RagSan they are Destined – 12

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RagSan along with Shreya went out to amusement park when Shreya got a call from Sumi that her Dadaji got an attack and is in ICU and asked to inform to Ragini too and tell her that he is fine now, it’s her birthday today so I don’t want her to get nervous…. But make sure that both of you come to Ahmedabad today itself as Dadaji wants to see both of you and she hanged up the call.

Shreya exclaimed, “Di we have to go to Ahmedabad today itself”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Are you kidding??? Now you want to tease us!!!”

Ragini cut down his words holding his hand she exclaimed, “Why are you tensed Shreya?? Who called you and what happened??”

Shreya exclaimed, “Nothing to worry Di, Dadaji got a mild attack but now he is fine and want to see both of us. So mamma called for the same”

Ragini was stunned and tears rolling down. Shreya consoled her that he is completely fine now. Sanskar exclaimed, “Guys stop thinking much and start from here asap. I will call Krish and ask him to book tickets”

4years leap.
Ragini was working in Mumbai for one of the European based MNC. Sanskar joined in US based MNC and staying in Los Angeles. Finally the wedding bells rang for Priya Di and so Sanskar travelled back to INDIA. The wedding is going to happen in Mumbai and hence the whole family of Sanskar arrived to Mumbai.

Sanskar rang up Ragini and informed her to meet him in INorbit mall by 4PM. Both of them are very excited as they are going to meet each other after 4yrs. They both arrived to the place almost 30 mins before the time and after looking at Ragini he quickly held her hand and exclaimed, “I missed you a lot Sweetheart”.

Ragini exclaimed, “I too missed you..”, and they went into the mall.

Sanskar exclaimed, “U know Di is very excited about her marriage.. Jiju is really Mr. Perfect and very cooperative. He is very responsible and didn’t even demand a penny from us. We are really lucky. We were really worried for Di but finally everything is settled.”

Ragini exclaimed, “Priya di is such a good person so definitely god would think good for her.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I don’t know why all girls behave in a same way!!”

Ragini exclaimed, “Why were you bothering about all the girls now”

Sanskar exclaimed, “You are talking as my mom even she would bring God in everything”

Ragini exclaimed, “We trust him, so what’s wrong in that??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ok baba ok, stop fighting and you know di gave me this card to invite you personally and she told me that she has already contacted you. I want you to meet my parents. Only when they know about you, they would think about our proposal”

Ragini exclaimed, “True Sanskar but I am bit nervous. I don’t have any idea how they would react”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why to be nervous, I will be with you and I know you can manage all by yourself too.”

Ragini exclaimed, “What should I wear then??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “First problem of girl’s would be always the same.”

Ragini exclaimed, “Stop it Sanskar. First impression is the best one so u should help me now what should I wear”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Then wear Lahenga, they might like it and also it’s marriage so it will be apt for the occasion”

Someone neared them and exclaimed “Sanskar what are you doing here and who is she with you?”

Sanskar was choked looking them and said with stammering , “Uncle and Aunty u people here… I just came to buy some surprise gift for Di”

They were not satisfied with his reply and again questioned back “Who is she pointing towards Ragini”

When Ragini was about to introduce herself, Sanskar interrupted her and said, “She is Di’s junior and a good friend of her. Di asked me to give her marriage invitation so I met her”.

Ragini was stunned with his reply. Aunty and Uncle felt happy with his reply but still something bothered them and asked him to “join them for shopping if he has invited the girl for marriage.”

Sanskar nodded his head in Yes and exclaimed, “Yes Uncle sure, I am done with my work we can go now. It’s my pleasure to join you” and left from there leaving Ragini alone.

Ragini became very upset with Sanskar’s behaviour and was about to leave the place when she got a msg from Sanskar to wait for an hr, he would join her. She haven’t replied back but still waited for him for around 3hrs. She got vexed and was about to leave when she got a call from Sanskar. She answered the call with distraught

Sanskar exclaimed, “I told you to wait but why you haven’t replied back”

This made Ragini more furious, “I was waiting for you from past 3hrs and you even didn’t try to know where I am. You left me in the middle and still you expect a reply from me.”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Cool down dear, I will be coming to the same place in 2mins, pls come there” and hanged up the call and reached the place and found that Ragini was angry on him. He didn’t give up and softly said, “I am sorry sweetheart, it’s my mistake , I should not have asked you if you have left. I should know that you will be waiting for me till I return back. Pls dear can’t you smile now.”

Ragini angrily said, “Why did you leave like that and who are they?”

Sanskar exclaimed, “they are Priya Di’s in-laws so I have to go with them.”

Ragini was still angry and he found out. He questioned, “I told you many times that don’t the to hide anything from me, now tell me why are you upset even now”

Ragini said, “Who I am to you Sanskar???”

Sanskar exclaimed, “What kind of question is this Ragini”

Ragini exclaimed, “This is how even I felt when you introduced me as your Di’s junior but not at least your friend”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Ohh.. so this is the actual reason for your mood off.” He smiled at her and said, “ Now just look into my eyes dear and listen to me carefully why I told them like that. My sister is going to blend a new relationship with them and I have to support her in that”

Ragini interrupted, “ I do agree that but what’s the need to say that I am your Di’s friend”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Its a common problem of girl’s sweetheart, they would never try to listen completely”

Ragini glared at him angrily. Sanskar hold his ears and said, “Ok baba sorry, will you let me continue”. Ragini nodded her head and he said, “I don’t know how they would receive if they know that I have a friend who is a girl because I heard they are a bit typical people. I don’t want any problems in my sister’s marriage life because of me”

Ragini was convinced with his reply and said, “ What if I come in marriage, there they might know about it”

Sanskar exclaimed, “We are not going to announce in public, so don’t worry. Di already spoke Jiju about us, so he took the responsibility to convince their parents”

Ragini exclaimed, “What’s the need of their approval”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Not their approval but it’s long chain dear, my sister should not get any problem because of our marriage, that’s all I am concerned about”

Ragini exclaimed, “I haven’t thought about it till now”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Shall we stop thinking about all those things now and go for shopping. Common dear hurry up now and buy a good dress for yourself, I have many other arrangements to do”. Both of them completed their shopping and headed towards their respective destinations.

Precap : Ragini’s experience with Sanskar’s family

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