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Ragini returned home when Sekhar stopped her and exclaimed, “U told u will be late and will call me to pick you but you came early and didn’t inform me”

Ragini haven’t replied. Sumi came and observed that her eyes were swollen and she exclaimed, “Ragu did you cry???”

Ragini went into the room without replying and Sekhar asked Sumi to follow her and ask what has happened. Sumi went into the room and saw her weeping.

Sumi went near hear and kept a hand on her head and exclaimed, “Wont you tell to mamma also”

Ragini hugged her and said, “Mamma don’t I know to respect elders!!! Am I so mean with everyone??”

Sumi hugged her back and exclaimed, “Who said like that . They don’t know anything about my Ragu. If the person really knows you, would never dare to say anything like that”

Ragini smiled back and said, “Mamma I am fine after talking to you. I will change my clothes and will join for dinner”

Sumi left the place. Ragini’s phone started to ring and it was Sanskar, she avoided the calls and deleted the messages without reading it. She changed into night dress and joined others for dinner.

Sekhar exclaimed, “Ragu beta, how long would you take to get married. Even Shreya is getting proposals. Why are you taking so much time. Do you still love him??”

Ragini was choked and looked at sumi questioningly. Sumi exclaimed, “ Don’t force her if she is not ready”

Ragini exclaimed, “Papa I am ready whoever you select for me”

Sumi stared at her surprisingly and exclaimed, “But Ragu…”

Ragini exclaimed, “Mamma I knew what I said now” and she left the place.

Sumi exclaimed, “Sekhar something has happened between her and Sanskar otherwise she would not never take any decision in a rage. I knew something has happened in the marriage”

Shreya exclaimed, “ Yes papa. I know Sanskar jiju, he is a gentleman. “

Sekhar exclaimed, “Jiju…. Shreya I haven’t agreed for the proposal yet”

Sumi exclaimed, “ Sekhar I think you are not against also and I know you can’t hurt your daughter and so you were not pressurising her”

Sekhar exclaimed, “Yes you are right but how can I give my daughter to a person who makes her cry”

Shreya exclaimed, “I am cent sure Jiju haven’t done anything. He is very matured, he knows how to tackle with the problem.”

Sumi exclaimed, “maybe Shreya is right, how can we come to a conclusion without even knowing the guy”

Sekhar exclaimed, “What you want me to do now?? I should go to him and ask his hand for my daughter”

Shreya exclaimed, “Papa why all oldies think alike… does we change when we grew older… Ok but I have one solution.”

Sekhar exclaimed, “My darling beta tell me what to do now.. I can’t we my angel crying”

Shreya exclaimed, “The proposal that you got for your daughter, Malhotra uncles son Mr.Laksh make him meet to Di”

Sekhar and Sumi exclaimed, “ Are you sure???”

Shreya exclaimed, “ Mamma and papa if you believe me just do whatever I say, rest I will manage and don’t worry about anything now. Just go and tell Di to take Laksh along with her in Swara and Krish marriage which is day after tomorrow”

Sumi exclaimed, “Do you think she will agree to take him”

Shreya exclaimed, “ She will definitely if papa insists. So it all depends on papa, even we will go na so don’t worry”

Sumi exclaimed, “I guess Sanskar’s parents might also come as Swara and Sanskar are family friends”

Sekhar went to Ragini and convinced her to meet Laksh in SwaKri marriage. Sanskar on the other side was trying to call continuously and as there was no response he left it and carried on as he had some responsibilities of her sisters wedding.

The next day Sujatha went to Sanskar’s room and woke him caressingly she exclaimed, “ Got very tired na!!! Shall I bring some ginger tea for you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “ No Maa, I am fine, we have to go to Di’s sasural today?”

Sujatha exclaimed, “No dear, their whole family is going to pilgrimage. It’s some of their rituals that should be done after marriage, we will go once they return back. They will come back after a week”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ok…. Maa you want to say something to me, why I am feeling that something is bothering you”

Sujatha exclaimed, “Why did you scold Ragini in front of everyone.. it was not her mistake, nirmala ji and Nani were scolding her intentionally”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I knew Maa but I don’t want Di’s happiness at a stake. It’s an important day for her, how can I spoil it for such a silly reason.”

Sujatha exclaimed, “ You love your Di a lot.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I love you too Maa” and hugged her “Maa did you like Ragini”

Sujatha broke the hug and exclaimed, “Nirmala ji was asking your hand for her daughter and Nani is the one who is trying your papa to agree saying that Priya will be happy in that house because of this proposal”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I don’t want to know about others feeling maa. I want to know about yours and dad’s.”

Sujatha exclaimed, “I told your papa about you and Ragini, I am not sure if he would agree”

Sanskar exclaimed, “But what about you Maa?? You met her did you like her??”

Sujatha exclaimed, “Leave about me, i don’t have anything to do with, the final decision will your father’s”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Even if papa agrees without your approval I will not marry her”

Sujatha’s eyes misted over and said, “Ok once I talk to her properly I will tell my opinion, now get up and ready quickly”

After Sujatha left the place Sanskar again called back Ragini but there was no response and thought to himself that she might be annoyed. “I have to do something tomorrow”

Sanskar came along with his parents for SwaKri marriage. Ragini along with Laksh and parents came to the venue. Sanskar looked at Ragini lovingly but she ignored him. They went greet SwaKri when Sekhar introduced Laksh as his would be in law. SwaKri were stunned and looked at Ragini questioningly. After greeting them they went and down and took their Resp places.

Swara called Sanskar and informed him everything, he smiled back and said, “U might have heard wrong”

Krish exclaimed, “No Sanskar, uncle itself told us”.

Sanskar was stunned looking at RagLak.

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Credit to: Ashrita

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  4. Akshata

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  6. Pavani

    Superrr he should be punishedd I know he loves his dii but for life longg he if he won’t support her then wt is the need nd about ending noop plzz some more epi I will miss it badly

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  8. Dont end it so soon make more parts your ff is really nuce

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    Awesome Superb
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