RagSan they are Destined – 7


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Ragini exclaimed, “Sanskar what is this and why are you not saying anything to Swara??? Swara all this is not required, things will be more complicated. Leave it”

Swara exclaimed, “ How can we leave it Ragini??? From Piyali everyone would might have known by now that Sanskar is here then what would you do??”

Ragini answered, “I would tell them the truth that I lied to everyone and the chapter will be closed” and she left from there followed by Riya and Kushi

Krish exclaimed, “Swara now what else is running in your mind???”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Now stop it guys, don’t stretch it more. Ragini was right.. Things will become more complicated” and he went to his room.

Riya exclaimed, “Ragini why didn’t you agree to Swara’s idea??? It was fantastic right”

Ragini exclaimed, “Riya are you out of your mind Swara and Sanskar love each other. How can I go between them??”

Kushi exclaimed, “Yes Riya, Ragini is right”

Riya exclaimed, “Why would she give this idea, if she have a problem yaar???”

Ragini exclaimed, “Though she don’t have a problem I do have it… I really love him and I can’t act”

Riya exclaimed, “Who told you to act dear??? Be yourself. This 5 days be his lover and get his love”

Ragini exclaimed, “You have gone mad Riya and now I don’t want to hear anything else”

After few hrs Swara came to Ragini’s room and exclaimed, “Ragini I am sorry to hurt you and she gave some parcel to her”

Kushi exclaimed, “What is it??? Seems as something to eat”

Swara exclaimed, “Yes I bought Ragini’s favourite Tandoori Chicken”

Riya exclaimed, “What!!!”

Swara exclaimed, “Yes Sanskar told me that whenever you and Krish used to get angry on him, he used to bring it for you both. You like it right!!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “Thanks for your gesture Swara.. Yes I used to like it”

Swara exclaimed, “You used to like it means don’t you like it now”

Kushi exclaimed, “The time we are seeing her she never eat non veg….”

Riya exclaimed, “Did you used to eat non veg Ragini???? Then why are you not eating it now!!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “ Just like that but I will take it from you bought it with love and will make sure that Riya and Kushi do eat on my behalf”

Swara exclaimed, “Thanks dear, I just brought it till here but this was sent by Sanskar” and she left from there.

Riya exclaimed, “Still he remembers your likes and dislikes…. great!!!!! This not love but just friendship!!!! How mean??”

Ragini seriously left from there without uttering a word. Swara went to Sanskar and told him everything.

Sanskar exclaimed, “Did she stopped eating non veg!!! She loves it”

Swara exclaimed, “She loves someone more that that. If she can sacrifice Love do you think it a big deal to stop eating her fav food”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I didn’t get you Swara”

Swara exclaimed, “ I don’t get it why you guys can’t understand a girl?? It’s her love for you Sanskar”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Don’t talk like a roller coaster ride… tell me clearly whatever you want to say”

Swara exclaimed, “She might have stopped eating for you as you don’t eat, as a girl I can understand. How you guys love yaar???” and she left

Sanskar kept thinking and went for a walk. He saw Ragini sitting alone in a room and doing something. With a hesitation he went it to the room.

Sanskar exclaimed, “So u didn’t stop drawing when you are angry on someone”

Ragini was tensed hearing Sanskar’s and tried to hide some drawings. He went near to look at her drawings. She tried to take it off but failed as he grabbed it from her hand.

Ragini exclaimed, “Even you didn’t change Sanskar!!! You always do that… now return it back to me”

Sanskar hide it at his back and asked her to get it if she can. She ran behind him. Her leg slipped and she fell on Sanskar who tried to hold her and all the drawings fell on the ground. They both shared an eye lock. Sanskar tried to move her hair when they heard someone locking the door from outside. Ragini got up from him with an embarrassment. She went to the door and knocked it but of no use. Sanskar opened a window and he can’t find anyone as it turned out dark outside and did not find anyone.

Ragini cried out, “What shall we do now??? No one would come to this place after 6 and we got struck here. It’s dark here and the lights are also gone”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why no one would be coming??? Is it any restricted area!!!”

Ragini nodded her head in Yes and said, “Few years ago a girl committed suicide so no one would pass through this area”

Sanskar astonished, “Then why did you come here??? Are you mad”

Ragini exclaimed, “I don’t believe in ghost. Riya and Kushi always disturb me when I am drawing so I choose this place as it’s peaceful but now”

Sanskar exclaimed, “What are you thinking?? Just call them and tell that we got locked here. I am feeling hungry”

Ragini exclaimed, “I didn’t carry my phone along with me. I have sandwich, you can have it.”

Sanskar took it from her and said, “ Something is better than nothing” and started to eat. He got a message from Swara. He read it “Don’t change your facial expressions and let me clear out something. I closed the door and I came to know that there won’t be anyone passing by that area. Sanskar I know that you don’t want to give any false impression to her. I know why you are not letting her know about your love but don’t you think that she has full right to know about it. How can you decide it Sanskar!!! What is good for her and what not??? I agree you don’t want to raise hopes to her but Sanskar don’t you think she should know the reason. Try to tell her Sanskar, our drama can’t be hidden from her for long time. What will you answer her if she questions you at that time. Its better you tell her at least why you can’t accept her love. I know dear how much you love her. You have the whole night take your time but tell her everything. She will understand your problem”.

Sanskar replied her back, “ If I tell that I love her, I will become weak in front of her dear.”

Swara replied, “I don’t ant to text anything else just do whatever you want and don’t think that Krish will come and open the door. He will not. Take care of yourself and Ragini in that dark room.”

Ragini exclaimed, “Sanskar call Swara and tell her that we got locked here. She will help us”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No… no need to call anyone”

Ragini exclaimed, “What!!! You want stay here the whole night??? Swara will be tensed”

Sanskar exclaimed, “She will be tensed if she comes to know that it’s a restriction area. She is afraid of ghosts”

Ragini exclaimed, “What??? She believes in ghosts!!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “She does… and even I am afraid of you in this darkness”

Ragini exclaimed, “Ha Ha how funny!!!… Hey why don’t you call Krish???”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Krish went to his aunt’s house and will come only by morning”

Ragini exclaimed, “What shall we do now???”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Don’t worry I am not going to eat you… No other option we have to stay here till someone comes here”

Sanskar went and opened the window, Ragini’s face was glowing in the moonlight when he turned towards her.

Precap: Would Sanskar finally reveal the reason to Ragini!!!!!

Credit to: Ashrita

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