RagSan they are Destined – 3

Guys I hope you people won’t curse me after reading today’s chapter ???. No proof read and I know there will be many blunders but please bear me..???
Recap : Episode 2/

Krish and Riya went out for a walk leaving Ragini and Kushi behind.

Riya questioned “Why did you bring the book when you know that there is Swara’s photo in that. Now her mood will be off again”

Krish answered “Riya you were her friend from past 3yrs and I am her friend since 6-7yrs and I would think 10 times before doing anything”

Riya exclaimed “Yes bhai you are right, but this time you didn’t think about her. It’s foolishness to bring that book”

Krish argued “Don’t teach me Riya. I know what is good for her and what is not. U would never understand why I am doing all this. For how many days she would run from the truth?? She should be ready to face whatever comes to her. All I want to make her is strong. Love is not everything in life. If not Sanskar there would be some other nice guy in his life.”

Riya exclaimed, “Bhai why I am feeling that you are intentionally making her away from Sanskar. Is this just your friendship or something else you have for her”

Krish exclaimed, “Disgusting Riya!!! I never expected this from you and I would clear you out something that I would be the most happiest person if they both become one, because I am the one who knows about both of their situation and their feelings for each other”

Riya exclaimed “Both of their feelings for each other!!!! Does Sanskar knows about Ragini’s love???”

Krish was surprised, “Did Ragini never told you about it!!!”

Riya exclaimed, “Never bhai, so he knows that Ragini loves him and he rejected ????”

Krish answered, “ Not exactly dear, it’s a long story and even I don’t know properly what would have really happened but it was not Ragini who loved Sanskar first”

Riya was surprised, “Not Ragini??? Then does Sanskar love her????”

Krish answered, “well I don’t know if he really loved her or was just infatuation or whatever it is but few things can’t be hidden from your friends how much you try to hide it”

Riya questioned “ Bhai just tell me what has really happened”

Krish answered “We were in +1 when I used to feel Sanskar becoming overprotective towards Ragini. I knew he had some feelings for her and when I questioned him back on the same I got my answer”

“Sanskar I will ask you a straight question and I expect the same in return do you love Ragini???” questioned Krish

“Krish what are you asking ???? Why did you feel so??”, exclaimed Sanskar

“Sanskar don’t try to hide it anymore, Ragini might be buddhu that she can’t feel it but I am not, I have been watching you from few days the change in your behaviour towards Ragini”, exclaimed Krish

“Hmm.. May be you are right Krish, but it can be infatuation too so I don’t want to take any chance”, replied Sanskar

“Till when you would be able to hide it from her???”, questioned Krish

“I don’t know Krish. I don’t want to spoil our friendship on the name of love. We are happy being friends and we are too young to conclude that we are actually in love, it happens with everyone in this age. I hope it’s just infatuation. Please and I want a promise from you that you would never let Ragini know about it”, exclaimed Sanskar

Riya exclaimed “That’s it!!!”

Krish exclaimed, “Not truly but as far as I know that’s not infatuation but he loved her and never told her”

Riya questioned “You never tried to ask him?? And if he really loved her he could have easily found out that even Ragini loved him”

Krish exclaimed “You are right. He knows that Ragini loves him”

Riya exclaimed “What’s wrong with him yaar???”

Krish exclaimed “That is what even I don’t understand about him. When she was not in love with him he used to follow her to every place without her notice and when she fell in love with him he started to avoid her”

Riya exclaimed, “Is he mad???”

Krish exclaimed, “keep your tongue in control Riya, strictly speaking he never played with her feelings but he played with his own emotions. I may not know the real reason but I surely know that Ragini would have never expected that Sanskar can ever love her as he never showed it before her”

Riya questioned, “When did Sanskar and you come to knew about Ragini??”

Krish answered, “We completed our +2 exams when Ragini’s father suddenly got transferred to Ahmedabad and she was aspiring for IIT and so she came back alone to write the exam. I met her after the exam but Sanskar was out of town due to some family function. I went till station along with her and Sanskar was texting me continuously to know our location, that day I felt strange in Ragini’s behaviour, she had almost tears, she was very much worried.”

Riya exclaimed, “Was Sanskar able to meet her??”

Krish started “Hmmm at the last moment. A minute before the departure he reached the place soon Ragini got down from the train and cried him hugging saying I thought I would miss to see you. Both of us were dumbstruck and I realised that train is about to leave and then Ragini got into the train waving us bye.”

Riya questioned, “Bhai did Ragini really hugged him in front of everyone!!! As the way she slapped him in front off everyone!!! What was Sanskar’s reaction??”

Krish smiled and answered, “Yes she really did that….. before Sanskar arrived I felt as if she was suffocating due to shortage of breathing but after she saw Sanskar her face was glowing exactly like when the first rays of sun would fall on sea. Any fool over there can understand that she loves Sanskar”

Riya exclaimed, “How cute bhai!!! But what did Sanskar do???”

Krish replied “He was shell shocked and after she left he just said what did she do?? I was always careful with her still she fell in love with me”

Riya questioned, “Even he loved her right!!! Then what was his problem”

Krish replied, “He never accepted it as love, he only used to say that it’s an infatuation. He was happy for few minutes but after that he was sad and said I should make Ragini understand that it’s just infatuation but not love”

Riya exclaimed, “Bhai I am really not happy with this story… if it was her infatuation then would it be lasting for 4yrs??? What happened after that???”

Krish answered “Even I don’t know what really happened between them. There is no point of telling all this to Ragini because Sanskar has already moved on in his life”
Riya exclaimed “Don’t worry bhai I would not tell her and not even to Kushi, but what really happened between them, after that Ragini has become so egoist???”

Krish exclaimed, “Even I don’t know exactly because Sanskar would never tell me in clear and I don’t have courage to ask Ragini. All I can say that there was some agreement between them”

“Agreement!!!”, exclaimed Riya

Precap: RagSan Love Agreement!!! Who is behind it???

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  1. story is really interesting, plz post next chapter asap, make it long one

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  7. Of course the agreement made by sanskar that’s the reason for this egoistic ragini.. I guess that ragsan confront about rag love & sanskar rejected (not directly r exactly) her love by that they had this agreement but I think thr confront is sanskar asked her to stop loving her so she not agreed for that then sanky told ok fine if we still b close then it wld increase ur love so better we avoid ourself much closeness & contact… this irritated ragini to contact sanskar 1st & if he made this agreement means let he only call me & meet me 1st y shld I is her ego… But am not sure about his extract problem for avoiding her love but sure for it wld b family his r her also… 1 thing am sure more than ragini sanskar loves her very very deeply but not ready to express to anybody & always keeps checking her status of her well being & praying for her future also…

    1. Oh here I missed about swara right I guess that she loves him but for ragini he accepted her by showing rag that he moved on his life showing the way to move her also by the shadow of swara…

      1. First of all I can’t keep myself away from appreciating you for such a lovely analysis dear☺☺ u r almost correct. Yes Ragini became egoist only because of Sanskar but there are other shades too ??. Sanskar is a very great friend of her who always wants her to be happy. Time would reveal about Swara too… but u have done a very good analysis…. thanks dear☺

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  12. Interesting di… U know u told wts happening with the teenagers ryt now… They r really confused with love and infactuation they r saying infactuation as love n love as Infactuation… Ya superb u said the reality di… Nyc waiting for next epi… Actually u said we l curse y would we curse u when whatever u said is reality

    1. Thanks dear☺☺…Ha Ha the phase is like that, you would never understand what is right and wrong… I know many of you are teenagers, who are here and I am afraid that it will not be granted as it’s reality ???

  13. agreement between two lovers? i am so curious to know about the agreement.
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