RagSan they are Destined – 4


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Recap: Episode 3

Ragini was busy arranging her rack when she got a call from Sanskar. Riya and Kushi were surprised as it’s the first time he called back within a week gap.

“Hi Ragini, how are you???”, questioned Sanskar

“Hi Sanskar, I am Kushi and Ragini is sleeping, she was not feeling well”, answered Kushi

“Oh!!! What happened??? Is she fine??”, questioned Sanskar

“She has fever but she would be fine soon… should I say something to her”, exclaimed Kushi

“Nothing serious, let her take rest, I would call her back”, exclaimed Sanskar and then he cut the call

“Why didn’t you answer the call Ragini”, questioned Riya

“A week back I spoke to him and I don’t have anything to talk with him now”, answered Ragini.
“What if he wanted to say something” , questioned Riya

“I am not in a mood to talk to him and pls don’t stretch the topic more”, exclaimed Ragini.

“Ragini we know you are upset after looking at Swara’s pic”, exclaimed Kushi

“No dear, I am not, I am really happy for him as I don’t expect anything in return from him”, exclaimed Ragini

“How can’t you expect when you love him so much, don’t you want him to love you back”, questioned Riya

“No I don’t want him to love me back”, replied Ragini

Riya and Kushi were choked “ then why did you love him dear???”

“Love happens it would never ask your permission and the same happened with me too. Another mistake I did is I was not able to control my feelings and he understood, which I never wanted him to know”, exclaimed Ragini.

“But why???” exclaimed Riya and Kushi

“I love my family too”, replied Ragini

“What’s the relation dear??? Everyone does love their family”, exclaimed Riya

“If you really love your family how could you go against them???”, questioned Ragini

“How would anyone know if you don’t tell them??”, questioned back Riya

“Did I ever said to you that I love Sanskar??”, Ragini again questioned back

“Not at all, we are your friends it’s easy for us to know that what is going in your mind though you tell us or not”, answered Riya

“If you can easily find out then how did you think that a mother cannot find out about her child!!!”, exclaimed Ragini

“So aunty knows that you love Sanskar!!!”, exclaimed Kushi and Riya

Ragini nodded Yes, “She was the first person to identify that I fell in love with Sanskar before I actually realised. She was the one who actually told me that I started to love him.”

Riya exclaimed, “Really Ragini!!!! Aunty knows about you!!! How could that happen???”

Ragini smiled and said, “She is Mom yaar, God made her as he can’t be along with us everywhere and every time… She is our first teacher, philosopher, guide, role model, best friend and what not???? She would always think about her child first in whatever she does.. Every child’s first love is Mom…”

Kushi exclaimed, “true dear nothing can be hidden from Moms. Now tell us how did she react???”

Ragini exclaimed, “hmmm… she did not react at all but I felt that she was hiding something from me… After we got shifted to Ahmedabad, I used to study a lot for IIT exam even in that busy schedule I always tried to take out some time and called Sanskar. It was my daily routine, I used to be upset if he was not responding and I used to scold him in front of mamma”

Riya exclaimed, “It raised a doubt in her mind??”

Ragini said “May be or may not be. One day she asked me why I was not calling to Krish”

Sumi (Ragini’s Mom) exclaimed “ Ragu beta why are you disturbing Sanskar always, even he was preparing for some exams right”

Ragini exclaimed “No mamma he has written his exam and now he is free but see na still that idiot is not responding”

Sumi exclaimed “If you want to talk to someone call up Krish, you did not call him from long time”

Ragini exclaimed “Not today mamma some other day I would call him, but now I want to talk to that idiot only”

Sumi questioned “Why are you so insane to talk to him, I never saw you like this…”

Ragini replied “He is my friend mamma…so I am”

Sumi interrupted, “Even Krish is your friend dear!!! Ragini as a mom I don’t want to say that you have fallen in love with Sanskar, but it’s my responsibility that I should let my kid know about it”

Ragini exclaimed, “Mamma what are you saying??? He never treated me like that”

Sumi exclaimed, “No Ragu beta I am not saying about him but telling about you. I can easily find love for him in your eyes”

Ragini exclaimed, “Mamma I don’t know if it is love or not but all I know is I love to spend time with him but that’s not love”

Sumi exclaimed, “Try to keep yourself away from him till the time you go to Kolkata for your exam and then prove me that I am wrong dear… even I don’t want you to fall in love with him. I don’t have any problem with him and you people are too young. One more thing I would say you is think about your family, the society around us. He is not from our community all that I can say, hope you have understood”

Ragini exclaimed, “Don’t worry mamma, when I don’t love him why should you think long way. I would definitely prove you that it’s just friendship are you ready for the bet” and smiled.

Sumi exclaimed, “I pray that you should only win”

Kushi exclaimed, “so what happened after that”

Riya exclaimed, “Aunty was right, she lost the best as Kolkata trip changed the meaning of her friendship”

Ragini’s eyes were welled up “Yes Riya, mamma and you are right, I fell in love but was not able to realise. The 10 days was not less than any hell for me. Mamma observed everything but still she kept quiet, she never told anything to me.”

Kushi exclaimed, “You started to feel the distance that was building up between you and Sanskar!!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “I was able to understand but not was not ready to accept because i wanted to prove mamma that she was wrong but the day when I went to Kolkata I became restless and I knew if i am going to miss to meet him this time it would not be possible to meet him again as we have different plans about our studies but he made up at the last moment. I was not able to control myself and hugged him and got into the train and only after that I realised that I love Sanskar”

Riya exclaimed, “Did you tell it to aunty??”

Ragini exclaimed, “She understood everything just looking at my face”

Sumi questioned, “Were you able to prove your mamma wrong??”

Ragini cried and hugged her “I was wrong, I love him mamma”

Sumi exclaimed, “Ragu beta I know I have know right to say to forget Sanskar but all I want to say is we are bound to society and you have an younger sister, one mistake of us should not ruin others happiness. I would never force you to do anything”

Ragini replied, “Mamma I know that no one would be ever be happy if I am going to marry Sanskar. Papa, Dadaji, Dadi Maa they are not going to accept. You people are more important to me than Sanskar. He would remain as a sweetest memory of my life. I promise you mamma that I would never ever propose Sanskar. It’s an agreement between you and me that I will never keep your head down and in turn you should always protect me as a shield if someone forces me for marriage without my approval”

Precap: Was Ragini really able to keep her promise!!!! What did Sanskar do????(Another agreement ???)

Credit to: Ashrita

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    1. Thanks dear… may be a distance of one chapter ☺

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    1. Yup… I would try to write it soon and would post it by tomorrow…. now have to wait and see what are riya and Kushi going to do. Thanks for commenting dear ☺

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    1. Ha ha ha … ????… don’t worry dear the next chapter would be the end of agreement and hope you would like it ☺☺☺

  13. Wow di day by day u know i m falling in love with this ff..oh god sach mei..u r writing whats reality how could u think that di???saying reality with that much twist.. Really great…. actually thats happening community is separating two lovers and family..actually love doesnt have religion but if we say that n society they r seeing us like mad..i completed 10th only but i used tk watch debate shows…. As i love to watch it…one day the topic is strict parents who is against love and girls… The main reason all the parent said is if we do a marriage of her wish that too with other community person what ans l we give society… One father is saying abt the two lovers who killed n maharashtra… He is saying that, it is the punishment for the crime (love)…seriously…aajkal ki duniya mei society hame zyada dominate kar rahi hai..he na di???…n you said true our parents can definitely know abt us a lot..sorry for this much of boring cmnt…but u know each n every word of ur ff is making me to think alot..love u loads…a big teddy bear hugs to u

    1. Thanks dear just fall for my ff but not for any other character in the ff???just kidding… Nice ques dear, I crossed that stage and have seen many people… you are right Love is divine and has no religion but that doesn’t mean that you have to against your family☺☺☺. I am not against love, but when you are in love very few people would really think about their parents. Is it right to leave the ones who really taught us the meaning of love!!!! No right. Coming to society it would criticise us but we have to build ourselves strong…. Parents would definitely think about the society because it’s were we stay and would require each others help…… Thinking should be changed only then cross community or love marriages can be successful…. As a child we should try to make the elders understand rather than going against them…. Parents would always object because they always think about our well being. Truly speaking Our grandparents might have not given them so much freedom as we are getting it now and so they are bound to that principles…. still they are giving us freedom so it’s our responsibility that we don’t break it….. It made me sad to know that a father killed his children as they love each other… RIP ??…It’s better to sit and talk together because that would definitely solve problems.., Yes you are right, society is dominating us in everything… slowly it might change but patience required???…Good to know about you… I guess u might have got your results and wish you tons of good luck in whatever you pursue…. thanks for thinking because the change should start from us… ???…the reason for writing this kind of story is words are more powerful than weapon…. I know few people who ruined their lives for Love and I don’t understand is this love!!! Well we can never judge…. Love you too dear???? teddy best hugs to u too… tc… have a tight sleep

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    About the story ragini cnt move out of family so kept silent of words but not in her actions more than that already sanskar find out that she fallen & same time she too realised.. Then also she kept silent but this stupid sanskar agreement made her too much stubborn.. so he consider her as only frnd that he still not realised that how depth is his love for her so bad..
    In ur previous part I saw some one asked y cnt girl & boy cnt stay ever has only frnds really that’s tough yar.. I too love to have frnd to ever but sometimes some situation makes as to fallen like over protective, caring, love, closeness somewhere we lose our balance.. it shouldnt happened but the really happening where it lived u knw in the place of love infatuation taking top place & infatuation showing the word love.. I think here I end this comment it’s too much na sorry dear… starting it was cool, then interesting then my guessing made me curious of ur update for my guess but now it showing lot of reality.. Thanks for ur appreciation too yar…

    1. Thank you soo much for liking it dear☺☺ Yes every daughter would expect that from her parents… yes you are right for any relation friendship is the first step… it’s not wrong to fell in love with your friend but it would be wrong if you are feeling the same for everyone???Just kidding don’t mind …..☺☺… Relation between mom and child should be always strong only then they can share everything without hesitation or els it might bridge gap, this is my own feelings☺☺ and can’t expect that it should be same with others too ??….. Dad’s are their first hero’s for every child, though dad is fav for every girl, at last it’s mom whom you would be ease with sharing everything….. Sumi is one kind of mom who would try to listen and understand her feelings rather than pushing them…. Hmmm about the second kind you find in this story soon, but whatever they are our parents and it’s our responsibility to make them understand☺☺☺… being an elder you will be the first friend to your siblings…… as they would blindly follow you as they believe in you so it’s a responsibility….

      Yes she would never do that as she knows how it would effect them and she is very matured to understand the situations and a responsible kid…Sanskar is damn more mature than Ragini and would always a step ahead of her. He very well know about her in detail and would always keep an extra eye of him on her without her knowledge… Love is not necessary that should happen for both at the same time or might never happen…More than Ragini I would love this Sanskar as I know the in and out of him ?????….but you have to wait to know more about him…. One thing I would like to say is there would be many people around us who would be behind us saying that you have fallen in love, but never hear them only hear your heart it would never cheat as it’s loyal to you ☺☺☺☺……. People would always take wrong decision in hurry… You should be enough thoughtful to know the difference between infatuation and love…. Love you dear… tc and always feel free to comment whatever you have in your heart or mind ☺☺☺….Thanq again for your long analysis and would never mind even if it’s longer and longest ????

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