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Thank you Guys, its 10th chapter and I am really thankful to everyone, though I am not regular at posting still you are supporting me. Hope you would always. This story when I actually started I thought I could not write for more than 10 chapters, but whenever I pen down I get few more thoughts and would include all those. Hope you guys are enjoying it. Thanks to the silent readers too …. Always keep smiling 🙂 🙂 . Sorry Guys not a proof read

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Sanskar called Swara at around 5 AM and pleaded her to open the door. Swara and Krish went and opened the door. Sanskar turned to Ragini and exclaimed be ready by 9AM. Swara and Krish were confused and questioned back “For What??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Guys I don’t understand why you both are trying to interfering between us. Don’t you have any other work rather than running behind us!!!”

SwaKri were stunned with Sanskar’s strange behaviour.

Swara exclaimed, “Now you are feeling that we are coming in between you both?? First you should thank me. If we haven’t locked you both in this room, you both would never able to convey your feelings for each other”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Why should we thank you, it’s your duty as friends”. Ragini went to Swara and hugged her and said “Thanks for everything”.

Krish exclaimed, “Don’t be senti, Swara has a habit of pulling others legs. We are really happy for both of you”. All 4 left to their respective rooms

Riya and Kushi hugged Ragini when she was back to room. “Where did you go?? We were searching for you in every place and you haven’t carried your phone too. Finally krish called up and told us that you are with them, you should have at least informed us before”

Ragini was smiling in herself, when both of them exclaimed together “What happened to you? We are asking you something and you are day dreaming. Did something bite you at night or what!!!”

Ragini came to her senses and exclaimed “Sanskar proposed me”

Riya exclaimed “Are you serious, did he really?”. Ragini nodded her headed in agreement. Riya and Kushi congratulated her. Ragini requested them take care of her work as she will be going out with Sanskar today.

By 9AM Ragini got ready and was waiting for Sanskar at the main gate of the campus. Sanskar arrived at the place and he said “Don’t ask me where we are going but trust me you would love those places”.

Ragini smiled and replied “I trust you, not a problem if you are with me”. Both of them started and took a local train. As it’s a peak time it was heavily crowded and they have to part ways in different compartments. Sanskar texted her the place to get down and after that they started to walk and then Ragini was astonished looking at the place. It was Siddhivinayaka temple.

Ragini exclaimed, “You don’t believe in??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “But you do na!!! I will never force you to change for me”

Ragini exclaimed, “It will take time, will u be waiting alone??”

Sankskar exclaimed, “I will wait in queue along with you for darshan. I have come here as I know you worship Lord Ganesh. This is the start of our new life so why should not we start with blessings!!”

Ragini smiled back and said, “So you are trying to impress me”

Sanskar replied, “Not at all. I already did that so you are with me now. I don’t believe that doesn’t means that I would not care about my loved ones feelings. I do go even with my parents too as they believe in”

Ragini exclaimed, “So will you be like this forever or going to change like others after few days”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Your God might know what would happen in future so just enjoy those moments rather than thinking about other things”.

Both of them went and it took 3 hrs for them to come out of the temple. Ragini was super happy. Sanskar exclaimed, “This is what I wanted to see in your eyes”. They started to walk and went to a restaurant had lunch and went for a movie.

Ragini exclaimed, “So movie over… Shall we return back?? Its 5PM”

Sanskar exclaimed, “Not yet. One more place is left”. They got into a cab and they got down at Marine drive. Ragini turned towards Sanskar and exclaimed, “How do you know that I like this place”

Sanskar started to walk along with Ragini with her hand in his and exclaimed, “I know that you come to this place every Sunday, sit here for sometime alone”

Ragini exclaimed, “How do you knew all this??”

Sanskar exclaimed, “As I used to be here every weekend as I knew that you would never miss to come here. The whole Sunday I used to follow you. For you and me, Sunday starts in the same way. Siddhi Vinayak temple, lunch, movie and your friends used to go but you come to marine drive and sit here for some time”

Ragini was amused, “So you followed me all this years!! But I was never able to find out”. Her eyes were moistened “How can you love me so much and haven’t ever told me”

Sanskar wipes her tears and exclaimed, “I was never in front of you so how would you find out??”. He looked deep into her eyes cupped her face “I brought you here to see smile on your face not tears.”. She held his hand and said “I Love You”. He smiled back and said “Don’t say it so many times my heart would race now and it won’t be in a mood to listen me. It started to jump in excitement”. He took her hand and kept on his chest.

Ragini felt his beat, the whole atmosphere around her became silent for her. She was only able to hear the sound of waves. She looked into his eyes which was asking him did you hear my beat. She was feeling his beat as “Love You”. She lost in his eyes.

Sanskar broke the ice “Did you feel it!!! You know how difficult to control myself when you are near me”.

Ragini was stunned and jerked his hand and moved away from him. He laughed out at her reaction.

Sanskar exclaimed, “So you got scared of me!! You say you trust me but you are running away from me now”

Ragini exclaimed, “Yes I do trust you but still you are a boy and I am a girl, and should not forget about our limits. Elders say that don’t believe boys so easily”

Sanskar moved towards her grabbed her hand and exclaimed, “So you are trying to making me feel that you believe me but in actual you don’t right”

Ragini tried to release his grip but was unsuccessful, his touch is making her nervous, she lowered her voice and with much difficulty she murmured “Please leave me Sanskar”

Sanskar felt her breath and the same reflected with him too, he understood their conditions and left her hand “I am sorry, I was actually trying to tease you”. Both kept silent and sat there looking at the waves.

Precap : Birthday Present  

I might complete the ongoing story soon, I guess not more than 5 more chapters. Hope I can complete it before the summer holidays starts for my kid 🙂
Once I am going to end this story, I will come again with a new ff full of fantasy and I thought of a name too “LakRagSan Redefined!!!! – A Journey to past birth”.

Credit to: Ashrita

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  1. Azure

    nice part….sweet and cute and surreal. beautiful

    1. Thanks for liking it dear :)… surreal?…did you find it as dramatic.. ha ha … tc 🙂

  2. wahh awesome yar, next story title seems interesting

    1. Thanks dear :)… I hope it would entertain you guys 😉

  3. Ashrita dear ..why you want to end it soon.. i mean u have such a great story line nd i loved it.. please do continue it… it seems like very short to emd up with just 5 more updates.. i feel glad if u make it to more epi’s.Anyways its based on ur convenience.. i just hope it wouldn’t end so soon… Nd u r an awesome writer..the way you express their feelings is just so lovable nd heart touching

    1. First of all I am really glad to know that you liked it so much and secondly I am not sure if I would be extend the story as it would run only between 2 char….. I would try it but I can’t be sure dear… Thank you once again for your lovely opinion 🙂

  4. Hi….
    Realy fantastic……….
    “Whole Sunday he used to follow her”

    That part Is touching……..
    Very emotional….
    Tysm for this wondeful episode…..

    1. Yes dear…. he was a silent lover… Thanks a lot dear for liking it 🙂

  5. Nami

    Amazing. Ragsan scene were super cute

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  6. Awesome.ragsan moments were fabulous.sanskar’s love for ragini really impressed me.loved it a lot.and very excited for ur new ff.

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    That was mind blowing

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    1. Thanks dear 🙂

    1. Thanks dear 🙂

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    Awesome as always. and the best part is sanskar’s love for ragini, he used to follow her on every sunday.

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    1. Thanks dear 🙂

  11. Mindblowing 🙂

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    wow great….i just loved it….best best best…

    hi di…how r u???its so nyc…it sounds romantic…di i asked u many qns in prev part..pls clear me…i dont like suspenses..my head l burst bcoz of it…so pls say me…and ya i had updated one more os…papa i love u..here goes the link…if u r free do read it…

    hope ur eyes r fine….take care didi…love u loads..big big hugs to u….cant cmnt big as wanna go to read…

    1. I am warning you now not to feel bad if you comment late or short or even you dont… Studies first. Thank you as always for liking it… Ha ha I replied you…ok not a prob I can tell it again… I am married dear and I have 3 1/2 yrs old naughty son, Bhaskar. Thanks for telling me about the OS and always do so dear as nowadays I am not looking at anything… I am going to take a long leave for 1month as my son is going to have holidays, so that time I would find time to read other ffs too… but pls do tell me whenever you write a story… Its my pleasure to read and I would comment over there after reading it… tc dear… Lots of love and hugs to you too 🙂 🙂

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