Ragsan — Cross Connection (Part 5)

The morning of holi was hectic. The nanda’s were visiting the khanna family for holi. They would celebrate in the big garden of khanna house. Everyone was so busy, they forgot to wish each other. Everyone was ready but Ragini was taking her time. Nikhil sent the rest of the family, promising to come later with Ragini.

He knocked on her door “Ragini hurry up, everyone’s left”

“two more minutes, bhaiya” Ragini answered

“you’ve been saying that for the past half an hour” said Nikhil annoyed

“Bhai, please wait, two more minutes, I won’t be longer”

“hurry up” Nikhil ordered

Minutes later Ragini walked down the stairs, fixing her Dupatta “sorry I’m late, I woke up late”

“why did you take so long, I was meant to wish Uttara first”

“Sorry bhai” she looked guilty “you should have left”

“no, I’m not that selfish now, come on”

“haan” and Ragini followed him

Uttara’s eyes searched for Nikhil. He was nowhere in sight. Surekha came forward noticing her impatience “Are you looking for Nikhil?” she asked with a glint in her eyes.

“ji maa” Uttara replied with lowered eyes

“he’ll be a little late” said surekha

“is there an emergency again?” asked Uttara little worried

“no, he was waiting for Ragini”

Hearing Ragini’s name Sanskar interrupted “why is he waiting for Rgaini?”.
“She wasn’t ready” said surekha

“really, she takes that long to get ready for holi” Sanskar asked amused

“Bhai, shut up. Mom, why are you’re standing outside, go inside, Maa’s waiting for you”

“yeah” she held her cheek “Nikhil will be here soon”

Uttara’s eyes lit up as she saw Ragini and Nikhil walk to her “hi” she shouted from a distance.

“Hi” they replied together

“Nikhil you took so long” complained Uttara

“sorry bhabi, it was my fault. I woke up late so wasn’t ready on time” said Ragini

“it’s ok, I don’t mind” said Uttara and hugs Ragini

Sanskar being the person he was interrupted again “She went to sleep late. Why? Were you thinking about someone, or shall I say me?”

“can’t you stay without interrupting” Ragini retorted

“no, I can’t help it, My habit forces me to” Sanskar replied grinning

“Oh god” Ragini muttered

“what are you going to pray for? Me, Don’t worry, I’m free and all yours” Sanskar said with his long arms spread

“Nikhil bhaiya, tell him to shut up”

“Sanskar stop it” Nikhil scolded

“Nikhil, who are you listening to. She doesn’t know how to enjoy, lets enjoy, leave miss stuck up alone” Ragini grumbled

Uttara replied “Bhai, no jokes, I’m not in the mood”

“joke, who said I’m joking” Sanskar said with that smirk playing on his manly lips

“shut up” Ragini said

“sorry I didn’t hear anything, what did you say?”

“I said shut up”

“Say it again”

“am I singing that you want me to sing again”

“no but your voice is just as sweet”

“Oh forget it, there’s no use of arguing with you”

“and you learned that today”

“Here we go again” Nikhil stated

“let’s go inside” Uttara said pulling Nikhil’s arm

“yeah, I guess” Nikhil said walking with Uttara, whilst Ragini followed them, with Sanskar trailing behind.

The Holi Prayer was performed. After taking the holy sweets, everyone left for the garden, where Holi preparations were made.

The family and friends were scattered into various smaller groups. Nikhil was busy with Uttara his own small corner. The elders stood to a side, with their friends, talking and chatting about their own things.

Ragini stood to a corner, lonely, but happy. She didn’t like colors and never wanted to touch the colour unless she had to.

Sanskar who stood at a distance with Sahil, Kavya, Kavita seemed to notice the petite figure in white untouched, without a spot of color.

“sagar, why is Ragini standing there alone?” Sanskar asked

“Oh, she doesn’t like colors” said sagar making face

Sanskar giggled “what, It’s holi and she doesn’t like color”

“yeah. If it was in my hand, I would make sure she was fully colored, but I got in trouble for it. I ran behind her with color and she locked herself in the room and didn’t come out till the next day. I only tried then, I was shouted by mom so I’m not going to try anything on her” sagar answered

“where has your sister come from?” Sanskar asked amused “She doesn’t take a joke. She’s always red with anger and now she has a problem with colors”

“I know, but can’t help it. She think the colors are going to destroy her skin” replied Sagar

Sahil and Sanskar burst into laughter. “seriously, Ragini is different” Kavya exclaimed

“true” Mansi added “from what I’ve heard Ragini is a very irritable person”

“I’m going to color her today and no one can stop me” Sanskar announced with a smirk

“trust me, she’ll never allow you” sagar informed

“you want a bet” Sanskar challenged

“it’s a bet” sagar said with a smile

“just watch me” and Sanskar walked towards Nikhil and Uttara with Sahil” Hi guys, what’s up?”

“the sky” Nikhil replied

“very funny” Sanskar retorted “what are you guys doing? Look over there, Ragini is all alone, no one’s playing with her”

They looked at her “Yeah, we left her alone”

“let’s go and give her company” Uttara said taking Nikhil’s arm

“I’ll join you” Sanskar added with a grin

Ragini noticed the small group coming towards her from a distance with color filled hands. Suddenly nervous, she turned and ran before getting colored. Sanskar noticed and ran behind her.

“what happened?” Nikhil asked baffled “why did she run”

“she doesn’t like color” Sahil announced

“then why did you people tell us to play holi with her? It’s not pleasant do something against her will” Uttara argued

“Sanskar’s already gone” Sahil said smiling, pointing to the running couple.

“Ragini” Sanskar shouted

“Sanskar” Ragini looked behind “stop where you are” she ran faster “I don’t like color”

“I don’t care” and Sanskar ran faster

Ragini ran towards the house. As soon as she was inside she locked the door. She sighed, congratulating herself.

“not so fast” she heard and turned to find Sanskar in front of her with both hands filled with color, whilst he devilishly grinned at her.

“Oh shit” she mumbled. Immediately, she turned around in attempt to unlock the door, but it was too late. Sanskar caught her waist, squeezing her body with his. He turned her around and wiped his color filled hands on to her face, coloring her face and neck.

“Sanskar, ewww” she howled “, Sanskar stop it”

“hmm, you just got into my hands, I can’t leave you so soon”

“I hate you” Ragini scowled

“thank you” Sanskar replied, rubbing his hands onto her continuously

“stop it”


“please Sanskar, stop it now” Ragini said quiet, realizing her closeness.


“Sanskar, leave me”

“why should I” Sanskar asked, realizing her soft body pressed to his.

“Sanskar, enough of the joke, it’s not funny anymore” Ragini said quietly

“Ok, after you give me a kiss I’ll leave you” Sanskar stated

Ragini looked at him strangely “Sanskar this isn’t a joke” Ragini said struggling

“I’m not joking” Sanskar said bringing his face closer

“Sanskar, leave me” Ragini said pushing onto his broad chest

“After my kiss” Sanskar said, holding her struggling hands

“Sanskar stop it otherwise I’ll scream”

“go ahead, the door is locked and the noise outside is enough for them to hear you scream”

“Sanskar please” she asked pleadingly

“I’m waiting” Sanskar said descending

Ragini closed her eyes tightly and moved upwards to touch his lips to hers but instead she heard laughter. She opened her eyes. He had released her and laughed shamelessly. She glared at him, pushed him and left from the door after unlocking it.

Sagar smirked seeing Ragini’s face and clothes covered with color “I have to know how Sanskar bhaiya did this?” he said aloud.

Sunny patted sagar after watching Sanskar run out behind Ragini”why is Sanskar bhaiya running behind di?”

“well all I can say is that today di is a gone” and sagar walked towards Sanskar.

Soon Ragini ended up in the middle of the crowd, with everyone targeting her. She was horrified and drenched with color. Ragini glared at Sanskar time to time, whilst he grinned back proudly, throwing color on her, pushing her around, soaking her with color. Whilst Nikhil and Uttara’s eyes caught their intimate contact, as well as Janki and Sujata.

Ragini cursed Sanskar under her breathe, whilst rubbing her skin. She had been in the shower for the past hour trying to take the horrible colors off her body. She was going to kill Sanskar when she saw him. The horrible colors were penetrating her skin.
As Ragini entered the staff room the next morning, she found Sanskar and Sahil in the staff room.
“good morning sahil” Ragini greeted

“good morning” he replied

Sanskar waited for his sweet greeting but it seemed Ragini was in no mood. “very bad manners Ragini” Ragini looked at Sanskar, whilst opening her file. “no hello, no Hi, where’s my greeting”

“shut up” Ragini retorted

“Fine, I’ll spend the day with your sweet shut up today” Sanskar replied, winking at her.

“Sahil tell him if he doesn’t shut up then I won’t leave him”

“I don’t mind” Sanskar replied “I never want to leave you anyways”

“Sahil” she avoided Sanskar “tell him to shut up”

“sorry no chance”

“Sahil tell him , I won’t let him out of my hands today”

“Fine with me, I’m your prey and you’re the hunter” Sanskar kneeled in front of her “your most welcomed”

Ragini grumbled and said annoyed “Sahil’ tell…

“Hey, calm down. If you two want to fight, then fight. Don’t involve me” and sahil walked out of the room.

As she saw sahil leaving, she practically walked up to Sanskar and strangled him. “Ragini” he gasped “what are you doing?” Sanskar asked, choking

She set his neck free “You stupid monkey, it took me two hours. Two whole hours of mine went to waste because you couldn’t mind your own business and leave me spotless without color” Ragini shouted

“so, why are you getting so angry?” Sanskar asked as if nothing happened

“great, first you smear me with color without my permission, then you involve nearly everyone and you expect me to be calm” Ragini screamed “that stupid color wouldn’t even come off”

“simple, you should have called me to help you clean up”

“You are sick” Ragini stated

“I know I’m hot”

“shut up”

“I don’t want to”


Sanskar pulled Ragini by the waist, his hands touching her bear skin, pulling her into him “just admit it, you loved it” Sanskar whispered

“loved it my foot, leave me” Ragini shouted

“not happening” said Sanskar mischievously

“I said leave me or I will scream” Ragini retorted

“go ahead”

Ragini opened her mouth to scream, but Sanskar’s hands blocked her mouth, whilst he smirked at her miserable state.

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling, be confident & you are beautiful the way you’re….be yourself!!!

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