Hey guys its ridhi.Really disappointed with swaragini nowadays .Cvs are really doing injustice to ragini/laksh and raglak fan.I will try to start a raglak fiction soon.However its a ragsan ttwo shot story.Hope u all enjoy it
How could I have known I would fall in love with him, but how could I not either? I had started the job about six months prior, it wasn’t my dream position but it was very interesting to me and I had always enjoyed new challenges. My position was newly created, somewhat of a cross between Human Resources and Finance. It suited me well, as my education and background included both fields, I could carve out a niche for myself. I was eager to develop something here and set about doing that immediately.

My level afforded me the opportunity to meet with anyone in the company. This was quite unique and I knew I would take full advantage. The first meeting I attended was held by the president as an introduction of sorts. He had wanted all his immediate officers to meet me and to understand what he was thinking for the position, as well as hear from them, what they’d like to see become of this potential department. The introductions were swift and the discussion commenced. I was thrilled with their ideas and my spirits were buoyed that many of my thoughts and wishes were being accepted as well as furthered. These were good people, smart, energetic and interesting, and the acceptance I felt was immediate. Yes! I thought this was just what I needed.

As well as being a career move, this was a geographical move too. I needed a change but never thought I would move from all I knew and loved. It was hard, harder than I had anticipated. The job had become my anchor in my new life. I was trying to build a life here
The atmosphere at the office was friendly and open. I had never had much trouble making friends and I fit in rather quickly. My co-workers were more than generous with their time at the office, as well as their home lives. I was invited to dinners and weekend gatherings at their homes. These people were warm, honest and caring, and the feeling of acceptance was real and heartwarming.

There were a few people at the office with who I had become very close to in a short time. I loved when that happened in life; as though all paths and choices lead right to each other. That was the feeling I had with Sanskaar. He was an officer of the company and extremely handsome, not only was he an officer but a gentleman too. He treated me as an equal, not just within the company, but in life too. He was more than few years my senior,engaged. On the face of things one would have thought we would not have had much in common to become such great friends, but we became just that. He was kind and giving, not to mention very intelligent and fun. Qualities I admired in people and felt I had too. We were drawn to each other the first day, as co-workers. Although I have to admit, I was drawn to him personally as well that day.
It was his kindness, his sweet gentle loving nature. He would use words like beautiful at the office, but they never seemed out of place or condescending, quite the opposite in fact. From him, it was endearing and warm. My feelings were simple; I liked him very much. One day each in our own offices and busy on the phone I needed to discuss an issue with him. I used the interoffice computer messaging system; our office “Yahoo” of sorts. I buzzed him asking for a few minutes of his time when he was available. We accomplished our discussion rather quickly and the “conversation” drifted in and out to other things, as friends would tend to do. This was the first time we “spoke” to each other not face to face, or voice to voice. These messaging systems can create an atmosphere that lets one speak quite openly, as we all know out here on the web.

That was just what happened that day between us. With our work discussion completed our chat turned more personal. He asked a few personal questions, I answered, as I felt close enough to him so there was no thought of not responding. Trust was not an issue with him, that was a given to me, it was something I just knew from the beginning. Not until he mentioned having special feelings did I become confused with our banter.

“Well, I do have special feelings” he wrote.

“Oh” I responded, not really understanding about whom he was speaking.

“Did that hurt?” he asks.

“Did what hurt? What are you talking about Sanskaar? “ I respond with my typical quip to ease what had become and instant and growing tension inside me.

“Ragini, I am trying to tell you that I have special feelings for you.” The words appeared on my screen and my breath caught, my mouth fell open and I swear my heart was beating at lightening speed.

“Oh” was all I could reply.

“I’m sorry Ragini, I didn’t mean to step over a line here. I am sorry.”

“No, umm, no that’s okay Sanskaar. Umm well, I am surprised to hear this.”


“Yes, really!”

“Oh” now it was his turn to be speechless I thought. To try to lighten the mood and frankly to get myself out of this before I was in too deep I replied,

“Did that hurt?” and added the familiar “lol”.

“Ragini, I am serious. Can we meet this evening to talk?”

Well, that didn’t work the way I had hoped, or so I thought I hoped. I did want to meet him I realized. I did like him. I’d never felt this way for a man in my life and it was scary too. He was engaged! Unavailable. No, this wasn’t right. My head was spinning but I agreed to meet him.

PRECAP:Ragsan confrontation


Credit to: ridhi

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    2. Thnx…and I have already posted my raglak ff?

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