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Guys I am overwhelmed with your comments but I am really sorry as I have to end the story. I started the story in a thought that I can complete in 10 chapters but it’s 15th now. I never thought that I would get any comments as it’s very slow story and revolves around your real life incidences. I was not regular at posting too as I was busy with my work but still you guys supported and encouraged me all the time. I am blessed to get love from you guys and accepting my story. Right now I don’t know how I can extend the story too as I wanted it to be real and if I extend the only thing I can show is Ragini fighting with in-laws which is not apt for my subject line. Hope you guys understand me and the next ff will be full of fantasy. Not a proof read.

Recap : episode 14

Sanskar observed that RagLak were enjoying each other’s company, he felt hurt. Ragini went to Sanskar and exclaimed, “Are you ready?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Congrats Ragini!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “Why congrats and you haven’t replied me yet, are you ready to face my parents”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Uncle told to SwiKri that the guy is his would be in law, so what’s the need for all this”

Ragini exclaimed, “That guy has a name, Laksh. He is so sweet”.

Sanskar was fuming and exclaimed, “So you already found him to be sweet”

Ragini exclaimed, “What happened to you now, the other shade of you angry young man!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Of course, u would find him sweet as he is your would be”

Ragini exclaimed, “U are gone mad and I feel why you are jealous, buddhu he is Shreya’s would be. Now I understood, it’s my families plan to make you jealous”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Families plan!!! Why would they do that”

Ragini exclaimed, “I think they want to test us if we would fight or silently settle down the issue. They might have wanted to test our compatibility”

Sanskar exclaimed, “R u sure about it? Then why were you not picking my calls and giving any replies

Ragini exclaimed, “Long story Sanskar. When I returned back home they found out that something has happened between us and they don’t knew the reason. My dad has asked if I am ready for marriage, I was very serious on you at that time and said I would do whoever you chose for me”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Seriously Ragini!!! I knew I should not shout on you like that, but she was my Sister’s mil and my Nani, I can’t support you though I know it’s not your fault”

Ragini exclaimed, “I know Sanskar. After sometime I realised why you did like that. No one knows me who I am, except your mom, I saw aunty trying to stop me but it’s Di’s marriage how can we spoil that”

Sanskar exclaimed, “then why didn’t you pick the call at messaged me back”

Ragini exclaimed, “When I realised i was about to message you back, then Shreya, mamma and Papa came to me and told about Laksh’s proposal for Shreya. After that papa told me he would agree to talk with you only if I won’t contact you anyone till we meet in this marriage and I don’t want to miss that opportunity”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Now I got it, our parents are ahead of us in all ways. They have come for a tough fight I guess”

Ragini exclaimed, “Then what about in your home, did uncle know about us?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ Dad knows long back it seems, Maa told me yesterday. He understood that it’s you with whom fight happened in the marriage”

Ragini exclaimed, “Are your parents annoyed at me!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No dear, I don’t think so. My Maa and papa knows that Nani makes an issue of small things. It happens when they grew older.”

Ragini exclaimed, “You have to say something to me Sanskar”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Yes dear, be yourself. I want them to accept even with your faults. Will you not wish me all the best”

Ragini exclaimed, “I wish both of them agrees” and wished good luck and left the place.

Ragini went to Sanskar’s parents and greeted them. Ragini exclaimed, “I am sorry aunty and uncle with whatever happened in Di’s marriage”

Ram exclaimed, “Sit down beta and don’t be sorry, no one was at fault that day and leave all those things.”

Sujatha exclaimed, “I know Sanskar sent you here to win our hearts, so shall we start with the exam”

Ragini gave a fake smile. Ram and Sujatha were murmuring and giggling in each other.

Ram exclaimed, “So beta ours is a very large family and we have get together once in every month. Nearly 30 people will come to our house would you be able to manage all alone”

Ragini was shocked and exclaimed, “Uncle I don’t know cooking, I will learn from aunty but I don’t know if I can cook for everyone.”

Sujatha exclaimed, “At least you can help me right”

Ragini gave a broad smile and moved close to her and said, “It will be very easy for me aunty, I can do other things like serving and others but except cooking”

Ram and Sujatha were surprised as she started to move close with her. Ram exclaimed, “So beta are you going to resign your job after marriage”

Ragini was choked and replied, “Uncle I am sorry to say that but I love my job”

Sujatha exclaimed, “If both of you go for job who will be in the house and look after it. Who will look after the kid once you deliver”

Ragini exclaimed, “Aunty I didn’t get you, we all would stay together na, then anyone can take care of baby. Sanskar can’t live without you both and I can’t stay away from my papa and mamma, can I call you like that after marriage as I might miss them”

SujRam were amused with Ragini’s reply. Sujatha exclaimed, “Why will you miss them when all of us are in same city. Sanskar will have equal responsibility as he has on us”

Ragini hugged her immediately and thanked her. Sujatha was shell shocked with her behaviour. Ram put his hand on her head and exclaimed, “Dear, we don’t have any problem with you, we believe in our son. We were asking you all this only to make you feel free with us. When both of you can sacrifice your love for us can’t we take a chance to understand your love. We already decided to get you both married after consulting your parents. We haven’t told this to Sanskar too. We want you as our daughter. Will you fill Priya’s space in our house”

Ragini immediately nodded her head in Yes with misted eyes. Sujatha exclaimed, “Now listen to me don’t tell this to Sanskar we will play with him for sometime”

Ragini agreed and all the 3 started to chit chat.

Sanskar with Ragini’s family. He greeted Sekhar and Sumi.

Sekhar exclaimed, “Sanskar so what are your future plans”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ I will take up my father’s business uncle”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Then what about Ragini”

Sanskar exclaimed, “She will be going to her work as usual as she loves her job”

Sekhar exclaimed, “So you know about her. Do you drink?”

Sumi and Sanskar were stunned but he replied back, “Occasionally I do uncle”

Sekhar exclaimed, “How can I give my daughter’s hand to a person who has a habit of drinking”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I am not a drinker uncle I take it occasionally only”

Sumi exclaimed, “Sanskar uncle is just kidding, we saw both of you while discussing. We wanted to test both that you can overcome with your problems or not. We are really happy for both of you”

Sanskar gave a warm smile. Sekhar exclaimed, “ Every marriage has fights but it doesn’t mean that they can’t live together after that. Ragini told me whatever happened in your Di’s marriage, I just wanted to test if ego problems will develop between both of you but I was wrong. A marriage will be successful only when the partners understand about each and other feelings. We are becoming old but your aunty and I still fight with each other and I do take out my stress on her but she understands the situation this is want we need. I hope we both would stay happy as always”

Shreya came over there and exclaimed, “Jiju don’t tell to Di that mamma and Papa agreed , we will play with her for sometime”

Sanskar twisted her ear and exclaimed, “You are getting ready for marriage and still you haven’t changed with your childish behaviour”

Shreya exclaimed, “Jiju please leave me now” and introduced Laksh to Sanskar and they both greeted each other.

Sekhar exclaimed, “Ha beta do as Shreya told you. We will go and talk to your parents.” And they left the place.

Ragini saw her family coming towards them and felt them to be serious. Sekhar exclaimed, “Go and meet Sanskar we want to talk to his family in personal”

Ragini exclaimed, “What happened papa ?? Why are you so serious?”

Sumi exclaimed, “If you believe us just go from here”. She left the place reluctantly.

Ram and Sekhar shook their hands and exclaimed, “Good act by both of us. Thank God we met each other yesterday itself and discussed everything ahead of them. Now let’s go and see their reaction” and they followed Ragini after few mins

Ragini and Sanskar both were dull and exclaimed together that, “Your parents haven’t agreed for our marriage” again they questioned each other at the same time “What??”

Ragini exclaimed, “I saw papa was very serious and came to meet your famiky. I think we have to stop them now”

Sanskar exclaimed, “But your parents don’t have any problem with our marriage. He told me to just act as if they are against our marriage”

Ragini exclaimed, “Seriously!!! Then why was he so serious and even uncle and Aunty told me the same. They don’t have any problem with me”

Sanskar and Ragini exclaimed, “Is it their plan”

Ram and Sekhar exclaimed, “Yes it was. We want both of you to be happy. Both of us made a plan together to test you guys and so never allowed Ragini to talk with you after the fight. We want to test whether you are really made for each other or not. We don’t Ave any problem. When you kids can think about your parents then is it not our duty to think about our kids future. Go out and have a nice date” saying that they all left the place.

RagSan eyes were welled with happy tears. They were super happy as now there love was certified to be genuine by their parents too. Sanskar took Ragini to marine drive. It was past 11 pm and it’s not crowded. There was a cool breeze. He took her to a place where moon light reflects on the waves

Sanskar went on his knees and exclaimed, “Are you ready to make me as your better half and lead the enter life with me”

Ragini exclaimed, “I want you as my best half”.

Sanskar stood up and said “I love you” and neared her. The heart beat was raising for both of them. He took her face in his hands and approached near her lips and murmured “My first Kiss” and had a passionate kiss which was the start of their new life.


Hope guys you all have enjoyed the last part. I will come up with another story “A journey to past Birth” after a week. RagSan are couples. Meet you soon guys with my new ff. Hurray now in my free time I can again start reading all the ff’s … I was desperately missing them… Thank you everyone once again for your lovely comments. See you soon. Happy weekend. Tc

Credit to: Ashrita

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