Ragsan — Cross Connection (part 2)

Sanskar sat on the beige carpet of the staff room holding Maya’s (dadi)hand in his, flirting for fun. He had to go to Nikhil’s house again today since the sharma’s were to arrive, but he decided he would come a little later because he didn’t really have anything special to do there.

“Dadi, I swear, if you weren’t that arrogant principle’s wife then I would propose to you”

“Really” she replied pulling her glasses down her nose”whats so special about me” asked maya

“well” he said counting on his fingers “your perfect in every way, you cook, work, you’re a house wife along with a perfect career woman and most of all your the most beautiful lady on this planet earth” said Sanskar in flirting tone

“hmm–thank you” dadi said smiling

“so then dadi” he said getting on to his knee,”will you marry me and leave your husband for me, for my love” Sanskar said with puppy eyes

“not now–at least” replied dadi

“ouch” Sanskar clutched onto his heart” you broke my heart once again dadi, what’s so special about that aggressive principle”

“look behind you” dadi said curtly

Sanskar turned his head and found the principle looking down at him through those big framed glasses of his “oh s–sir—you—what are you doing here”

“well, just to tell you Mr. khanna you’re 5 minutes late for your class”
“I’m sorry sir” said Sanskar and he stood up” I’ll take a leave” he said leaving the staff room tensed.

Maya and the principle chuckled at his behavior this boy I tell you will never stop flirting” the principle said sitting next to his wife.

“yes, He’s so cute, did you need something” asked Maya

“yeah, actually I came to tell you that someone phoned in last night to replace you” said principle

“great, I want to handle the office with you, I’m getting old” said maya

“no your not, your always sweet 16 for me” replied principle

“ok, ok, stop flirting like Sanskar and tell me who is this person who phoned you”

“well, her name’s Ragini and she’s coming from masoori” principle replied

“here we go, Sanskar has another girl to flirt with now” said Maya

“yeah, just hope the best for her” replied principle

Surekha was getting restless waiting for her sister, at the airport along with her son and daughter in law.

“why aren’t they here now, they should have been back by now” said surekha

“mom they just started to depart” Nikhil said trying to calm his mother down.

“yes your right, sorry I’m just a little over excited” answered Surekha

“There they are, come on lets go” she said as she spotted them.

“where, I cant see them”

“there” Surekha pointed

Nikhil and Uttara looked in the direction she pointed at and noticed an horrendous sight, a fat lady, who’s skin was almost slurping down her, hanging on to her with a short skinny man, who was dark and crooked along with three kids, looking alike to there parents.

“Mom, don’t you think maasi is a little too –umm– fat” said Nikhil

“no, not at all, she looks the same as she was twenty five years ago” answered Surekha

“mom, I thought shekhar uncle was very tall and strong”

“yes, he still is” Surekha replied

“you are joking mom, he’s nothing near tall and strong. I don’t think so” said Nikhil bluntly

“what are you two talking–” then she noticed the imperfect couple they were staring at “uff, not them, the ones behind them who are standing with the two boys” Surekha said

“Mom, maasi is beautiful” Nikhil  exclaimed

“yeah” Uttara  confirmed but you said she has three children”

“yes, may–” Surekha was interrupted with the voice of her sister “didi, I missed you”

Surekha embraced her sister, tears of happiness welling her eyes “me too, your still the same, just as beautiful”

“no, its not the same, now I’m a mother of a young daughter” said Janki

“daughter, where is she?” Asked Surekha

“she’s coming, she went to the washroom Janki answered

“oh, ok” surekha turned towards Shekhar “how are you? your still as healthy, bauji will be pleased to meet you”

“I’m fine” Shekhar replied with a smile “here are my son’s” he introduced

“they’re so cute” she pulled their cheeks “this is my son Nikhil and she’s my would be daughter in law, Uttara” said Surekha

“Namaste” they greeted in unison

“Nikhil ” Shekhar embraced him “you’ve grown a lot, you were so small when we left” said shekhar

Nikhil flushed a little embarrassed, whilst Uttara smiled broadly.

“Didi, he’s Sagar” Janki introduced” and he’s Sunny my youngest”

“Sagar looks just like his father” surekha commented “and sunny” she pulled his cheek again “just a handsome and cute as your mother”

Sunny and Sagar smiled rather nervously with this stranger pulling their cheek time to time.

Ragini walked towards her parents frustrated “mom, these people are mad, they don’t even know how to–” then she realized the strangers and self consciously said “oh, hi, I’m sorry”

“It’s ok, Ragini right? Surekha said

“Haan, umm maasi” Ragini replied

“yeah, I’m your maasi” and Surekha hugged her.

“Ragini, what happened?” Janki asked

“nothing mom” Ragini replied

“mom, its a little obvious, not all people can handle Ragini di now, can they?” Sagar said bluntly

“shut up sagar” Ragini shouted

“sorry di” Janki said a little embarrassed “my children are a little um”

“its fine janki, what else are children there for. She’s just as beautiful as you” Surekha complimented

“thanks didi” Janki said with smile

“mom, shall we leave” Nikhil interrupted, I think they would want to rest”

“oh yes, come on, lets go” and they left with Nikhil and Uttara following behind

“you’ve got an interesting family there” said Uttara to Nikhil

“interesting, please, I don’t want to know, the bigger one is very aggressive” Nikhil said annoyingly

“Nikhil, she’s your sister  said Uttara

“correction cousin” said Nikhil sternly

“ok, ok, cousin but still sister in a way” replied Uttara just to get glare from Nikhil

“fine” he sighed and walked forward.

Uttara became fast friend with Ragini. She may have been aggressive but she was a sweet person. Nikhil sighed and hoped it wouldn’t be much of an interruption. Everyone settled down in the house, rested.

That evening, the khanna family came to visit the Sharmas and Nandas.

“Toh aap Janki ho right?” asked Sujata

“Ji” Janki replied with smile

“Sujata, she’s my sister and Janki this is Uttara’s mother” introduced Surekha

The elders continued with introductions and there own talks, where as Sanskar and Aryan sat with Nikhil  and Uttara to a corner chatting.

“so Nikhil, you like your cousins” asked Sanskar

“the small one, what’s his name again” said Nikhil

“Sunny” mere bulakdnath Uttara replied

“Arrey wow!! Uttara, you already know their names” said Sanskar teasingly

“shut up bhai” Uttara yelled

“ok, ok, so what you were saying Nikhil” Sanskar said

“he’s quiet and sensible so not a problem for me” Nikhil said

“how small is this kid, I mean kids and quiet, your joking” said Sanskar bluntly

“he’s eleven” replied Nikhil

“hmm, interesting” sanskar sighed

“the middle one, oh he is a pain, him and his sister are always fighting, he’s always teasing her and is a non stop talker” Nikhil said annoyingly

“great, dadaji, we got company” Sanskar winked

“yeah right” Uttara replied “and Ragini is just great, she’s also a–”

“She’s not great the way your describing, she’s an anger package, always angry, impatient” said Nikhil with annoyed face

“a girl” he drawled “how old is she?” Sanskar interpreted

“what’s it with you asking the age bhai, even if you do flirt with her, you’ll regret it” said Uttara

“yeah, I agree” Nikhil said” there’s no chance here and it’s time you love someone”

“no one can reject me, I’m too cute to be rejected” Sanskar replied mischievously “where are they?”

“there asleep” Nikhil answered.

A while later, sagar and sunny came down the stairs. Seeing all these strangers, sagar nervously asked “Nikhil bhaiya, where’s mom?”

“she’s in the kitchen” Nikhil answered

“thanks” and he walked off, leaving sunny standing there confused and nervous.

“hey, you must be sunny, aren’t you?” Sanskar asked with a smile

“yeah” he said nervously

“why are you standing there, I wont bite” Sanskar joked

Sanskar being a teacher knew how to handle kids. Within a nick of time sunny sat with them laughing and enjoying himself.

Sagar came back to find sunny so mixed up with these strangers. He stared at them, when he was interrupted “you’re sagar, right?” Sanskar asked

“umm, yeah” said sagar

“what you standing there for, come here, we won’t say anything” Sanskar said

“Oh, um, I’m not use to talking to strangers” said sagar

“strangers” Sanskar looked around “where?” Sagar laughed, this man was fun “that’s better?” he smiled “by the way, I’m Sanskar”

“sagar?” he shacked his hand

Soon sagar was also talking, chatting, with the big group. Nikhil got ot know his younger cousins more, knowing they’re  not as bad.

“where’s your sister?” Sanskar asked “doesn’t she want to meet us?”

“if you want to meet her, you’ll have to wait till the week end”

“why’s that” asked sanskar

“for now she’s asleep and won’t wake up till tomorrow morning” Sagar replied

“morning? is she that tired?  Sanskar asked

“you could say? she’s got an interview tomorrow” Sagar replied

“interview?” Nikhil asked surprised “that quick”

“doesn’t she want to, you know like chill out before working” said Sanskar

“no, I’ll be glad” said sagar

“why, is she annoying” asked Sanskar

“yeah, of course she is, its so noisy when she’s here, she’s always practicing” replied sagar

“noisy?” Nikhil said “I don’t like too much noise”

“yeah, I noticed, you and Ragini di are the same, both are workaholic” Sagar said bluntly

“workaholic?” Nikhil said “oh, ok”

Ragini walked down the stairs, dressed in a plain black chiffon sari, with her hair in a single plait, with a file in her hands and purse on her shoulder.

“Ragini” janki called where are you going?”

“for my interview” Ragini replied

Ragini, take a day rest at least” said Janki

“maa, I’ve rested enough, I don’t need more rest” Ragini replied

“but Ragini” said janki

“bye mom” Ragini interpreted and hugs janki

“Ragini, how are you going to get there? you don’t know the ways” Janki said worriedly

“I’ll find my way maa, I have the address” Ragini said confidently

“Ragini, please don’t–” protested Janki

“bye mom” said Ragini and she left

“bye” said janki

“Ragini is just like Nikhil” said Surekha who witnessed the scenerio.

“yeah, but she doesn’t understand. She gives too much time to her work” Janki sighed as she watched the closed door

Ragini headed out in search of a school to work in. Whilst the principle was going to be late today. Sanskar, Kavya and Sahil had a free time, so they sat in the staff room chatting as always.

Sanskar, as always was in the mood of mischief “guys, lets go and see what’s in the principles office, he’s coming late”

“are you mad?” Sahil exclaimed

“If we’re caught, we are so dead” Kavya added

“come on, we won’t be caught, sir said he’s going to come after 11, we’ve got enough time, the rest of them are in classes” said Sanskar

“then go” Sahil said “we’re not taking the risk”

“yeah, I agree with Sahil” Kavya replied

“well what else was expected from you kavya, you were obviously going to give your to be husbands side” said Sanskar dramatically

“Sanskar” she hit his arm “it’s not about support, its about what your doing. I’m sure your own wife wouldn’t allow you to do such things” Kavya replied

Sanskar sighed. The two were never going to listen to him.

Sanskar sat in the principle’s office wearing his big glasses trying to see why he wore them. He picked up a few papers and sat down on the principle’s chair, leaning back.

As he leaned back on the comfy chair, he heard a sift knock on the door. Ragini stepped inside “may I come in sir”

Sanskar was confused at first, but thought to play along, after all he had the chance to flirt with such a beautiful being.

“sure, umm, how can I help you? Oh have a seat first”

Ragini sat down in front of him “umm, I applied to replace the dance teacher”

“what?” Sanskar shouted

“excuse me” Ragini said, looking at him confused.

Sanskar looked at her shocked. Why was she replacing dadi? Oh well, he thought, let’s get to know her.

“Is there anything wrong sir?” Ragini questioned

“oh, nothing, um sorry for that” he cleared his throat “so your here for your interview” asked Sanskar formally

“yes sir” Ragini replied

“what’s your name?” Sanskar asked, pretending to scan the laptop


Ragini, Sanskar thought, I’ve heard the name before. “what’s your hobbies” he asked

“excuse me” Ragini asked weirdly

“tell me, your hobbies” Sanskar questioned

“umm, dancing” Ragini replied

“are you married?” Sanskar asked bluntly

“what has this got to do with the–”

“answer the question” Sanskar interrupted

“no” Ragini replied

“engaged” he asked

“no” she replied

“have you ever been on a date?” Sanskar said bluntly

“you have no right to ask me such personal questions” Ragini said, standing up

“sit down” Sanskar said, she did as he said “I justed wanted to know, or you could say I’m asking you out in away?”

“what kind of questions are these?” Ragini raised her voice and you’re married, your wife will be so appalled knowing that what her husband does around here. I can call the police on you for this behavior” said Ragini furiously

“chill, chill” Sanskar said coolly the name’s Sanskar and I’m single, who said I’m married”

“I don’t care” Ragini stood up I’m not working here” she snatched her file from Sanskar.

“by the way Ragini, I have just got to say this but you look absolutely s*xy with that black sari” said Sanskar in flirty tone

Ragini’s mouth opened “O”? I will definately call the police on you if you don’t stop this nonsense”

“hey, take a chill pill. You know, I consider you go for modeling, you are so fit and toned. Your body is so curvaceous–” Sanskar said mischievously

“Bus bahut ho geya” Ragini turned around.

At the same moment, Sahil came rushing to the office “Sanskar, get up, the principle is here”

“Oh shit” Sanskar quickly set the papers and glasses aside and rushed out of the office.
Ragini stood there confused and angry. A few seconds later the principle entered his office “ah, you must be Ragini”

“yes” Ragini said

“Hello, I’m Mr.Surya Verma, the principle”
But then, who was that man?” Ragini asked being confused

“man, what man?” Principle asked confused

“Ah, what was his name again, Sanskar” Ragini answered after thinking for a moment.

“Sanskar Oh! his always up to some mischief, I’ll sort him out Principle said. Miss Sharma, tell me are you willing to replace the dance teacher”

“yes” Ragini said with smile

“ok, so we can start with the interview” The principle interviewed Ragini. He was quite impressed and offered her the job.

At lunch time he called Maya Verma to his office. “you called me” she asked entering

“yes, this is Miss sharma, the one I told you about” said principle introducing Ragini

“Oh, the new dance teacher” said Maya

“yes” Ragini said and greeted her Namaste folding her hands.

“You’re very beautiful Ragini” and well-mannered too said Maya

“thank you” mam Ragini said

“Ok, so I’ll introduce you to the staff in a while, but for the first few sessions, I”ll train you, you’ll get to know the kids as well, then you can start teaching” Maya said

“yes ma’am”

“everyone calls me dadi here” said Maya

“ok dadi” Ragini smiled

Maya led Ragini to the staff room. The teachers were scattered in groups. Sanskar sat with Mansi and Kavita, flirting as always. His back was facing Ragini.

“Can I have your attention” dadi anounced, they all looked back “this is Miss sharma, she’s going to replace me”

“why dadi, are you leaving?” kavya asked

“no, but I can’t work as good now, I’m going to assist the principle in the office” Maya replied

They all stood up to greet there new colleague meet her Ragini, she’s Mansi” Maya introduced Ragini to Mansi. They greeted each other with a warm smile.

Sanskar’s head shot up as he heard her name, then a grin formed on his face. One by one, she was introduced to everyone. Finally Maya came to Sanskar  “and this is Sanskar”

Ragini looked up and burst out “Tum”

“Haan main” Sanskar took her small hand in his big one and kissed it “nice to meet you Ragini” and winks.

Ragini immediately pulled her hand back, looking at Sanskar disgusted.

Hey peeps! Thanks for your support, it really means a lot to me. I’ll try to update this ff regularly (fingers crossed) One more surprise coming♡♡

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way you are…. be yourself!!!

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