Ragsan : Bepanah…..part 2

Next day

Ragini reaches office early as she had to decide with Sanskaar what had to be done next. She reached her office and saw it locked

Oh nooo…. he is still not here…. what will I do….. should I call him ? No ragu…. don’t it will be wrong

The surroundings were deserted since it was still time for the offices to open…. even the watchman didn’t come. She was getting scared. A white Car stopped in front the main door. A sigh of relief left from her mouth. Sanskaar came out.

I am sorry miss Ragini for coming late

It’s alright sir… so should we go?

Yes of course

They went inside Office and entered the cabin.

So did you talk to Gauri?

Yes I did… and it is true she loves him

I told you… so from where should we start

First of all u need to finish this rule of not dating the colleagues.

It’s not just about Vikas that I made this rule…. yes he was one of the reason but another reason was that I don’t want personal and professional lives of people in the same atmosphere. It will hamper my people’s performance

So u want this or your friend’s happiness?
Sanskaar agreed to this plan.

They discussed it for some more time but had to stop since it was time for other people to come.

It was mid afternoon and lunch break was going on when a peon came and told the employees about meeting ryt after lunch. People were confused with this abrupt meeting

The employees gathered near the meeting area…. and Rikara Ishveer and Ragini were standing together.
Sanskaar came out of his cabin and stood in front.

“So guys I have called u guys here because I have an important announcement to make.”

There was unrest among the employees

“Don’t worry guys… no further rukes and regulations rather I have called u all here to tell u that….”

He took a deep breath

“The rule of not dating your fellow colleagues has been revoked”

He said this while looking at Ragini who gave him a wide smile

Their was silence among the people

“Ok guys so that’s it… go back to work”

Sanskaar went into his cabin and people dispersed but Om followed him to his cabin.

“Yaara… I need to talk to u” Om said

“Yes… say” Sanskaar replied

“What was that… I am why u did that?? If it’s for me then nooo”

“I didn’t do it for u…”Sanskaar interrupted

“I did it for myself… I can’t see myself unhappy…. because u know My yaara will be unhappy which will make me unhappy and I don’t want to be a reason for my unhappiness”

“But…. ”

“No ifs and buts… accha ab jaa naa yaar I need to work yaar… and send Miss Ragini”

Om went out and saw Ragini Gauri and Ishveer talking he went there.

He told ragini to go to Sanskaar looking at Gauri. Whereas Gauri was avoiding him.

Ragini went there and tip toed in the room… Sanskaar’s back was facing her but…

“U again trying to steal something?? ”


“U trying to steal”

Ragini shaked her head telling no.

“Then come properly I think we are friends now??”


Ragini was shocked

“Yes friends we have to help them naa… how will we do that if we are not friends?? ”

“Ok sir”

“So friends? ”

“Y… ye… yess sir”

Sanskaar smiled cutely and looking at him ragini couldn’t stop herself from laughing

“Why… why are u laughing ”

“U look cute while smiling.”

Sanskaar was shocked

“What did you say?”

“I said cute… u are my friend naa now so no feeling afraid of you now ”

Sanskaar chuckled… and said

“Waise now u can call me Hitler Maheshwari in front of me also ”

Now it was ragini’s turn to open her mouth

“W… woh.. sirr… I… I… ”

“No one was scared of me some time before?? ”

Sanskaar smirked

Ragini fled from the office and Sanskaar started laughing.

He looked at vikas’ pic

“I miss u buddy ”

At rikara’s side

Both were ignoring each other when Ragini came started blabbering.

Ishveer face palmed themselves and went out.

Ragini also left the love birds alone.

“I am sorry..”

Om started but

“Don’t be sir… she stressed on the word… It still doesn’t change anything I know”

She went from there.

Om also sighed

Ragsan were watching separately.

That night

Ragini and Gauri were in the room thinking about their respective problems.
When suddenly ragini’s phone beeped. She saw message from an unknown no. It said Hi

She wasn’t sure feeling too sure whether to reply or not but her instincts were asking her to just reply.

(hello… but who is this)

(Ragini… It’s Sahil)

Reading the reply all thoughts vanished from her mind… only one thought remained

Only one sentence lingered in her mind

‘Me dating??… and that too woh fatass behenji ragini’

Tears came in her eyes.

She started getting restless. Gauri saw her best friend getting restless and teary eyed.

“Ragu… tu thik hai?? Kya hua tujhe ?”

Ragini hastily wipes her tears

“No gauri..everything is just fine….nothing happened”

Again her mobile beeped and she saw that sahil messaged again

(u there??)

Gauri snatched her phone and saw the message

“dekh ragu…that day also I saw u feeling uncomfortable..hua kya?? And how did he get your no.?”

“I don’t know that gauri”

Gauri messaged him

(how did u get my no.)

The reply came instantly

(Swara gave me this no. I asked her….I wanted to talk to u that’ it)

“Ragu…..tell me what’s wrong…something bothering u about this sahil?”

“Gauri… I first met him in my college… he was my super senior…. Me and Swara met in the college only. There was a seminar of commerce dept in my college where Swara met Laksh and they became good friends… Sahil sir was his friend… We had to call our seniors as sir or ma’am. Through Swara I met laksh and Sahil… We became good Friends…. we used to hang out a lot…. I don’t know when I fell for him… I knew he had a girl friend but still I fell for him. Coincidentally swara and laksh also started dating…. they used their time together so it was just me and him most of the times…. there were rumours of us dating but we weren’t. One day I went to boys common to take some assignment from my classmate. Even sahil was there… He was facing his back towards me. Somebody over there asked about those rumours.

Sahil started laughing… I was confused because it wasn’t his jovial laughter rather a more sarcastic one.

He said.. these were is exact words

‘Me dating??… that too woh fatass behenji ragini’

In my college days I was plump… not thin… I was conscious about my weight but that day something broke inside me and that was my confidence. I loved him Gauri so it was all the more difficult for me to forget those words.I ran from there. Only Swara knows about this not even laksh I made her swear that she won’t tell it to anyone. From that day onwards I took care of myself…. not for him but to rebuild my confidence. I started studying and exercising. I became what u see me today but still it hurts me too much gauri. Swara can’t help it… I told her not to break friendship with sahil because of me. ”

With this ragini hugged gauri and started crying.

“shhhhhh… Ragu u are my brave friend naa… Don’t cry like this.. it’s all in the past. Let it go then only u would be able to live in the present. Chal now go off to sleep.. It’s getting really late. ”

Ragini hugged and went of to sleep and gauri like a mother kept on stroking her head.

This was the uniqueness of their friendship….they are sisters , protectors….. if need be even turn mothers of each other.

Ragini wakes up in the morning and sees 2 messages one from sahil and another from sanskaar

Sahil’s read…u alright ragini????why are u not replying
Sanskaar’s……I have a plan in my mind.

She replies to sahil…Yes I am fine What about you?

And to sanskaar….ok I am reaching in an hour

A month passes ragsan try to make rikara one like sending them on work together…indirectly forcing om to drop gauri home almost everyday and every possible thing…it had become very tiring for them to make things happy for their two friends.

Finally sanskaar decided to end it once and for all. Ragsan decided to go out one night to a club…it was all sanskaar’s idea …ishveer and rikara were shocked at first to see this side of sanskaar because he was not much friendly with them except om his yaara ofcourse…but then Ragini took them aside and told them everything of how they were trying to patch up things between rikara and ishveer promised to help them all they can.

They all reached there…dressed nicely.

“Ok guys…I know u all must be wondering that why I made u all come here ..well I know Om is very close to u guys so I wanted your opinion also” sanskaar said

“yaara..what are u trying to say…say it clearly” Om said

“Okay guys…Om’s mother seen a girl for my yaara…and she wanted om to meet her….she took my help so I made this plan…you guys can see her and even om will meet her”

Everyone is shocked especially gauri…Om spits water out from his mouth which he was drinking

“what???? Yaara what is this????I can’t believe Mom”

“Arre relax yaara it’s just a small meeting…It’s not your marriage…Just meet her”

Rikara have a small eyelock which is noticed by ragsan and ishveer…A small tear falls from gauri’s eyes and Omkara makes a fist resisting the urge to wipe it off. Gauri hastily wipes it off.
A mobile beep disturbs them…it’s of sanskaar’s mobile…He excuses himself and goes out

Except ishveer and ragini no one is talking…rikara are quiet.

Soon after sanskaar comes with a girl who was wearing a short dress till knee length.

“Guys this is Malvika…She is the one…and malvika that is om and our friends”

They all exchange pleasantries .
Malvika starts talking to Om or rather flirting.

Om was feeling uncomfortable and gauri was burning in jealousy but Ragsan and Ishveer were enjoying all this.

When malvika asked Om to dance with her…..Om first refused but when she insisted he agreed.
Both went to the dance and started dancing….Here gauri was fuming in anger.
In order to instigate her more so that she accepts her feelings Ragsan take everyone on the dance floor.

Ragini sees her school friend in the crowd….she meets him

Om sees gauri and they have a brief eyelock.

Music starts playing….
Ishveer start dancing…the dancing couples are Ishveer ,Malvika Om , Gauri Sanskaar and ragini pairs up with her friend
Ranveer starts singing pointing to Ishaani

tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa….

Ishaani dances in Attitude

ho, ( tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa )
chamkaa hai qismat kaa taaraa
badli naseeb ki rekhaa
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa.

Both do some steps together

Next Ragini starts singing

tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa
chamkaa hai qismat kaa taaraa
badli naseeb ki rekhaa
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa.

Sanskaar sees her happily dancing with her friend and gets irritated.

Gauri and Om have a brief eyelock

Omkara smirks looking at her and decides to play with her.

He sings pointing out at Malvika which infuriates her more

tum ishq mere, tum Khvaab mere
tum jaan ho, tum ho chainaa
tum yaar mere, tum pyaar mere
dildaar mere, din rainaa.

Gauri not wanting to be left behind equally grooves on the tunes

tum aarzoo mein,tum justju mein
tum raaste mein, manzil mein
tum rooh mein ho, tum saans mein ho
tum dhadkanon mein, tum dil mein.

Sanskaar holds Gauri’s hands and twirls her.

At the same time Om twirls Malvika…and now it’s Sanskaar Malvika And Rikara.

Rikara have a deep eye lock.

Sanskaar continues singing

tumhen pahchaanooN, tumhin ko jaanooN
tumhin ko maanooN, tumhin ko

Ragini comes and rikara are between ragsan now with their respective partners

tumhen pahchaanooN, tumhin ko jaanooN
tumhin ko maanooN, tumhin ko

Both the jodis do some steps together.

Ishaani sings…
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa
chamkaa hai qismat kaa taaraa
badli naseeb ki rekhaa
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa

Sanskaar sees ragini dancing with her friend and jealousy takes over him…he imagines himself and ragini alone on the dance floor doing some steps.

tum shauq mere, armaan mere
tum dost mere, tum hi dilbar
tum zindagi ho, tum bandagi ho
kabzaa tumhaara mere dil par

Gauri shakes him and he comes out of his dream world

tum rang bhi ho, tum roop bhi ho
tum dhoop bhi ho, chhaayaa bhi
tum menkaa ho, tum apsraa ho
tum moh bhi ho maayaa bhi

Ishveer push rikara towards each other

tum aise ho aaye, tum aise ho chaaye
tumhen dekhooN main haay, tumhin ko

tum aise ho aaye, tum aise ho chaaye
tumhen dekhooN main haay, tumhin ko

tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa
chamkaa hai qismat kaa taaraa
badli naseeb ki rekhaa
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa
tumhen aaj maine jo dekhaa

Rikara are lost in eachother….At sanskaar’s signal Malvika vanishes in the crowd.
The song gets over and the claps bring rikara out of their trance.
Both feeling awkward
And go in different directions

Gauri is a bit upset with Ragini so when she comes to her…Gauri gets angry on her and goes walking angrily…..Ragini runs to Om and tells him everything….Om rushes after her.
Here Gauri is walking alone and gets scared because of the strong winds .

She hears some steps coming towards her…So in fear she quickens her pace …the person also quickens her pace….She starts running and the person too does the same.
Her breath got heavy due to running so she picks up a stone and hits the person

“ouchhhh Gauri…it’s me Omkara”

Gauri is shocked . Then she sees a blood coming out from above his left eyebrow.She panics and goes to him and puts the corner of her dupatta on his injury…and dabs it…blowing air on it….Her eyes turn watery seeing his blood. Om is also looking at her with all the love and without thinking hugs her tightly.

Gauri too gives in….seeing him with Malvika was too much for her and she hugs him back tears falling from both their eyes.

“I love you Gauri…I really do. I am sorry for telling it so late”

Gauri closes her eyes and smiles

“I love you too Om sir”

Both break their hug and look into each others eyes …tears still falling.

Gauri wipes his tears shaking her head in no. Om smiles widely and does the same….Then he kisses on her forehead.

They again hug.

Ishveer and Ragsan come in the car and stop it in front.
All of them get out and shout disturbing rikara’s moment

“Aa gaye kabab mein”…Om murmurs and gauri giggles
But due to his bad luck Ragsan hear it

“Kya kaha Om bhai??”

“Arre nothing Ragu” Om stammers

“ohhhh..now u even started lying bhai..Don’t forget bhai…had it not been for us four you and your laila would not have been together”

As soon as she says these words IshveerSan slam their foreheads and and Ragini closes her mouth with her hands

“What did you say ragini”…Gauri asked

“Arre nothing naa gauri…I toh was just joking”

“It was you behind all this??”

With this Gauri starts running behind Ragini and to save herself Ragini takes rounds of the cars…Gauri pulls ears of Ragini and Om does the same to Sanskaar….Ragini makes a cute puppy face and Sanskaar pinches Om’s arm…..All of them started laughing.

Gauri hugs Ragini and Om hugs Sanskaar

Ishveer: “u all forgot us”

“Dramebaaz No 1” Om said

And they all shared a group hug.


So as I said…will not take much time to post my stories now….here is the next part of Bepanah

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I didn’t wish to prolong Rikara’s story for much time so gave this long part…Sorry for less ragsan scenes but from the next part there will be plenty of ragsan scenes and u will see the start of their bepanah journey

Take care guys…Love you my favourite people and will meet in the next part

Hasta la Vista

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