RagSan they are Destined – 2


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Ragini, Riya and Kushi are friends from Day 1 in the college and the three share the same room in the hostel. They know about each other very well. They usually sit together in the classroom. Krish and Riya are cousins. Riya and Kushi are friends since childhood.

“This dumbo Krish has not been to see me from past 3 weeks, if he misses to come this week I surely would call up his mom and tell her that he is behind some girl”, exclaimed Riya

“So you are going to complain against your brother??? You won’t be able to do that as both of you hide each other secrets and better you wait for him”, exclaimed Kushi.

“Hmmm. By the way where is Ragu darling???, I guess she should be in the room come let’s go”, exclaimed Riya.

They went into the room and saw Ragini looking at her family photos and her best friends(Krish and Sanskar). Riya interrupted her “Ragu darling today tell me how you became friends with Krish and Sanskar”

“Yes dear today you should tell us the whole story, I heard from Krish bhai that you three were thick friends”, exclaimed Kushi

Ragini started “Papa got transferred to Kolkata from Mumbai, I was in 10th class and it became very difficult to get admission but luckily I got admitted in one of the school. I was very afraid when teacher introduced me to the whole class. I silently went and saw that a place is vacant beside a guy and I sat beside him. He is none other than Krish. All of them were surprised as I was sitting beside a boy, from then we became very good friends”

“How did Sanskar become your friend was he not your classmate???”, questioned Kushi

“He was not our classmate, he was in the next section. I remember it very nicely it started with a fight. It was so funny, in the whole school it got spread that I and Krish are lovers. We came to knew that Sanskar was the one who was behind this rumour and we were bit shocked as we never knew who he was actually and all we knew was he was the topper of all the sections so it was very easy for me to find who he was.”, exclaimed Ragini
“Ohh, so you and Krish bhai became friends by the time you actually know about Sanskar!!! I thought Sanskar was very calm the way you told us about him, but he turned to be very mischievous. Isn’t it Ragini!!!!”, exclaimed Kushi

“Hmm. U were right in recognising him he is very calm but we mistook, the actual story comes now. I was irked when I came to know about the rumour, I went into the class and slapped him in front of everyone”, said Ragini

“ What the hell are you saying!!!”, shouted Riya and Kushi together “How could you do that Ragini??? He was your friend!!!”

“ I have to correct you my dear darlings, he was not my friend at that time. We were just strangers”, exclaimed Ragini

“Now I have to take my words back, if he is your friend you can do anything as you have that right but he is a stranger dear then how did you do that”, exclaimed Riya

“Hmm…. it was my biggest mistake I was not able to control myself but one good thing that happened was we became best friends”, exclaimed Ragini

“ I have to say that it is too strange. How can a slap make you friends??? I am not able to understand and Sanskar kept quiet, didn’t he react???”, exclaimed Riya

“No he didn’t react, he was shocked and all the students were equally. With a hand on his cheek he was staring at me not knowing the reason he was dumbstruck”, said Ragini

“He seems to be too good. If I was in his place I would have slapped you back”, exclaimed Kushi

“Yeah that’s true but he is Sanskar, the others were yelling at me but he politely questioned me Have you been hurt because of me in any way, and I am sorry I don’t recognise you”

“You really don’t know what you have done??? Can’t a girl and boy be just friends, if we move friendly with each other is it Love”, questioned Ragini to Sanskar

“Who said that they can’t be friends??? But what do I have do with that”, questioned back Sanskar.
“What are you doing Ragu??? He is Sanskar Maheshwari not Sanskar Mathur”, exclaimed Krish “You should have come to know everything in clear before reacting”

“Krish what are you saying??? Are there 2 Sanskar’s!!!!” , exclaimed Ragini. She looked at Sanskar and said “I am really sorry for whatever happened”

Sanskar kept mum when Krish dragged me from that place. I was feeling guilty for slapping Sanskar in front of everyone. The next day Sanskar Mathur came to me and Krish and apologised to both of us for his doings.

Krish exclaimed “ Don’t you think even you should apologise to someone and get the forgiveness in return. Don’t worry your friend would help you”

“What should I do now??? I said sorry to him for my mistake but he didn’t react”, exclaimed Ragini

“That means he is not interested in you at all. It’s your mistake and you shouldn’t loose patience till he forgives you, you slapped him in front of everyone but he did not bother as he understood the situation but don’t take it to be granted”, exclaimed Krish.

“Interesting!!!! How did you apologise him yaar?? Did he forgive you???Don’t mind Ragu darling but I am falling in love with this Sanskar’s character”, exclaimed Riya

“I don’t mind dear because Sanskar does magic anyone can fall for him… I used to keep a sorry card daily on his desk but never got any reply from him and one day I was so frustrated that myself and Krish blocked his way when he is going back to home on his cycle”, exclaimed Ragini

“Krish and you blocked his way!!! Seems to be like you both are rebellious!!”, exclaimed Kushi

“Hmm.. we are don’t you find that shade in me now???”, exclaimed Ragini

“Ha Ha Funny!!! rebellion and you???? You are just egoist, I am cent sure that you are more egoist when it is Sanskar”, exclaimed Riya

“Egoist and me!!!!”, exclaimed Ragini

“I would support Riya”, exclaimed Kushi “ It’s you who stopped calling Sanskar, he should call you only then you would talk to him or else you would never try to call him”

“Hmm.. are you people done with finding faults in me!!! Shall I continue”, exclaimed Ragini.

Sanskar was super choked looking at the duo with tennis bats in their hands. “ Are you people trying to hit me with this????”, exclaimed Sanskar

Ragini laughed at him and said “We were going to practice tennis and we thought to take you along with us”

Krish interrupted “Ragini is just kidding, we came here as Ragini wanted to say sorry to you and she was keeping sorry cards daily on your desk”

“Hmm, I knew that but I guess you two are too lazy to check your desks as in turn I was keeping a lets be friends card”, exclaimed Sanskar

Ragini ran to the school and came back with a handful of cards from their desk… “so it’s you who was keeping the cards but you haven’t mentioned your name anywhere how would we come to know??”, questioned Ragini

“The way I came to knew that you are the one who was keeping the card in my desk without specifying the name”, exclaimed Sanskar.

All the three had a group hug when Krish exclaimed, “ We would meet you tomorrow in the school Sanskar we have to hurry up for tennis class”

Sanskar interrupted, “ Only you both?? What about me!!! Even I am going to join you and was carrying this tennis racket daily”

Ragini’s phone rang and Riya picked it up, “Rags dear I am waiting for you near your campus bring that stupid along with you while coming”

“Donkey, first of all you were not coming to meet me from past 3 weeks and now you are calling me stupid too…”, exclaimed Riya “Wait I am coming down and I would see you there”
All the 3 went down to meet Krish. Riya found a book in Krish’s hand and soon she dragged it from his hand and said it seems to be like an alumni book!!!! She turned the page and for her surprise she found a photo of a girl she exclaimed “How gorgeous she is!!!” and showed it to Kushi and Ragini. Krish was a bit tensed looking at the girl’s photo and Ragini’s face.

Ragini exclaimed, “Yes she is not less than any angel” and was shocked looking at the name and spelled out “Swara Gadodia!!!”

She turned out the pages and found Sanskar and Krish photos too. There was a group photo of the whole batch where Swara was looking at Sanskar.

Precap : Does Sanskar really doesn’t know about Ragini’s love for him???

Credit to: Ashrita

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    1. The next chapter would reveal a bit of Sanskar’s feelings for Ragini and thanks for commenting dear ☺

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    1. Thanks for commenting dear and from chapter 5 even Sanskar’s pov will be included but have to wait till then☺

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