Ragsan — Cross Connection (intro and character sketch)

Sanskar Khanna:
He is 26 years old. He is a music teacher. It was his ambition to be a music teacher. He lives in India…in mumbai. He is a jolly personality. He flirts around with his female colleagues but everyone knows that its just a joke.

Ram prasad khanna and Sujata khanna:
Ram is Sanskar’s father.They are a middle classe family.he loves his wife a lot as well as his children. He works in a bank and is very happy with his life. Sujata is Sanskar’s mother. She is loving…caring and kind. She is a house wife and loves her children more than anything and she treats her daughter in law as her daughter

Adrash khanna and Parineeta khanna
Adrash is the elder brother of Sanskar khanna.He is 29. He works in a office as a assistant directer. he is married and has a child who is now nearly 6 years old. Pari is Adrash’s wife and is very sweet loving,caring and attached to her in laws.

Uttara khanna and Nikhil Nanda
Uttara sanskar’s smaller sister who is  studying to be a doctor. She is 23. She believes friendship is the most important aspect in life. She is engaged to Nikhil nanda who is a brain surgeon. He is 25. He is a great personality, he jokes according to time but is very calm and kind.

Nisha khanna (Aneri Vajani)
Sanskar’s youngest sister. She is 20 years old and loves to enjoy life. she is studying law and plans to become a lawyer in the future.

Aryan Khanna
He is Sanskar’s nephew… adrash and par’s son who is nearly six. He goes to school. He is naughty like Sanskar. He is mostly fighting with Uttara.

Ragini Sharma
She is 24, She is a dance teacher. She teaches dance. She has just shifted from masoori to mumbai with her family and is in search of a job. She is a kind of serious personality.She takes life very serious,hates annoying people well except her family members and a few close friends. She is fond of children.

Shekhar and Janki sharma
They are Ragini’s parents, they are proud of their daughter and wish there sons who are younger than Ragini make them proud like Ragini. Shekhar is a manager in a bank and has been transferred to mumbai. Janki is a house wife, she loves her family a lot, her sister lives in mumbai who she will meet soon after 25 years.

Sagar sharma

He is 15. He is joyous,jolly loves to annoy Ragini, but settles down when she gets hyper.

Sunny sharma
He is 11 years old. He is cute ,and Ragini loves him more than sagar because he doesn’t annoy her, instead he respects her and they have the perfect sister brother relationship

Surekha nanda
She is Nikhil nanda’s mother, she is loving caring and she is Janki’s sister who lives in mumbai. She is a widow and lives with her father in law as well as her son.

Sajjan nanda
He is Nikhil’s grandfather. jolly ,loves his grandson, and he is very fond of Sanskar because of his jolly behavior

Kabir Verma (Mishkat Verma)
He is 23 and has just become a lawyer. He lives in mumbai and is a close friend of Nikhil nanda.


Ragini sharma lives in masoori with her family, she learnt dance because she enjoys dance and she later started teaching it within a school. Now she has to move to mumbai because her father’s job has been transferred to mumbai. She has applied to a few places in Mumbai and as soon as she comes to Mumbai she is going to go for her interviews.

Sanskar khanna love music so he learnt music, he sings as well, he could have become a singer or a musician but because he loves kids so much he decided to teach music which he does in a primary school. He flirts around with other teachers but is aware of his limits, and every one know he is never serious so nothing goes wrong.

Uttara got engaged to Nikhil a month ago and soon is going to get married to him. Nikhil has a jolly grandfather who is fond of Sanskar. His daughter in law Surekha became a widow 8 years ago. Surekha has been informed by her sister Janki of there arrival to mumbai and she is waiting for the day to come.

Sanskar and Ragini have never met….they are both of opposite characters. Sanskar  is jolly where as Ragini is serious. Sanskar is patient where as Ragini is impatient. Ragini hates flirts where as Sanskar just flirts. The only common thing I can think right now about them would be…they are stubborn and love children.

Will these two ever be able to meet? if they meet how will they cope with each other?

Hello folks!! So here I’m with new ff. Hope u guys liked the introduction if yes then let me know. Should I continue it or not..

Take care, stay happy, stay healthy, stay busy, stay loved, stay blessed, keep shining, keep smiling & you’re beautiful the way you are…. be yourself!!!!

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