  29. It is too too good
    Applause for great work

  30. Sreevijayan

    Oh teri…ur stories are making me speechless….. i juz love raglak chuddy buddy relation..so chweet..bt u knw what ..i dnt knw y i cant believe that sanskaar is in love with swara..and ragsan is my fav… bt believe it or not..i havent even seen a single episode of swaragini….

    Waiting for ur next shot…

  31. More than awesome… M sure its gonna be Best ragsan ff

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