Ragsan – our destiny episode 1


Hi all here I am back with a new update thanks for ur comments they mean a lot to me .pls pls comment if u like it

Sanskar POV-
I stood there near the beach with her caged in my arms .damn it she was very beautiful and s*xy figure .I wanted her I wanted her badly . Seeing her like that made me forget about everything else. I slowly tightened my grip on her waist and felt her stomach . She shuddered..

Third person POV-

Ragini gasped and shivered when she felt him touch her stomach . She felt different she had never been touched that way . Sanskar relished the milkiness of her waist and slowly bit her neck tickling her slightly
Ragini closed her eyes she couldn’t tolerate it she pushed him off .

That was a big mistake. Sanskar looked up his eyes bloodshot he pulled her waist and carried her back to the car . In the car he made her sit on his lap and felt her curvy hips . She cried leave me pls leave me u idiot
Sanskar paid no heed and said but babe u are sooo s*xy darling

And he touched her lips and squeezed them she was helpless before him
They had reached the house he entered the house and took her towards their room .bah she hated him he can’t do this to her
Sanskar was out of control he was drunk due to sorrow .
He placed her on the chair and put his hand on her side and forced his lips on hers
She felt like honey sweet and soft and he licked his lips and murmured darling u r delicious
Tears were falling from her eyes but he didn’t notice.he placed his hand on her hips and squeezed it hard she screamed nooo . He pulled down her dupatta and gazed hungrily at her chest heaving up and down .

He touched her navel and teased her a bit as he pinched her stomach and kissed her lips now bitng them
She shouted nooo pls noo I am not swara u vile insolent creature
Sanskar stopped licking her neck and looked at her …

Episode ends
So guys did u like it

I have major intimacy coming up
Pls vote for
1 long and steamy
2 short and wild

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  1. Nice, hehe I choose both options

  2. nice very interesting next part soon

  3. nice

  4. Long steam and wild
    Love ur ff love ragini

  5. Nice…I choose optn 1…Expctng smthng hot…hehehe…

  6. Nyccc…..feelng sad for ragini..watng for nxt episode.:)

  7. Nice.update next part soon

  8. Very nice dear. Awesome and happy friendship day. Waiting for next ep ???????

  9. Sss

    wow awesome loved it
    but why swara anyway
    i vote for both 1 n 2
    can’t wait for the next part..
    happy friendship day

  10. SPP

    Feeling sorry for Ragini
    Waiting for the next one………..

  11. plz next part asap

  12. Rafeee

    nice n happy frndship

  13. superb yaar……loved the episode….. i will go with option no 1.

  14. Long steam and wild.. Update nxt prt soon

  15. Awesome.even i chose long,wild and steamy.happy friendship day.

  16. AMkideewani

    Awesome dear I would go for bot options

  17. Akshata

    awesome , i will go with option 1 (face palm)

  18. Hemalattha


  19. Awesome I would go for long, steamy and wild

  20. Ragz_teju


  21. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz updtttttttttt next part plzzzzzzzz soon and if u r nt updating soon then plzz reply wn u r going to updt next part

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