Ragsan — Cross Connection (part 3)

All the staff members turned tp look at Ragini and Sanskar. Dadi, looked towards Ragini confused then towards Sanskar’s smirking lips. She moved her glasses down her nose and asked “Sanskar do you have an explanation?”

“me dadi, Oh come on” said Sanskar casually

“Sanskar, tell me the truth” dadi asked strictly

He looked down “you know me dadi”

She sighed “but she just came today” Sanskar looked away, whilst Ragini looked baffled. “now come on, apologize”

“dadi, its my habit, everyone’s use to it and she will be soon. Why should I apologize” Sanskar argued

“Sanskar please” Sanskar looked at dadi pleadingly but her decision was firm “ok, sorry” said Sanskar

“now that’s my boy” dadi patted his shoulder, she turned to Ragini “don’t take him too seriously, its his habit. He doesn’t leave me behind either, although he knows I’m the principles wife” dadi said with smile

“its ok dadi, I’ll try to ignore it next time” said Ragini

“thank you” dadi touched her cheek affectionately “let me show you around the classrooms” she walked ahead, with Ragini following behind.

“god, it was a small joke” Sanskar complained once they left

“what exactly did you do?” Sahil asked

“I just asked her if she would want to date me and complimented on how s*xy she looked” Sanskar said bluntly

“she was definately supposed to be nice and smile” Kavita replied sarcastically

“Kavita” he whined “why are you giving her side”

“I’m not Sanskar, I’m saying what’s right” she sighed “forget it, lets go other wise we’ll be late for class again”

“lets go” Sanskar followed behind.

Ragini walked inside her new home as soon as the doors opened “how was your day?” Janki asked

“great, except” Ragini trailed off “forget it”

“hmm, ok, go and freshen up, you’ll feel better”

Minutes later Ragini walked down the stairs to find Nikhil sitting downstairs alone. Ragini felt awkward and looked here and there.

“why are you standing, sit” Nikhil said patting the seat next to him.

“umm, yeah” Ragini sat beside him unsure “where’s mom?”

“Oh, she’s gone to the temple with my mom” answered Nikhil

“sagar and sunny” asked Ragini
“they went with her”. Silence fell in the room. Nikhil decided to start the conversation “so Ragini, do you like dance”

“Haan” Ragini replied with lowered eyes

“Kyon?” Nikhil asked

 because I like dance answered Ragini

“come on Ragini, you don’t need to be so formal. I’m not as bad as you think” said Nikhil with smile

“I didn’t say you were bad” Ragini replied quickly

“I know, but your very formal. I may not seem as exciting as I am. So tell me, why do you like dance?”

“dance is my tension relief” Ragini replied

“really? Nikhil asked surprised. Ragini nodded. “but then again, you could have become much bigger, I mean you know dance in bollywood and all”

“yeah, but I love children, its fun teaching rather than gaining fame in dance” Ragini said

“your so much like Uttara’s brother. The only difference is that he likes music rather than dance” said Nikhil

Ragini smiled “can I ask you a question?”

“go ahead” said Nikhil

“Why did you want to be a brain surgeon?” Ragini asked

“hey, you’re stealing my questions said Nikhil to which Ragini smiled. it doesn’t matter, I just want you to open up. You seem to be rather opposite what I’ve heard about you”

“what have you heard about me?” Ragini questioned and soon they both were immersed in a deep conversation, knowing each other. They were quite similar and not at all bad as they thought the other was.

Ragini walked into the staff room to find Sahil and Kaavya in front of her. “good morning” Ragini greeted

“good morning” they said in unison

“how was your day yesterday?” kaavya asked

“great” answered Ragini

“and what about us?”

“you’re all very nice except–Oh forget it” Ragini said annoyingly

“Did someone just mention my name?” Sanskar asked entering the staff room, grinning.

Ragini turned around to find the most unwanted person for now. She sighed and moved to her cabinet. “good morning” Sanskar greeted

“what’s so good about the morning after seeing you” Ragini mumbled

“Ragini, forget about yesterday. Come on, don’t be angry for the past” Sahil advised

“Haan Ragini, it will be a better day” Kaavya added

“leave it guys” Sanskar interrupted “Miss arrogant doesn’t know how to be nice”

Ragini turned around and questioned “what did you just call me?”

“what you are” Sanskar simply answered

“well, Mr who-ever-you-are, look at yourself before saying things to others” Ragini said angrily

“see you just proved me” said Sanskar and Ragini huffed.

“Sanskar, be nice, don’t make her angry” Sahil retorted

“Ok” Sanskar said “I’ll be nice” Sanskar  looked at Ragini. “So Ragini” Ragini looked away.

“Ragini, come on” kaavya said “don’t be stubborn”

Ragini felt embarrassed and replied “ok, I’ll be nice as well as long as he is”

“you know what?” Sanskar announced. They all looked at him “that red colour is doing wonders to your skin. You look hot” Sanskar said with a grin

“Kya?” Ragini exclaimed

“Haan, seriously, but I think you should keep your hair open. I mean, I’d love to see your hair open, it will make you look even more”

Sanskar was cut off “you expect me to cope with this guy?” Ragini questioned pointing towards Sanskar.

“well, this is Sanskar for you” kaavya answered
Naam Sanskar aur kam… said Ragini under her breath..

Oh god. I can’t cope with such a person” Ragini retorted

“I’m not that bad and trust me. You’ll know after one date with me and I’m sure you will” said Sanskar with smirk.

“Oh please” Ragini blocked her ears and diverted her attention to her work.

Ragini stood outside the school gate waiting for Shekhar. He was supposed to pick her up today. He was coming home early and promised to pick Ragini up.

A few minutes later a car came and stood in front of Ragini. Sanskar rolled the window down and asked “want a lift?”

“no thanks” Ragini answered

“come on, I won’t mind, I’ll enjoy it as much as you” Sanskar said and winks.

“You’re starting again” Ragini said angrily

“what” Sanskar questioned “what am I starting

“look” Ragini pointed her finger towards him “I don’t need a lift, so go”

“why do you talk with so much anger” asked Sanskar

“what’s it to you?” Ragini huffed

“well yeah, its all about me because you only talk to me like that”

“you got a problem?”

“yes” answered Sanskar

“and do you think I care?” Ragini replied

“of course” Sanskar replied with that dirty grin of his

“keep dreaming” and Raginj walked off to her father’s car which had just arrived.

She sat down next to Shekhar “who was that?” he questioned

“a colleague, he wanted to give me a lift”

“Oh, ok” he started driving “me and your mother have to go to dehli for a few days, there’s been a death in the family” informed Shekhar

“who?” Ragini asked

“you don’t know them, there far relatives. we have to go for formalities. Surekha didi is coming with us too” shekhar told

“why can’t we go?” Ragini askec

“It will disturb your job and sagar and sunny have to be at school so its best if you stay”

“ok papa, as you wish”

The elders left on a Wednesday’s and were to return the following Wednesday. The khannas visited the nanda’s every weekend and as always, they were coming to visit on Saturday.

“Nikhil bhaiya, why do you prepare so much when Uttara bhabi comes?” Ragini asked

“when you get married, then ask me this question” Nikhil replied with smile to which Ragini frown

“please” Ragini made a face “me and married, no way”

Ragini lightly tapped his head ” who else is in her family?”

“her parents, two brothers, a sister, sister in law and nephew” Nikhil answered

“quite a big family” said Ragini amazed

“Haan, Are you planning to stay in you night suit all day?” Nikhil questioned


“then go and change, they’ll be here in a few minutes” said Nikhil

Ragini left immediately to get changed. Minutes later the doorbell rang. Nikhil opened the door with a big smile. The whole khanna family was standing in front of him. He gave them way to walk in. Ram and Sujata left from the door. They had to visit a relative due to some personal problem.

Sanskar was busy talking to Pari “and she is so irritable–”

“Sanskar, where’s the hello and hi gone. very rude” Nikhil said with a smirk

“Oh please Nikhil. we don’t need formalities” Sanskar replied

“so how you doing?” Nikhil asked “how’s life going?”

“Great. In fact we’ve got a new staff member in the school to replace dadi” Sanskar said

“and let me guess, you were flirting” Nikhil said bluntly

“well, that’s me. But the lady is arrogant. beautiful but her anger is as much as her beauty” said Sanskar

“there you go, you’ve got an other person to bother now” Nikhil teased

“Yeah man, how’s life with cousins?” Sanskar asked cheekily

“Great, they’re all great company. It’s like I’ve found my smaller brothers and sister” Nikhil replied smilingly.

“really, and what happened to, oh, they irritating and so annoying” Sanskar asked teasingly

“come on, I hardly knew them at that point” Nikhil defended himself

“true” Sanskar lifted his brows “where’s your cousin, I still haven’t met her”

“she’s gone to get ready” Nikhil answered

Ragini walked down the stairs as soon as the words slipped out of Nikhil’s mouth. “Nikhil bhaiya” Ragini called, walking towards him.

Sanskar immediatley recognized her voice. He turned around to come face to face with Ragini.

“Tum?” they both shouted in unison “what are you doing here?”

“uh, you know each other?” Nikhil  questioned

“Haan Nikhil, this is the same arrogant lady I was telling you about” answered Sanskar

“Oh shut up. You call me arrogant have you seen yourself Mr what-ever-you-are” Ragini shouted

“stop calling me that” Sanskar exclaimed “I have a name”

“so, what do I do?” Ragini retorted.

Sanskar ignored her comment and said “The name’s Sanskar”

“so?” Ragini said uninterestedly

“what do you mean so?” Sanskar snapped

“why are you telling me? I don’t want to know” Ragini retorted

“Well, I don’t care if you want to know or not?” Sanskar said

“listen Mr. ughh, just keep out of my way” Ragini said pointing her finger

“Nahi, I won’t what would you do?” Sanskar asked moving his head left and right.

“Ughh, you know what, you are a pain in the neck” Ragini replied

“even better your a–”

Their argument was interrupted “will you two shut up and explain what’s going on” Nikhil asked.

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Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way you are…. be yourself!!!!

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