Ragsan : Bepanah…..part 1

I jerked out of my seat…..I had again fell into a deep slumber and that too on my work seat….and the person calling me would be as usual my best friend Gauri….uffff…I am fed up now of all this auditing work….I am stuck and my life as an article officially sucks now…….
A girl of about 20 walked near my work station and stood with her arms on her waist narrowing her eyes at me and I swear to god she almost scowled at me
I gave her a sheepish smile and looked down….

Gauri’s pov
This girl I am fed up of her…again she slept and that too in her working hours…she is going to get fired and will lead herself as well me in trouble…and she is giving me that grin of hers which makes me want to pull my hair out of my scalp……..
“how can u sleep again dude???”
“I am sorry yaar gauri yesterday……” she said

“u slept late because u were watching the your favourite tv series and then some unexpected thing came which didn’t let u sleep after that” – I interrupted her
She pouted ..and of course my anger on her vanished….urggggg this girl…..she knows how to make my anger on her go away…….and now she has started smirking……she dared to do that

Ragini’s pov

I know how to make her anger go away so I made a puppy face and pouted……but she smacked my head…..ouch that hurts man
Pov ends
Ragini starts rubbing the area where she was hurt

Ragini jerked and her face lost all its colour…and gauri hit her forehead….the whole office stopped its working and started looking towards Ragini…..All of them knew whose voice it was…..the boss of the office…..or should they say the hitler…..The Great Sanskaar Maheshwari…..or as everyone calls him CA Sanskaar Maheshwari…….ragini started taking small steps towards her…and she saw her friends Gauri , Ishaani , Ranveer & Om showing their thumbs up to her….she gulped and went inside his cabin……

Ragini’s pov…
Damn it ragu aaj toh u are definitely gone….this hitler is definitely going to fire u from his office…..bhagwan ka naam le aur jaa andar ab”
Ragini knocks at the door . A gruff voice tells her to come inside…she goes inside and tip toes inside
“Are u trying to steal something from my office Miss Ragini”
“Are u trying to steal”

“No sir…Why would’’”
“Then walk properly ….and close the door”
Ragini nods like a scaredy cat…and sanskaar’s lips slightly curve into a smile seeing this antic of hers….

“sir u had called me”
“yes miss ragini…..I want this file of mr gupta audited today….and mail me the list of companies still left to be audited…”
“yes sir…”
Ragini murmured curses under her breath…and this didn’t go unnoticed by him
“did u say anything miss ragini”

“N….N….No sir…I…I…..didn’t ….”
And she left the office hurriedly
After she left….sanskaar had a small smile on his face
Ok guys so here is a one sho for you guys…specifically on ragsan…for my ragsan fans……..
It’s not a CS but an overview of the character….
The characters live in Delhi
Sanskaar And Omkara are CA’s and handle this big enterprise……Ragini , Ishaani and Gauri are articles working in this company..And Ranveer is fresh CA….doig his first job…..
So this company has 2 strict rules…
1st No one is allowed to be late

2nd No 2 colleagues are allowed to date each other and if found dating would be fired in a moment’s notice
Strange naaaa…but these are the rules of Sanskaar Maheshwari’s CA firm
Let’s see what future has in store for Ranveer-Ishaani , Gauri-Om, Ragini-Sanskaar
Ragini goes out of the cabin only to find her 5 friends looking at her in a weird way
“What are u gaping at…u fools” ragini snapped which brought them to their senses

“Now what happened”…it was om who had asked
“nothing om bhai……That je……he again gave me truck full of work…and now again I would have to work till late….my sleep wouldn’t be complete and tmrw again I will sleep in my cha…..”
Ishaani covers her mouth with her hand…
“Bas kar meri maa…..tu kitna bolti hai yaar”
Om and Ranveer were controlling their laughter…..and gauri was staring at her unbelievingly because she knew why she didn’t sleep at night
Gauri was about to say something when Ragini shook her head telling her not to say anything
“Accha waise Ragu……U have completed almost an year of your articleship here but still u are scared of him……why so??? Om Asked
“meri jooti bhi naa darre uss khadoos se”…..ragini said and huffed away leaving behind shocked faces of the four

(even my shoes don’t get scared of him)
“this ragu naa ….no one can understand her” Ranveer spoke
“ohhh really…..and u want to know her right”…Ishaani asked getting a bit jealous
“someone’s getting J haan”…ranveer spoke in a flirty tone
“Jealous toh meri jooti bhi naa ho”….Ishaani swirled her hair in front and went away like ragini
(even my shoes won’t get jealous)
“teri issi adaa par toh main fida hun”…Ranveer said and went to work
(I am mesmerized on your this attitude only)

“These people won’t stop flirting with each other….they don’t know it’s really risky here…and if sanskaar gets to know he will fire them” Om said and shook his head
“who kya haina…..omkara sir……love does not see boundaries…and rules It just happens with anyone at anytime” Gauri said stressing on her every word
Om looked at her….her eyes were full of pain and had turned watery and he knew the reason of this…..Om looked with the same intensity at her and a drop of tear fell on his cheek
“I love you om sir”

“Sorry gauri but I don’t…and it would be better for u to forget me and move on”
Both went into flashback…..but ragini came to call gauri and they came back to their senses
Gauri went away from there

Om’s Pov

I know gauri u r hurt and in pain from the past so many months because of me…..It’s hard for you….but I am in worse condition than yours ….I have same feelings for u as u have for me….even more…but can’t say…..I can’t spoil your future… and if u are with me….your dream of becoming a CA will destroy……and plus….u are too young for me……I won’t let u spoil your career”
Omkara’s eyes went watery but he removed his tears.

Since the next day was Sunday Ragini & Gauri decided to go to CP to spend their day…..They were roaming when they came face to face of 3 people which ragini never intended to meet……Laksh , Swara & Sahil……..Swara was very happy to meet her college friend after so long but raglakhil were looking at each other shockingly…..
Swara rushed towards ragini and gave her a bone crushing hug which made ragini come out of her senses.

“how are u ragu?????….u know I missed u a lot….yaar atleast talk to me on the phone if u can’t meet…..TU bhul gayi kya mujhe”
“No shone….please yaar nothing like that ….I am really very busy these days with my articleship going on and everything…..it’s just that I get tired because work is too much”
“ohhhh seriously madam…..ab don’t lie to your best friend”….it was gauri who said that
Ragini looked at her and punched her arm to which gauri smacked her head lightly and both of them started laughing
Swalakhil looked at them …not understanding anything
“ragu…who is she”….swara asked
“ohhh my bad….I forgot to introduce u guys…..shona this is best friend gauri……and gauri she is shone urfff swara….my best friend from college”
Gauri nudged ragini asking her about two people standing behind swara stupefied to which both swaragini turned pale
“Gauri this is laksh and he is sahil s..sir….they were my seniors in college….actually laksh was my senior and sahil sir was super senior”
Ragini looked at sahil for a moment and then looked away.

Ragini’s Pov
Ragu relax….u r a more confident and beautiful person now…..just talk to them normally no need to be stammering….it was all in the past….just forget everything
Laksh: hello ragini……long time haan……how r u?
Ragini:I am fine thank you laksh
Now it was shocking again because she never called him by his name without saying sir.
Sahil: Hi ragini….it’s been ages since I saw u ….how have u been?
Ragini: well u are looking how great I am now……I am ekdum mast.

Gauri was standing confused but swara was tensed as she knew the reason.
“so where are u going ragu”…swara asked to divert their minds
“We were going towards the metro station only shone…..Need to reach home nanima must be waiting”
“that’s great…we were also going towards the same direction…let’s go together…..I can even talk to u bahut saara”
Ragini gave a weak smile…..and all 5 started walking in metro’s direction.
Suddenly gauri nudged ragini….ragini looked at her and saw her pointing towards something or should we say someone….ragini took her gaze towards where she was pointing.
“ohhhh gauri don’t worry that’s just Ranveer & Ishaani”……and saw gauri looking at her shooting daggers from her eyes

Gauri smacked her shoulder
“ouchhhh yaar gauri…tu mujhe maarti kitna hai yaar”….which brought her to a realization
Here face showed horror and gauri’s showed shock
“ohhhh no”…both said in unison
Swalakhil were again not understanding anything
“ragu what happened”
“later swara not now….main tujhse baad main baat karti hun”

Both ragini and gauri ran towards them
“Gauri tu Ranveer aur ishaani ko dekh…I will handle this hitler….And call om bhai “
Rgini and gauri had seen ishveer together and just a little away was standing sanskaar maheshwari….both knew that if sanskaar caught them together they would be fired.
Gauri went to ishveer and hugged them tightly and whispered in their ears
“Pretend as if we all are together having a great time….can’t tell everything ryt now…just do it”
Ishveer were shocked to see Gauri hugging them . They weren’t understanding anything but did what gauri told them.

On the other side ragini had reached sanskaar but he was facing other side…..she knew that it wasn’t long before he would turn and see ishveer together. She thought of a plan.
Just as sanskaar was about to turn…she deliberately dashed into him….making his mobile fall from his hands.
“what the hell…can’t u see???”
Sanskaar saw ragini and his eyes widened whereas ragini pretended to be shocked .
“I am s….s…..sorry sir…didn’t mean to do it….” Ragini stammered

Sanskaar was smiling at her antics but didn’t show and said in his gruff voice that it was ok and moved from there without talking much
Ragini heaved a sigh of relief and ran towards ishveer and gauri .
As soon as she reached them she hit ranveer on the back of his head.
“u guys are mad…..how can u be so careless…atleast u could have told us…..we would have helped u”
“but ragu what happened “ Ishaani asked perplexed
Ragini : That Hitler Maheshwari almost saw u guys hugging…. if it hadn’t been for gauri and me u would have been fired instantly.

Ishveer were shocked and Overwhelmed at the same time

Ranveer hugged Ragini in a friendly way
” Thank u ragu and gauri”

” Ishaani ke saamne maarun yaa baad mein pitega”

“Kya hai ragu”

“Friend ko kaun thank you bolta h”

” Yaar but ragu ek baat I am not able to understand that why sir has this rule that no 2 colleagues can date each other ” Gauri asked

“I can tell this to u guys”

All of them turned and saw om walking towards them

“I can tell u…. It wasn’t very long back….just 2 years ago….. an employee named vikas worked under us…. he fell in love with another emoloyee named pooja…. though he loved her… she was just here to give secrets of our company to a ruval company…. she used him to leak the secrets out…. though she was caught red handed but vikas was heart broken because of her…. and he became a drug addict… he was a very close friend of sanskaar…. and thus sanskaar became like this….he couldn’t see his friend’s condition so he sent him to canada for treatment….. and that’s it. ”

All others didn’t know what to say so they kept quiet but gauri understood. Omkara was avoiding looking at her and she was just looking at his face. Another person was observing them and that was of course ragini.

All of them parted to go to their respective places. Ragini and Gauri wanted to ask eachother a lot of things but knew that it wasn’t the correct time time to do it.

Next day

Gauri was taking out file from the cabinet standing on a stool since the file was kept far she had to stretch a little due to which she lost her balance…. she shreiked and closed her eyes in fear…..before she could fall a strong pair of arms caught her…. she opened her eyes and saw Om whose face showed worry and concern… they were lost in each other…it was gauri who broke the eye lock and they composed themselves.

“Thank u Om sir”

“It’s alright gauri u need not be formal”

“No I should… It’s best for us”

Gauri left hurriedly and a drop of tear left Om’s eyes which he didn’t wipe.

Ragini saw all this and became suspicious of Rikara

But she went from there.

Ragini was sitting on her chair thinking about rikara….. it was not the first time she was sensing some sort 9f discomfort between them…… she thought of asking gauri…. but thinking how.

Ragini was in her thoughts when a peon came to her and told her to go to sanskaar’s cabin as he was calling her.

She went there in her usual pace…. She entered the room and saw Sanskaar was engrossed in some thoughts. She had to call him twice to divert his attention towards her.

At her second call sanskaar jerked out of his thoughts

“You called me sir?? “

“Yes Miss Ragini….. I need your help”

Ragini’s eyes widened not believing what she heard

“Sir??”…. she said hesitantly

“You heard me correct… I need your help…. in bringing Gauri and Omkara together “

Now this was too much for her to handle. She faltered on her feet but took the support of the chair in front.

“You okay Miss Ragini??”

“Yess….. No…. No… I am not…. what did u say? Bringing Gauri and On Bh… I mean Om sir closer…..what do u mean by that?? “

“Your best friend and my yaara love each other…. not now but since the past 6 months…. Om confessed it to me. I need your help in bringing them closer…. and I even know about Ishaani and Ranveer”


When Ragini went away to Ishveer and Gauri….. Sanskaar saw ragini’s bracelet stuck in his watch. He went in the direction of ragini and saw Ranveer and Ragini’s conversation and then saw them hugging due to which he became somewhat annoyed. He saw Om coming and hid behind a pillar and heard all their conversation… even observed Discomfort of Rikara… and then today in the morning the painful conversation was heard by him and he had a glimpse of ragini standing looking at them. He went inside the cabin sat thinking of something and called the peon to send Ragini.

Flash back ends

Ragini widened her till she couldn’t open them more.


Sanskaar looked down and saw Ragini unconscious. It was too much information for her to handle. Sanskaar became worried and went to her and sprinkled water on her face.

Ragini opened her eyes…. and the first thing she said was

“Sir please don’t fire them…. They will not do anything and….. “

She trailed off… unassure that whether she should tell him that she knows about vikas and pooja

“I know that u know about Vikas Miss Ragini” Sanskaar said

Ragini was again shocked

“Don’t widen your eyes so much Miss Ragini otherwise they will come out of their sockets”

This made her compose….. then she realised something

“Sir if you knew about them then why didn’t u do something…. u made your friend suffer… if he loves gauri then he might have not confessed it to her because of your rule…. and how do u know that gauri also loves him.”
“I was in grief at my friend’s condition nothing came into my mind…I wasn’t thinking rationally when I made it….I never intended to hurt my yaara like this….he loves her a lot and I know gauri too loves him because she confessed it to him….om told me everything”
“I never thought that my best friend will hide this from me”
“will u help me…I can’t see yaara like this”
“Yes I will but first I need to talk to Gauri about this”
“and we need to keep this mission a secret”
With this ragini left the room.

That night ragini was with gauri in ragini’s room…they had decided to spend that night together and also so that ragini could talk to her about om
Ragini’s pov
Ragu….u need to come straight to the point…it’s gauri u can’t talk to her in circles
“yes Ragu??”

“I need to talk to u about something”
“haan bol naa”
“Is there something wrong between u and Om bhai????”
Hearing this gauri’s face lost all its colour
“no ragini…nothing is wrong…why u ask soo?”
“dekh gauri…don’t lie to me…and eye contact ok…answer it…tujhe meri kasam”
Gauri’s mind went to the painful day when she proposed om and he rejected
Tears came in her eyes and she couldn’t control it anymore and started crying

Ragini in an instant came to her and hugged her and she was confirmed that gauri loved om
“gauri…please share it with me”
Gauri in a heavy voice told her everything that how she proposed Om 6 months ago and he refused her and how she has been trying to forget him but can’t.
“I am sorry gauri…I shouldn’t have asked u….u again had to relive that moment”
“No ragu…trust me it’s better now….I am relieved that u know…but please don’t tell this to anyone”
“I won’t gauri…chal ab soja”
“ragini can I ask u something?”
“Haan puch naa”

“That day when we met your college friends in cp why were u so uncomfortable?”
Now it was ragini’s turn to deny
“No gauri…nothing like that…now stop this detective giri and come and sleep I am tired”
Gauri was suspicious but decided to let it go
Both laid down and turned their backs to each other not wanting to show that they were affected by what all happened or is happening.

Before finally falling off to sleep ragini messaged Sanskaar

They had exchanged their nos. for the same.

Well this is my new story…….
I have decided to put my other two stories junooniyat and pyaar dosti hai on hold…will be continuing it in December most probably…I have decided to first complete O saiyyan and Bepanah…..Saiyaan will be over in 2 shots maximum and this is an os…..as it had become long so I have decided to publish it into parts….it’s a 3-4 shot maximum

If you guys liked it….put your comments below and let me know…good bad…negative positive all accepted.

And I have almost completed writing it….so posting it on regular basis won’t be a problem

P.S. All those waiting for O saiyyan…your wait is finally over…will be posting the next part soon…I have started writing it….so would be posted soon.
Missing my readers….

Love you guys…take care…we meet in my next update…which would be soon

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