RagSan they are Destined – 13

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Recap : episode-12
The marriage hall was beautifully decorated with flowers and balloons. It’s a theme party with blue and white decorated. The bride and groom were dressed in blue. Ragini entered the venue in a beautiful pink coloured Lahenga, increased her beauty which made everyone’s eye glued on her. Ragini went to Priya Di and Siddharth to congratulate.

Ragini exclaimed, “Priya Di…congrats. you are looking gorgeous and Jiju is Handsome. Made for each other Di” and hugged her.

Priya exclaimed, “Thanks dear” and introduced her to Siddharth

Siddharth exclaimed, “Perfect choice by Sanskar. We shall now play with this bro-sis duo”

Ragini gave HiFi when everyone around were astonished with her behaviour.

Priya exclaimed, “Ragini calm down, if you are going to do like this then it will become tougher for you to get entry in Maheshwari house. Be like a traditional girl”

Siddharth exclaimed, “Yes your Priya Di is exactly right. Be careful dear”

Ragini exclaimed, “What should I do Di, Sanskar hasn’t told me anything… where is he now?”

Priya exclaimed, “He is very busy in arrangements dear, from yesterday even I did not see him properly. Go and have your seat if I see him I will tell him about you”

Ragini was about to go when Sujatha(Sanskar’s Mom) came there. Sujatha stopped Ragini and exclaimed, “I am sorry dear, not able to recognise you, are you here with your parents”

Ragini exclaimed, “No aunty, I am Priya Di’s friend, Ragini”

Sujatha exclaimed, “Ragini!!! Ohh you are looking pretty dear and made her sit somewhere” and gave a fake smile leaving the place.

Ragini observed that Sujatha was not pleased with her presence but she knew that they have no other go and should ready to face everything. Suddenly she felt someone whispering in her ears. She turned and found Sanskar.

Ragini exclaimed, “ You seriously frightened me. Where were you?? I am feeling very lonely”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I am busy and I have to go even now. U carry on and don’t miss a chance to talk with my mom. Some how make her realise that you are perfect for me. Take care. I will come back at the earliest” and he left the place

Ragini started to search for Sujatha when she came across Ram. Ram exclaimed, “Beta are you searching for someone”.

Ragini was about to reply when Sujatha interrupted and said, “Even I was searching for you, come along with me” and she took away Ragini away from there feeling relaxed.

Sujatha’s mom stopped her and asked her, “Who is this girl and why are you very protective towards her. Are you hiding something from me??”

Sujatha exclaimed, “ No mom she came alone here and don’t have any friends so I am accompanying her”

Mom(Nani) exclaimed, “Then leave her with me and do some other work”. Sujatha has to leave the Ragini reluctantly with her mom.

Nani exclaimed, “What is your name?”

Ragini told her name when Nani exclaimed, “ Now a days girls don’t know to respect elders, see how that girl is passing away without touching my feet”

Ragini understood that the statement implies to her and she immediately tried to bend when Nani forced her to touch the feet and exclaimed “God bless you”.

Ragini was bit stunned with Nani’s act but she gave a fake smile in meanwhile Siddharth’s mother came to Nani along with her daughter and introduced her, soon the girl tool her blessings. Nani was impressed with the girl.

Siddharth’s mom exclaimed, “ Hey you are the same whom I saw along with Sanskar in the mall!!”

Nani exclaimed, “What!!! My pota is roaming with girls nowadays”

Ragini was choked but aunty replied back, “even I thought the same but later Sanskar told me that she is Priya’s friend and he met her to invite in the marriage”.

Ragini gave a fake smile. The ladies started again. Aunty exclaimed “ Mummy ji you said that you will talk to Sanskar’s parents after looking at my daughter. So what do you say now”

Nani exclaimed, “Beta do you know stitching”

The girl nodded yes and Nani turned towards Ragini and questioned her the same. She nodded her head in No.

Nani again questioned, “Beta you know to sing and dance?”

The girl nodded in Yes again but Ragini nodded in No. Nani became very proud of the girl, now a days it’s difficult to get a girl who knows all the household chores and she again questioned to both of them what did they study

The girl told that she studied B.com and Ragini told about herself. Nani immediately murmured “what’s the need of education when she doesn’t know to do household chores”

Ragini felt bad but didn’t show up. Nani said “Nirmala ji, I liked your daughter a lot and I would definitely make my children agree for Sanskar marriage with your daughter”

Ragini was choked after knowing Nani’s desire, she felt heart broken but she was not ready to give up. She tried to call Sanskar but there was no response. She went in search of him when she heard some announcement that there will be dance by grooms sister and brides brother. All clapped for them. Sanskar and the girl started to dance. Ragini was annoyed as he haven’t informed about it. All were enjoying the performance except Ragini.

All of them gave a big round of applause. The girl was about to fell down when Sanskar hold her from felling down. Ragini felt jealous. Siddharth’s Mom went to Sanskar’s mom and exclaimed, “Aren’t they looking as made for each other”. Sujatha smiled at her. Ragini was hurt with their conversation and was about to leave when a server along with drinks. Ragini mistakenly hit on of the glass and drink fell on Normal aunty. Ragini exclaimed “I am really sorry aunty”

Nirmala aunty exclaimed, “This girl has lot of attitude and can’t see anyone around her, I think she is very proud of her beauty and started to walk keeping her eyes on head”

Sujatha was about to say something but Nani interrupted and said, “I think her parents did not teach her to respect elders”. Sujatha tried to calm her mother

Ragini’s eyes were misted over and was searching for Sanskar. He came to the place hearing them. Nani again started to scold her but Ragini broke her silence then Sanskar asked her to leave the place immediately and exclaimed, “ You are a guest and behave like that and you can please leave this function now itself”. Sujatha and Ragini both were choked hearing Sanskar. Sujatha tried to stop Ragini but she ran away from that place crying.

Precap : Proposal for Ragini… Guess who is it!!!!!

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