Ragsan — Cross Connection (Part 7)

Unfortunately Sanskar didn’t get the chance to talk to Ragini, she was avoiding him and was never left alone.

Sanskar was quite confused and worried after the dance with Ragini. She seemed normal but all of a sudden she walked back, acting a little weirdly, as if scared of something.

On the other hand, as soon as Ragini got home, she stripped out of the heavey clothing and clothed herself into a comfortable pair of Pjs. She lay down, putting Sunny to sleep next to her. She was patting him to sleep humming a tone thinking of the sudden change in her behaviour with Sanskar.

She wondered why she couldn’t control her emotions in front of him, why she let him know something was wrong. She knew if anyone ever found out why she didn’t want to get married it would seem like the stupidist thing because one day everyone has to get married , after all it was a part of life. She was still scared. Although she had a great life, her parents lived happily. She had seen relationships broke, she had seen the awkwardness of life once a marrige was broken. She had seen society around her. Her parents hadn’t really gone through anything as such but she had seen them fight for money and she didn’t want that.

She wanted to be independant. She thought women could no longer be independant once they were married or even engaged because there husbands would not let them be dependant. According to her men were selfish and that was it, no man could ever see a women independant. Pondering in her thoughts she gradually fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up early, preparing things, Nikhil was having a bachelors party which would take place at the Nanda house and Uttara would be at Khanna house for her mehndi. Ragini was going to visit the khanna house as the grooms smaller sister for the shagun. Ragini, her mother and Surekha would go for the mehndi where as Sanskar would visit the bachelors party a little later.

Everything was preared and Ragini was ready as well. All the ladies set off to the khanna house. Sanskar saw Ragini come in and was once again mezmerized by her beauty.  She wore a yellow anarkaali with dark green border and green dupatta which made her look diva. She wore  matching simple jewellery to match it. Sanskar went to Ragini who was standing by Uttara dressed in yellow lahenga.

Sanskar stood next to Ragini which made Ragini feel uncomfortable at first but when he caught her hand she knew he had to say something. “Kya hai?”

“you talking to me” Sanskar looked at her

“who else am I talking to to?” said Ragini annoyed

“hmm, you look beauiful”

“I always do”

“that’s better, yesterday you were acting so distant all of a sudden”

“is that all you wanted to say” said Ragini knitting her eyebrows

“yeah, I wanted to check your mood for the day” Sanskar smirked

“whatever” she pulled her hand leave my hand”

“I don’t feel like it” Sanskar said playfully

“I’m going to hit you if you don’t listen”

“go ahead”

“I mean it” Ragini scowled

“yeah right” and Sanskar groaned as he received a punch on his stomach. His hands left hers and held his stomach “you could be a wrestler”

“don’t mess with me next time” Ragini warned and walked away

Soon Sanskar left for the bachelors party. They all had a lot of fun, getting drunk, dancing, teasing the girls behind there back. But it was an enjoyable time.

Late in the evening the ladies returned and saw the men having fun with there foolish actions. Ragini
just sighed and went to her bedroom, whilst Sanskar winked at getting a glare back.

Ragini was sleeping when the door bell rung, she groaned on hearing it, she closed her eyes to sleep again when the door bell rang again. Ragini got up angry and went to the window to see who came so early in the morning. Outside she saw Sanskar standing downstairs waiting with a wide smile on his face. Ragini smiled seeing him but when he looked at her she at once glared at him, showing her anger which was trying to replace her smile.

Sanskar grinned seeing her hiding her smile and he shouted “Open the door”

“no, get lost”


Ragini went back to  bed to sleep, she was comfortably sleeping in her blanket when she felt a gush of adrenaline go through her once the freezing cold water was thrown on her. She jerked up with her eyes shut tight to prevent the water going into her eyes, she rubbed her face and open her eyes to find Sanskar in front of her

“Tum, what the hell” Ragini yelled

“hell?” he looked around  “where’s hell?

“oh shut up and tell me why you threw water on me and who let you in?”she questioned

“well” he started “I threw the water because it was fun” Ragini’s mouth dropped open, Sanskar lifted his hand under her chin and closed her mouth
“and Surekha aunty let me in”

She glared at him “who gave you permission to come to my room?”

“I don’t need permission”

“of course you do, now apologize and get out”

“How sweet, apologize and then a sweet get out”

“are you gonna say sorry or not”

“no, what are you going to do if I don’t” he asked raising his head high.

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do later, first get out” she barked


“Get out before–”

“Before what?” he asked seductively

Ragini grimaced “disgusting” she lifted herself from her bed and pushed Sanskar out of her room closing the door on his face, whilst as always Sanskar just grinned

Ragini dressed into a simply embroidered blue salwar suit for the haldi ceremony. All the ladies were going to Uttara’s house for the haldi and the men were going to Nikhil’s house for the haldi.

Soon the ladies departed for Uttara’s house except Ragini because she was looking for something. She went downstairs unknown that all the men were there. She was the only women there, she felt embarrassed and to make her feel more uncomfortable Sanskar winked at her.

Ragini hurriedly left and went to Uttara’s place. At Uttara’s house all the ladies enjoyed there self , ladies were putting haldi on Uttara, some were dancing and some were playing the dolki.

Uttara had wore Kalerein on her wrists. All the unmarried girls were lined up and Uttara shook the kalerein on there heads. The first one landed on Ragini’s head, making her blush.

The girls howled “so, who is it?” Nisha teased

“Koun?” Ragini asked innocently

“the one who’s going to come and take you as his bride”

“shut up Nisha” she hit her arm

Uttara shook her hand and continued with what she was doing. The next kalerein fell on Nisha’s head. The girls howled again

Ragini put her elbow on her shoulder and asked “So, who is it” she asked rather cheekily

“Uttara di” Nisha whined

“what, I’m doing what I’m supposed to” and then she asked “but even I want to know, who is it?” she asked mischievously.

On the other hand a man with short cut hair, slightly spiked up, wearing a yellow shirt and jeans with brown blazer entered the house. Nikhil’s face at once lightened up.

“Kabir” he called from a distance

“hi nikhil” he greeted walking towards him

“what is this?” Nikhil complained “you’re late for my wedding”

“sorry man, I was stuck” said kabir

“It doesn’t matter” he turned towards Sanskar “Sanskar, he’s–”

“Kabir, I know” said Sanskar

“How do you know?” Nikhil questioned

“well, we were friends in collage. But he chose his law and I couldn’t leave my music and we lost contact” answered Sanskar

“you still in love with music” Kabir asked, embracing Sanskar

“of course” yaar

“so” he asked, sitting beside him “found the right girl yet?” Kabir teased

“There is a girl, I just need her to confess”

“and why don’t I know about it?” Nikhil questioned authoritatively

“I’ll tell you soon. When we get married you’ll know anyway, after all, it’s your right”

“what do you mean?” Nikhil asked curiously

“Leave the meaning to be figured” Sanskar replied smirking

“yeah” Kabir interrupted “lets rock guys, the party just started.

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