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Ragini, Riya and Kushi all three woke from sleep together when Ragini shouted, “Sanskar!!!” in her sleep.

Riya and Kushi questioned, “What happened???”

Ragini answered, “I think I got some dream. I don’t know why I am feeling that something is going to happen sure”

Riya exclaimed, “Relax dear. Nothing will happen from the day Krish came here we were talking about Sanskar, so you might have got him in your dreams don’t think much and now you sleep, from tomorrow the Fest is going to start and it’s the time to enjoy” and she slept away.

In the morning Riya and Kushi went out for a walk when suddenly Riya exclaimed, “Sanskar!!”

Kushi exclaimed, “What happened to you now??”

Riya exclaimed, “I saw him now, but when did he come here???”

Kushi exclaimed, “Even you became like Ragini. I think his name got feed on your subconscious mind, now let’s go back.”

When they returned back Ragini exclaimed, “I feel I saw Sanskar in our campus”

Kushi exclaimed, “What!!! Both of you are gone mad. Riya was saying even she saw him”

Riya exclaimed, “Then he might have come here”

Kushi exclaimed, “Even I am seeing him now and pointed towards the other side of the corridor”

Sanskar was standing there along with group of people and they saw that he was heading towards their block. All the 3 widened their eyes while he was nearing him. Ragini was in shock.

Riya exclaimed, “Are you really here or all of us day dreaming”

Sanskar smiled and said, “I came here along with few of my friends to attend the cultural fest which is going to take place this week. If I am not wrong are you both Riya and Kushi”

Riya and Kushi nodded their head. Ragini exclaimed, “U haven’t told me!!! We spoke 15days back right, even Krish didn’t tell me when he came here last week!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I wanted to give you a surprise…. In this 4 yrs you haven’t changed at all Ragini, are you eating properly??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Even you didn’t … but where is Krish”

Krish exclaimed, “I am here dear… How was our Surprise!!!!”

Riya exclaimed, “At least you should have told me na bhai”

Kushi exclaimed, “Ha Ha Funny…. he knows that nothing can seal your mouth”

Krish exclaimed, “You people get ready and come to C block we have few of our friends waiting there” and both Krish and Sanskar left from there

Riya exclaimed, “Wow Ragu darling, Sanskar has grown up more handsome than in that +2 photos yaar”

Ragini exclaimed, “Shut up and get ready now quickly”. All the 3 got ready.

Kushi exclaimed, “Are you nervous Ragini???”

Ragini exclaimed, “Hmmm… but fine I can’t avoid the situation, I have to face him.” And all the 3 left the place and went to C block. Ragini’s eyes started to search for Sanskar when they reached the block. She saw him smiling and talking to Krish and some girl. Ragini stood like a rock when she saw the girl. Riya and Kushi exclaimed, “ She is Swara right!!!” they turned towards Ragini and said “come we shall go back and we are not interested in meeting with anyone”.

Ragini stopped them and said, “Krish and Sanskar will be upset if we don’t meet them”.

Swara who was about to pass them stopped and extended her hand towards Ragini exclaiming, “You are Ragini, Riya and Kushi right. I saw your photos. Krish showed me. Actually I was going to meet one of my friend who is in you class”

Ragini gave a handshake and exclaimed, “Hii… we were actually coming to meet you people. Who is your friend??”

“It’s me Ragini”, exclaimed Piyali. Sanskar and Krish joined them and Swara started to introduce Krish and Sanskar to Piyali.

“Are you Sanskar Maheshwari!!!!”, exclaimed Piyali

Ragini, Riya and Kushi became worried when something struck to their mind and they were about to drag Piyali when Swara stopped them “Hey where are you taking her and Piyali how do you know Sanskar???”

Piyali exclaimed, “Of course everyone in our class knows him, he is Ragini’s boyfriend right!!!”

All of them were shocked except Piyali. Sanskar stared at Ragini with a question. Ragini’s eyes were welled up. Riya and Kushi were staring at Sanskar and Ragini. Krish was surprised and Swara held Sanskar’s hand tightly. Piyali left the place when someone called her.

Ragini broke the silence and exclaimed, “Swara in first year I lied to my seniors that I have a boyfriend as I was tortured with proposals. I didn’t find any other way to escape and I just told them Sanskar’s name.”

Riya exclaimed, “Sanskar and Krish bhai believe her she is not lying”

Krish exclaimed, “I Don’t know about others but I do believe you Ragini”.

Ragini smiled at Krish and looked towards Sanskar when he exclaimed, “No need of any explanations Ragini I trust you completely”

Swara exclaimed, “If you people don’t mind I want to talk to Sanskar in personal” and dragged him from there.

Riya exclaimed, “I didn’t like this Swara she is too overprotective as if Sanskar is going to be eaten away by us”.

Krish exclaimed, “Sometimes people make mistakes in identifying the others nature. It’s not necessary that always the first impression would turn out to be a good one. Don’t judge anyone just with a one meeting.”

Riya exclaimed, “Why are you supporting her???”

Krish exclaimed, “because I know about her”

Ragini exclaimed, “Stop it Riya!!! It’s good that you care for me but it doesn’t mean that you can point out at anyone just for me.”

Sanskar and Swara went far away from the 4 so that they won’t be able to hear them.

Sanskar exclaimed, “Swara tell me the truth. It’s your plan right!!!… Don’t do drama. Piyali knows me very well. She was the one who was giving us all the information about Ragini from 2nd yr. So now tell me clearly why did you do this”

Swara exclaimed, “Over!!! Now listen to me you, me and Krish very well knows about Ragini’s lie. Now she will not be able to take her words back”

Sanskar exclaimed, “So??? How could she face me now!!! You very well know that I came here only to meet Ragini because I don’t know if I will be able to meet her again if I go abroad but because of your mistake the distance has increased more”

Swara exclaimed, “Don’t you believe your friend…. Yes I told Piyali to bring a situation that she should accept you as her boyfriend in front of everyone”

Sanskar exclaimed, “What’s the need to do all this Swara??”

Swara exclaimed, “I wanted to gift you Love of your life. I know that this is not the way but I didn’t get any other way. These 5 days let her know how much you care and Love her being a fake boyfriend”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Are you out of your mind Swara???? This would create more problems to both of us”

Swara exclaimed, “Nothing will happen, I will be always in front of her to make her remind always that I am your love life… Tell me truly … don’t you Love her??? Don’t you want to feel her love for you….”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Yes I do Love her and I can’t think anyone else other than her but still I am not able to convince… She would never agree to do this drama”

Swara exclaimed, “So Sanky will you be ready if she agrees for it!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Then I would think but now let’s go to them”

Swara exclaimed, “Not able to bear the difference to stay away from your Ragini even for a minute!!!!”

Sanskar smiled and said, “Don’t do over drama before her and be careful that we are not going to caught” and both went to them.

Swara exclaimed, “Ragini I don’t have a problem if you and Sanskar going to act as Lovers till the time we stay here. Now I am leaving it on you and Sanskar better you both discuss and come to a conclusion whatever you both want to do… We will support you both” and she turned towards Riya, Kushi and Krish and exclaimed, “I think you people will also support”

Riya, Kushi and Krish were choked. Ragini was shell shocked looking at Sanskar. Sanskar with all ears waiting for her reply.

Precap: RagSan locked in a dark room!!!!

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. Wow!!! Plzzz reveal the reason behind sanskar asking ragini to stay away from him

    1. Thanks dear ☺…the reason will be revealed after couple of chapters

  2. oh my god!!! i mean, i have no words. what a twist. sanskar truly loves ragini.
    now i just want to know the reason behind his behaviour.
    eagerly waiting for ur update.

    1. Yes he loves her but he had some reason which would be revealed soon.. Thanks for your lovely comment ☺

  3. Awesome

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    1. Ha ha… from now on the story would max revolve around RagSan.. hope you would enjoy their nok jhoks, friendship, romance…etc… Yeah they love each other a lot… Yes it’s difficult to act as they love each other when they are actually in… let’s see what will happen …. thanks dear ☺

  5. Mind blowing…good to knw swara will help Ragsan

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    1. I am really sorry dear, I got my work too so can’t update it daily. Hope you would understand my situation and thanks a lot for liking it soo much…☺☺☺☺

  7. omg! superb superb

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  8. Wow really really Awesome Fantastic Superb
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    1. Thanks dear…. now on the story would max revolve around them

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    1. Ha ha… nice guess dear ☺☺☺.. Yup he loves only Ragini… I would try to entertain amap ☺

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    1. Hmmm… Did u observe Sanky pauses for sometime and then he says I love….. Swara in front of Krish… Sorry if I haven’t mentioned it anywhere…… No need to worry at all dear, he is perfectly fit…Ha ha I said as you people will be disappointed as many were expecting a new entry for Ragini making Sanskar jealous…. but I cant do that as I am varunholic ???… yes I do know many people do that… no need to say sorry dear, you call me Di and saying sorry so many times… ???..yeah that’s why I named the story as destined … though they try to move away from each others life, somehow fate would bring them together… Love u..tc☺☺

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    1. Thanks dear ☺…yes I will reveal the reason soon ☺

  18. so swara and sanskar are pretending to be together to make ragini accept her love? i am confused? then why did sanskar push her away? because he didnt want her to retreat her choice because of family issue or something?

    1. Not exactly dear…. Sanskar does love Ragini but had some reasons which is making him to push her away from her life… Swara who knows about Sanskar’s behaviour would try to make him convince that both RagSan has right to feel their love for each other and expect the same in return and fight with the consequences rather than moving away… hope I answered you ☺☺☺

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