RagSan they are Destined – 11

Guys thanks for your energy boosting comments. I am able to post the next chapter so soon as I am on leave.. Hurray!!! :).. I hope it to be a bit long than prev chap. Sorry guys not a proof read :(…

Recap: Part 10

RagSan returned to the college when it was almost 11.45PM. They walked hand in hand, after reaching the entrance Ragini exclaimed “Sanskar it was too late and I don’t have problem to go alone as I am used to this place. U can carry on to your room”

Sanskar exclaimed, “I won’t be feeling sleepy anyhow, so not a problem to accompany you” and they were walking towards her hostel.

Ragini was murmuring to herself, “When he knows everything about me, how could he forget that tomorrow is my birthday!!! Should I tell him?? No No why should I!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Where are you lost?? We reached your building… Now go to your room”.

Ragini smiled back and questioned, “Its 12AM now.. Did you forget to say something to me??”

Sanskar replied her, “Yes dear, I am really sorry I just forgot”

Ragini eyes were brightened and with all ears waiting for his wishes but was choked when he wished her “Good Night Ragini… Have a tight sleep”

Ragini murmured, “That’s it!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Are you expecting something else from me… Oh if I am not wrong I guess you are longing for a kiss from me”. Hearing this Ragini ran away in a jet speed without even looking back. Sanskar smiled at her childish behaviour.

When Ragini entered the room, she found it to be beautifully decorated. “I knew these two would not sleep without wishing me!! But see that idiot he just forgot my birthday. When he was away, he used to call me at midnight and wished me and now when I am with him, he even did not realise why I was asking him so many times but saying that I was expecting kiss from him”

Suddenly her thoughts were disturbed when Riya and Kushi jumped near her and welcomed into the room. She was shocked as even Swara was with them.

Ragini exclaimed, “Swara you here!!”

Swara exclaimed, “Ha.. It was your Sanskar’s order, see he made us do all this and this special chocolate cake for you…”

Ragini’s eyes were welled up with happiness. Swara exclaimed, “Hmm.. you thought that he had forgot?? He might be waiting for you in the same place, go and get your wishes”.

Ragini was about to go when Swara stopped her again and exclaimed, “This is your Sanskar’s gift to you” and handed over a packet to her. She ran down taking it from her.

Sanskar was waiting for her at the same place, she ran to him and scolded him “When you remember my birthday, why haven’t you wished me at that time itself”

Sanskar replied, “If had wished you at that instant itself you might forget it someday but now you would always remember it and I don’t want you to forget these few days in our life time.”

Ragini murmured, “I didn’t get my wishes yet”

Sanskar exclaimed, “No need to tell, you can just feel it, but still I can’t keep myself away from wishing you Happy Birthday my Sweetheart”

Ragini stunned and exclaimed, “Sweetheart!!!”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Hmmm… Aren’t you??” dragged her towards him. Her heart started to beat fast and he was able to feel the change. He murmured in her ears “Didn’t you like the way I was calling you”

Ragini murmured back, “I do Sanskar”. He slowly took out the dress from the packet, it’s a peacock coloured lahenga. He exclaimed, “Last week while shopping I selected 2 lahenga’s one for di and this one for you. I feel that it would suite to your skin tone.”

Ragini exclaimed, “Its beautiful Sanskar. I loved it”.

Sanskar exclaimed, “Would you wear it for me tomorrow.” She immediately nodded her head in yes.

She looked at her questioningly. He exclaimed, “Is something bothering you??”

Ragini exclaimed, “How could you be like this Sanskar??”

Sanskar questioned back, “Like this meant?? I don’t get you in which context you are talking”

Ragini exclaimed, “I don’t know Sanskar if I can talk with you all these things or not, but I feel we are matured enough and I feel strange some of your doings which I am not able to keep it in myself for long time”

Sanskar exclaimed cupping her face, “What happened dear, you have all rights to ask and share with me anything, I would not feel weird”

Ragini exclaimed, “Don’t you feel anything when you are near me or when you touch me??”

Sanskar laughed and exclaimed, “Is this what it’s bothering you??”

Ragini exclaimed, “Stop teasing me and tell, am I the one who is feeling like that or even you??? As I am not able to find out any difference in you”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why not?? Even I do dear, my mind gets destructed when you approach near me. Even now I feel it”

Ragini exclaimed, “Then how were you able to control it??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “If I ask you the same, what would be your answer. Ragini till now I don’t know how you were feeling, as you told me now, I came to knew about it otherwise I would have not known about it. In the same way it happens to everyone but for me Love is a relation where everyone around us should also be happy along with you and me. People say nothing can be pure than love and they compare it equal to divinity, then how can an impure thoughts come in us. May be for few days till we get used to each other you might be feeling odd but after that you would more free to me and would be same with me too. Stop thinking about the nonsense things and don’t worry nothing is definitely going to happen between both of us before marriage. Be cool as always remove all the dirt and just enjoy the beautiful feeling when we are together.”

Ragini got mesmerized in his talks and exclaimed, “How many shades do you have Sanskar?? No boy would leave the opportunity if girl becomes so weak before him but…”

Sanskar cut down her words and exclaimed “I love you Ragini, not your body…. You may not be as beautiful as you are now after few years, along with the time you will definitely change and even I would change but I don’t want our love to change. Ragini don’t forget that our first motive is to convince our parents without their approval there is no meaning to our love….. I was teasing you as I wanted to take out the fear from you that I would take an advantage of our relation. You can trust me Ragini. Go and sleep now. Good Night and don’t forget to wear the lahenga tomorrow.”

Ragini smiled and started to walk towards the building and stopped there and returned back to Sanskar and exclaimed “I forget to give you a return gift”. Sanskar looked at her questioningly and exclaimed, “return gift!!”

Ragini nodded her head and gave a kiss on his cheek and left the place. Sanskar smiled in himself with a hand on his cheek and looked at her lovingly till she disappeared from his sight.

Next day when she wore the lahenga and appeared in front of him along with the friends they started to sigh each other through eyes.

Ragini questioned him “How I am looking??”

Sanskar eyes replied her. He was staring at her continuously without blinking his eyes. He was smiling looking at her and signed through his hands as thumbs up… Suddenly there was a ring on Ragini’s phone and she excused and left the place. Sanskar followed her and saw her standing somewhere. He went and dragged her saying “Sweetheart you are stunning”.

He heard a voice exclaiming, “Sweetheart!!!… Diii.. you haven’t told me anything.. Wait I will call mumma now and will tell her everything”.

Sanskar was shocked looking at Shreya. Ragini was pleading her “No dear nothing, Sanskar was just kidding”.

Shreya exclaimed, “I am not a kid that you can fool me.”

Sanskar went near her and said, “So my Shreya is not going to listen to me too…..”. Shreya sat with a pouted face as she is not ready to listen anyone.

Ragini exclaimed, “Please dear, nothing between us”, when Sanskar interrupted and said, “Ragini why are you lying to her. She has right to know the truth. Shreya sorry dear we didn’t tell you. I am really sorry on your sisters behalf, she is totally loose and don’t know to whom she should say and from whom she should hide.”

Shreya exclaimed, “I would forgive both of you only on one condition.”

RagSan were excited and exclaimed, “What’s it??? You want chocolates”

Shreya exclaimed, “How funny!!! You guys thought I would leave you so easily.. never”… both RagSan face was saddened, looking at them she again exclaimed, “I would only if you allow me to call you Jiju…”. Sanskar exclaimed, “That’s it!! You frightened me dear.. Why should I have a problem when I have such a beautiful sister in law” and both gave hifi.

Ragini looked at both of them lovingly and said, “If you both are finished with your tamasha, shall we go out.”

Precap: 4 years Leap

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