RagSan they are Destined – 9


Guys, thank you for your lovely comments and i am fine now… It would take time for me to post the next chapters, hope you guys would always support me like this.. Thanks for your care towards me. I am overwhelmed… You too take care as health is wealth 🙂 ….. Don’t expect any romance in this story, its a simple and straight confession. Hope you would enjoy reading it. Thank you once again for everyone 🙂

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Ragini exclaimed, “Which truth you are talking about Sanskar!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ragini can’t you feel something in my eyes??”

Ragini exclaimed, “It’s really dark over here Sanskar and I am not able to find anything. Did something fell in your eyes”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ohh really!!!! You took it in that way… hmmm maybe because you never tried to learn the truth”

Ragini questioned, “Sanskar did you ever think why Swara always wanted Krish to propose her when even she loves him”

Sanskar answered, “I don’t understand the logic behind it.. What I was asking you and what you are replying me”

Ragini exclaimed, “You are really an idiot Sanskar, you call me buddhu and dumbo but what about you?”

Something struck to Sanskar and exclaimed, “So you understood why I was asking you to look into my eyes”

Ragini felt shy and exclaimed “No need of any light to read someone’s heart Sanskar..”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ragini I Love You… may be I started loving you before…” when he was about to complete the sentence he could feel the hug which struck his words in his throat, he silently reciprocated.

Ragini exclaimed, “I understood the moment when you snatched the phone when I was talking to Di and also I saw Krish and Swara talking to each other before I came here and that moment I understood that you were hiding something from me, I was not sure at that time. When you confessed me about Swara and Krish I was waiting to know the reason why you haven’t told me the truth but I was still confused and thought I might be wrong about your feelings for me but the instant when I asked you that I would feel bad if you don’t love me, I saw the change in your expressions which made me think that may be you are afraid of something like me. When you asked me if I am not able to feel something looking into your eyes, I just saw love for me Sanskar” with tears rolling down from her eyes.

Sanskar hugged her tightly and said, “Dear I knew that you would find out easily if I am in front of you and I won’t be able to resist my feelings for you longer. I tried to keep you away in each and possible way but my love for you never changed but it increased more. I was afraid that I will not be able to keep my promise, I don’t want to give you a false hope”, he released the hug and made her sit and sat in front of her and again exclaimed, “Ragini love is too complex. It took 3yrs for me to convince my parents about Di’s studies then how long it might take to convince them about our marriage. I can’t hurt my parents too as you do. We love them a lot. I thought as the time goes on we might forget each other but it never happened with both of us”

Ragini exclaimed, “I knew Sanskar that it’s not easy to convince elders. Instead of failing them as parents we can fail in our love”

Sanskar exclaimed, “This is what even I used to think but Priya Di gave me a courage that I should fight for my love… I never wanted to tell you like this, first I wanted to convince my parents and I thought of giving you a surprise”

Ragini exclaimed, “Do you really think that we can convince them?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ragini I can’t judge it but we have to take a chance instead of losing faith. May not be now but after few years they might agree for it and I am not ready to go against them and I know that it would be the same with you too”

Ragini questioned, “Sanskar what if they are not going to agree???”

Sanskar answered, “They have given us this life so why can’t we give them back if they insist Ragini. We have to move on with our lives and we don’t have any other option if we failed in convincing them but we have to wait and try for their approval. Ragini will you be able to wait for me?? Will you extend your hand with me?? If it’s our love then it’s our duty to make it win. I knew it’s not easy, there will be many hurdles in our path but should never lose hope.”

Ragini exclaimed, “I would wait for our life long Sanskar”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Lifelong we have to be together. I want you to be with me for my whole life till my last breath, for that we will sacrifice just few years of our life”

Ragini smiled back at him. He caressed her hands and said, “I need one precious gift from you Ragini, will you be able to give it to me”

Ragini replied, “I would be pleased to give you anything if it’s in my hands”

Sanskar made Ragini stood up, he kneeled down and exclaimed, “For sacrifising those few years can you give your hand to me for this 5 days Ragini” and he extended his hand

Ragini quietly took his hand and exclaimed in excitement, “Why not Sanskar!! I trust you more than myself. I want to tell our kids about our love story when they grew up and they should not feel that it’s a boring old Hindi movie”

Sanskar laughed out cupping her face and exclaimed, “You were thinking a long way dear, first let us start our story. So Miss Ragini are you ready to date Mr. Sanskar for this 5 days”

Ragini replied, “With a bit of correction I would definitely”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Now what else??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Not just 5days but whole life”

Sanskar and Ragini smiled bringing their foreheads together. Suddenly his sight fell on the drawings that scattered on the ground and found it to be his picture. He asked her to complete the pic by drawing her pic beside his with the help of his mobile flash light.

Precap : RagSan’s Day Out!!!!! 😀 😀

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. Awesome 🙂 i am so happy finally they confessed thier feelings

    1. Yup dear… finally they did it…Thanks dear 🙂

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  3. Really a cute way of professing their love for each other…Loved it as there was no tamasha and all, just simple?
    Come back soon and tkcr?

    1. Thanks for liking it dear… 🙂

  4. Nitu1992

    Awwww.. sos sweet.. finally ragsan confession

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  9. Priya15

    Hi di …first say me how is ur eyes now???

    di i know first itself that proposal will not be romantic and with surprises as u said it is gonna be realistic ff..in real its rare to see that type of proposals na…and di r u married???u said ur kid………u know n tu page i m getting alot of shockings…i thought sindu di is a clg student she said she is married then pav di also said she is married and have a kid…then i thought azure di as a clg student but she said she is working in finance job…then u shocked me by saying that ur kid…if u r married???what is ur kids name???boy or girl???

    oh god u r gng to give me shock for sure…love u di and lots of hugs………

    cant cmnt big as tmr school………

    1. Yeah dear it’s perfectly fine now ??…Hmm truly I don’t think there will drama but speak out their feelings… Yup dear got married and have a naughty son 3 1/2 yrs old… ha ha shocking !!!! His name is Bhaskar…. Love u too dear and hugs… studies first, don’t worry about commenting and you should really work hard to fulfill your goal… take care … keep smiling☺☺

  10. Akshata

    i totally loved it….
    ragsan confession was just awesome. their confession was very simple but elegant and emotional. it filled up with only feelings and emotions.

    1. I am super happy as you liked it.. Thanks dear 🙂

  11. Azure

    Really cute,….they are good children to their parents

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    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    At last they have confessed
    Waiting for the next one………

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    loved their proposal areal life type by the way dii loved it and you said not romantic this is romance in real life dii loved it

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  15. Awesome.. simple and sweet proposal

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    Awww Ragsan confessions was way too cute. Loved it

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