Ragsan — Cross Connection (part 1)

The city was noisy, sounds of cars, people, traffic and stalls could be heard since it was morning, when everyone would head for work. Moving towards the quieter areas of mumbai an beautiful big house is seen with a board in front of the house saying ‘khanna house’. In the house a women was busy helping her husband get ready

“come quickly today Ram, we have to visit Uttara’s in laws today”

“ok, I’ll try my best”

“not try your best , you will come early , and i mean it”

“ok madam, no need to become angry, is Uttara awake?”

“yes she is, she’s doing breakfast with Nisha, Pari is making Aryan ready and Adrash and Sanskar have already left for work”

“Sujata you say the same thing everyday”

“well, you ask me the same question everyday, and my answer will always remain the same”

“ok , now please put this tie on for me, I’m getting late”

Mean while downstairs, a young girl is scolding the other girl with another elderly women watching them

“Nisha you better not be late today” said Uttara

“i won’t, promise”

“Nisha, i mean it, last time you were two hours late, it gives a bad impression to my in laws”

“come on di, I’m sure they don’t mind, they love you a lot and anyways, I was busy with a book in the library”

“the books are much more important to you, but still, come on, your supposed to take care of time”

“ok, ok , I promise I’ll come early today, just give me a call”


“By the way Uttara did you tell Sanskar?, I’ve informed Adrash” said pari

“oh, no, I forgot to tell him, bhabi please tell him, pretty please, I’m getting late”

“ok I’ll, drop Aryam to school on your way, and Nisha please come early” said pari

“Okay bhabi” said nisha stuffing bread in her mouth.

Nisha, Uttara and Aryan took a leave, whilst Pari sat down on the sofa and lifted the phone, she dialed a number but to her luck the phone was engaged, so she dialed the school phone number. On the other line an old man, wearing thick glasses with a black suit lifted the phone


“hello, Surya uncle” (he is principal)

“oh , Pari, how are , how are you feeling”

“I’m fine, can I talk to Sanskar, his phones not working”

“yes, just hold on, I’ll call him”

The principle called a clerk and told him to send Sanskar to his office. The clerk headed towards the staff room where a man stood in the middle with everyones attention diverted to himself.

“Kavita, you broke my heart”

“What did I do?” Asked kavita

“Whilst I’m alive your getting engaged to someone else, and your asking me what have you done” said that guy dramatically

“enough with this, we’re getting late for class, and anyways what’s your problem?” said Kavita laughing

“problem” he leaned against the wall and said “oh , what problem can I have, dadi (principal’s wife) and Mansi ji are already married, Swara already broke my heart when she got engaged to Sahil and now you”

“ok, ok, enough with the joke, get up, we are late”

Just then the clerk entered the staff room calling for Sanskar

“sir is calling you”

“ok, anything serious”

“no, you have a phone call”

“oh, ok, thanks” Sanskar headed towards the office and attended his call .


“hello, Sanskar come home early today, we have to go to Uttara’s in laws today” said Pari

“Bhabhi, why are you telling this to me, Uttara is the one who needs to go”

“Sanskar, just come early, don’t be late”

“ok, See you later”

“bye” With that Sanskar headed straight towards his class since he was already late.

At lunch time he went to the dance room and sat with an elderly women, who had her hair tied up in a bun, with a pink sari.

“dadi, what’s the matter today, you look absolutely beautiful”

“thank you, and now tell me what you want”

“hmm, you always figure it out, ok, um I need to go home a little early today so can you talk to the principle”

“ok, and the reason” asked old lady

“Uttaras in laws” said Sanskar

“ok, just wait here, I’ll be back” Maya (principle’s wife, old lady) convinced the principle and Sanskar headed home once he finished his lesson after lunch.

As always, Sanskar was fifteen minutes late, but not more late than Nisha, she was forty five minutes late and Uttara was ready to burst as soon as both of the criminals stood in front of her.

“What did I say, I said be here by 2’o clock and right now, its nearly three, What the hell is wrong with you, can’t you read the time” said Uttara angrily

“Sorry” they both said heads down.

“what sorry, this is not done, why were you late” asked Uttara

“I got stuck in the traffic” replied Sanskar 

“I had a meeting with our collage professor” Nisha said bluntly

“Excuses, excuses, I don’t want excuses” Shouted Uttara” now hurry up, I’m giving you ten minutes, I want you down within in that time, because of you two we’re late again”

“ok, let me remind you, I’m your big brother, so use a little respect next time” Sanskar taunted” its fine with me now, but once I’m married please don’t shout like that, I’ll feel insulted”

“sorry” Uttara replied

Sanskar left to change his clothes, he didn’t take Uttara’s shouting bad at all since he knew Uttara was very possesive about her relationships, but when it came to Nikhil, she was a little too possessive, oh well that was her problem, Sanskar thought.

They finally arrived at Uttara’s in laws house, they settled down with everyone separated in groups.

“You look really happy, Surekha said suji”

“of course I am, She’s coming after twenty five years, I’m on cloud nine” replied Surekha

“Where are they planning on staying” asked suji

Shekhar wanted to rent an house here, but how can they live here, whilst I’m here” surekha replied

“Yes that’s true, who else is coming”

“Her children, she got three children, I haven’t seen any of them since she left when she was pregnant with Ragini”

“Ragini nice name, do you want us to come to the airport” asked suji

“no, its alright, its just that I would love it if Uttara comes, since she is our daughter in law” replied surekha

“she will be there, I’m sure she doesnt want to miss this opportunity” said suji with a smile.

On the other hand, Uttara and Nikhil were busy amongst themselves in the garden

“So Uttara are you coming tomorrow” asked nikhil

“of course I will, you don’t look so excited” said Uttara

“well, They are like intruders, I mean come on, I’ve always had silence when I work and now that they are gonna be here its gonna be quite noisy” replied Nikhil

“Nikhil, you’re just too much, selfish, only think about your self, no time for me even” said uttara complaining

“hmmm” he wrapped his arms around her “well after our wedding I’m all yours” he said making Uttara blush

Whilst inside, the atmosphere was totally different, Sanskar & dadaji were laughing, cracking stupid jokes every second.

“that was so funny, why don’t you tutor Nikhil, he needs it”

“Dadaji, if he wants to live in peace its best for him to stay the way he is with Uttara” said Sanskar laughing

“bhai, your making a joke out of me again” said uttara

“when did I make a joke out of you” said Sanskar with most innocent face

“who else are you talking about” asked Uttara annoyed
well I was talking about your mother in law, sisters, husbands, daughters, mothers, sisters, sons to be wife, got a problem” said Sanskar bluntly

“ha ha ha…bhai that was so funny” said Nisha and Uttara glared her.

Whilst Nikhil’s house was noisy, with so many people around, faraway from mumbai was a place peaceful, calm and pleasant. Whereas in mumbai everyone would live in havoc, over here everything was organized, making the scenery ever so beautiful with the green grassed mountains surrounding the city, Masoori.

Close by, on the outskirts of Masoori, There were a few small but beautiful houses lined up in an open green field filled with fragrances of the millions of flowers and the greenery surrounding them.

The house in the middle, was beautiful, with brown bricks made of clay clearly visible, whilst the house was itself set up in a beautiful interior itself, with the people so beautiful.

“Stop, I said stop, get back here now sagar” Ragini yelled on top of her voice

“Catch me first” He replied

“Sagar, please give my anklets back” said Ragini

“no, not at all , I want to sleep, but with the sound of the anklets I won’t sleep a bit” said Sagar

“I’m gonna tell mom” said Ragini

“go tell mom, see if I care” He relied tripping on his smaller brother’s leg

“ouch Sunny, keep your legs in place” said sagar annoyed

“stop teasing Ragini di” Sunny replied innocently

“whatever, Ragini di, Ragini di is all you think of” Sagar answered running forward to save him self from his sister whilst he waved the anklets in the air.

To Ragini’s fortune, he bumped into his fathers broad chest. Her father looked tired and sweat beads were clearly visible on his forehead from the blazing sun and the hard work all day.

“Sagar, why are teasing my princess, give her the anklets back” said Shekhar sternly

“Papa please tell him to give it back, I’m practising” said Ragini in complaining tone

“but papa, she is disturbing me, and she’s always dancing” said Sagar annoyed

“But that doesn’t mean you interrupt me and–”

Sagar interrupted”I had no option other than that”

“sagar please give it” said Ragini pleading

“no shouted sagar

“sagar, please, I need to practice” Said Ragini

They were once again interrupted by there mother who walked out of the kitchen with her sari tied to around her securely. she had a wooden spoon in her hands with stains of curry on there, she walked towards her husband taking his bag.

“Shekhar go and freshen up I’ll look after these two”

“thanks Janki” saying this he walked off

“you two started again, give us a break for once” said Janki

“mom he took my anklets” Ragini complained

“but she’s been making noise all day” said sagar

“That’s it-hurry up now —sagar give her anklets back and Ragini pack them up, if you’re taking them” she commanded strictly

“mom, why did dad have to transfer now” asked Ragini

“yes, but I’m happy your papa got the transfer, after so many years I’ll visit my sister, I mean I wasn’t even there when she became a widow”

“hmm—who else is there” asked Ragini

“Nikhil, her son, he’s getting married next month and bauji, her father in law”

“wedding, interesting” said Ragini with a smile

“ok, now go and sleep, you have to be up early for the flight” said janki

“yes mom, just give me 10 minutes, I’ve got to call up a school for an interview” Ragini replied

“interview?” asked Janki

“yes, I’m gonna start working as soon as I’m there” Ragini andwered

“ufff- you and your career, what’s so special about teaching dance now?” said Sagar annoyingly

“I like it” Ragini replied with smile

“I don’t know how your husband will handle you” said Sagar mockingly

“who said I’m getting married” she shouted whilst going towards her room, after a few phone calls she tucked herself into bed and waited for her destination—mumbai.

Hey peeps!! Hope u guys will support my this ff like my other ffs. Please do comments and let me know….

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way

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