RagSan they are Destined – 1


Hi Guys, Hope you remember me!!! I am Ashrita back with another RagSan ff they are destined to be but with hurdles, hope you guys would like it and support me as always. I am afraid that I might be a bit irregular due to some other works but I would try to be regular.


“I Love you Sanskar”, this is what I always want to tell him when I hear him or when I see him, but I don’t have enough courage to face the consequences. I don’t think that he can love me, he treats me as his friend nothing more than that. I am his friend and will be forever” exclaimed Ragini

“Why don’t you tell him that how much you love him!!! May be even he start to love you”, exclaimed Kushi

“No dear, I can’t do that now after knowing that he loves someone else”, exclaimed Ragini with moist eyes

Riya who was one among the conversation questioned “So my Ragu is going to become devadasi for that guy wo even doesn’t even know about her friend’s feelings for him. Is Sanskar everything to you??? Not we!!!!” with a pout face.

“Yes dear, don’t worry about the one who is not in your destiny. If you are really made for each other no one would able to come between you, and now stop thinking about all these things and we shall go out”, exclaimed Kushi

Ragini started to search for her phone as it started to ring. Riya got the phone and was not willing to give her and she murmured “I think he is not going to leave her. From past few minutes we were trying to cheer her and when we were successful he is back again and her mood will be disturbed once again” and tried to hide the phone by keeping it in silence mood when Ragini found it

Ragini exclaimed “ Whose call it was??? Is it mamma’s!!!!”

Riya nodded her head in no and said “ Not an important one, come let’s go out”

“Ok baba but give it to me, I have to carry along with me if either mom or papa calls me they will be worried”, saying that she took the phone from her and kept it in her hand bag without looking at it.

All the 3 went out for a movie when her phone started to ring once again. She took out the phone from her bag and her eyes welled up looking at the name. Yes, it was Sanskar…She picked up the call when the other two were busy watching movie and she silently left the place, since she knew that her friends would try to keep her away from Sanskar as they feel that he did not even tried to know about her feelings being a friend

“Hi Sanskar, how are you”, questioned Ragini
His soothing voice hit her ears when he replied back “ I am fine, how r u doing?? It has been two month we spoke with each other”

Ragini replied him “Yes I am good and how is your project work going on”

Sanskar questioned her “Are you not angry on me???”

Ragini questioned back “For what should I be angry on you???”

Sanskar exclaimed “I thought of telling you but this Krish informed you about me and Swara before me”

Ragini’s voice struck back in her throat and with much difficulty she said “Oh!!! So her name is Swara!!! What a lovely name… Congratulations to both of you and when are you going to make me meet her??”

Sanskar replied “ Thank God you are normal. I thought you would fight with me, everyone should have a friend like you. Thanks for your wishes and I would definitely make sure that both of you would meet each other very soon… but tell me first that I heard that you got selected for a reputed firm and I am very angry on you that I came to knew about you from some other person though it’s Krish. Why haven’t you called me up??? Did you forget me?? I knew that you are in touch with Krish and why are you avoiding me idiot… can’t you call me at least once???”

Ragini exclaimed “The same question would apply to you too my dear idiot…. Krish told me that you were really very busy with your project work and was preparing for MS. So I thought not to disturb you much”

Sanskar exclaimed “Hmmm leave about studies, it will be behind us life long now tell me how could you get selected in the first interview itself???”

Ragini questioned back “How did u knew that it was my first interview I never told it to Krish and I remember that I just told him that I got a job but not even the firm’s name… how did you come to know about all these things???”

Sanskar stumbled for a moment and replied back “ I just guessed it dear as it’s the same firm which came to our college too… so I threw a stone blindly in the air and it hit the right target, pretty much good”
Ragini was not convinced but she doesn’t want to pull the topic more and said “How about Swara??? Is she going to study further??”

Sanskar exclaimed “Yes, even she is planning to opt in the same university wherever I would, worst case at least the nearest one, after all our parents has agreed with our proposal. You know that I would not go against them”

Ragini exclaimed, “Yes parents first, it’s them who knows which is good to us other than anyone and would always think twice when it comes to their children.”

Sanskar interrupted “Ragini I would call you later, I was in the middle of my project work… take care”

Ragini felt him to be disturbed and she don’t want to question him on the same and she immediately replied “take care” and she cut the call…

Riya and Kushi were standing in front of her when she turned. She understood that there were many questions that were running in their mind, she broke the ice and said “Don’t worry, I am not going to cry for him, he will be just my sweet memory who everyone would have one in their life”

Riya turned towards Kushi and exclaimed “ Sometimes I feel that she is the most egoist when coming to Sanskar…. Good you should be like that than crying for someone who really doesn’t deserves you”

Ragini exclaimed , “ It’s me who doesn’t deserve him and I don’t want you people to say anything against him as I new him much better than you guys”

“Shall we close this chapter here itself and shall go back to hostel??? Or else warden will be back of us if we are not on time”, exclaimed Kushi

Precap : How did RagSan become friends???

Credit to: Ashrita

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  4. Wow interesting
    Now sanskar seems mystery lol
    I meant he’s not comfortable about parents topic
    He knows everything about ragini
    does he have some feeling or just being good friend
    Ateast ragini has her friends with her to cheer her up

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment dear…Yes he knew about Ragini very well but never want to show it to her. It was from Ragini’s pov so not able to know much of Sanskar but he would definitely surprise us!!!!

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  6. The start was outstanding… awesome..

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  7. poor ragini….so heartbreaking…and sanskar didnt even realise that she cares so much for him. hope she stays strong

    1. Hi dear… yes she is a very strong girl. Story started with Ragini’s Pov and her friends so yet to know if Sanskar really doesn’t realise as he knows about the things which even Krish doesn’t know without being in touch ??

  8. i am fed up with ragsan ff plz write raglak ff no1 is writtng abt them

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  9. It’s interesting.. Eager to know more about them..

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  10. Awesome. It would b interesting to know hor sanskar will fall in love with ragini. Can’t wait for the next part

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    1. Thanks for commenting dear ☺ I would definitely try to make it longer… tc

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  15. sry for late cmnt first of all di…..i was little bit busy… awesome and interesting plot… i m happy that u came back…. tq for ragsan……i think sanky doesnt like his parents and he have some painful past with them… mysteries !!!!!

    1. that’s fine dear.. never be sorry.. I can understand..thanks for liking the plot and for your wonderful wishes…..hmm and about Sanskar only coming epis would reveal much about him but all I could say it as a simple love story dear… tc 🙂

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