Ragsan – Arshi Love CHAPTER 1

Hello guys. I am so sorry for being late to update this ff. I hope you will like this ff too and support me, and I will try my best to give importance to both the pairs.

In an apartment we can see two girls getting ready. Then after five minutes one of the girl came out of the room wearing a red anarkali suit with open hairs and she called “ragu come out fast we are getting late”. Yes its our khushi. Then came out a girl wearing blue anarkali with plated hairs.
Ragini(rubbing her shoulder): Di relax ok. Don’t be nervous.
Khushi(with nervous smile): Hey I am not nervous. Wo.Wo I was just getting late so..
Ragini(with teasing smile): I understood.
Both the sisters look towards each other and the burst out laughing.
Khushi: Actuallly yes.. I am very nervous.
Ragini: Don’t worry di.(keeping her hands on her shoulder) You are really talented. You will get the job.
Khushi: Hope so.

Saying this both the sisters hug each other and left the house.
Khushi: (stopping autorickshaw) Bhaiyya first take us to Mount college and the to RM(Raizada and Maheshwari) industries.
After some time ragini bids bye to khushi and entered inside the college. It was her first day in the college. She was going to teach music. All the boys were flattered to see her. Although she was simple but she was really beautiful that all the boys were attracted to her. She was very fond of music because it was the only way she could let her emotions or pain out of her. She then went to meet the principal leaving, were principal greeted her and told peon to show the music room. She entered inside the music room and was just shock to see many instruments. She quickly took guitar first then sitar. She can play both of them. Then peon handed her the time table for music lecture. She was having one hour time for the music lecture and she was knowing that her di would be busy in her interview so she thought to see the whole college.
he scenes shifts to a place were khushi was standing outside RM industries. She was hell nervous but thinking about ragini she went inside and asked
Khushi: Hello I am khushi. Will you please tell me when is my turn.
Receptionist: There are still two girls before you. You can sit there(pointing towards the sit were some of the girls and boys were already sitting).
After sometime receptionist told her to go inside. Khushi was outside the cabin hell nervous but with some courage and knocked the door.
Person(with stern voice): Yes, come in and sit.
Khushi: Good Morning sir. I am khushi and this are my certificates.
Person: I am Vinod. Sir’s PA. Sir told me to take the interviews.
Seeing through her certicates.
Vinod: Impressive miss khushi your certificates tells lot about you.
After some question answer round(which I don’t know).
Vinod: I will let you know till the evening if you are selected for the job. You may leave now.
Khushi: Thankyou sir.

After leaving the office first thing she did is to call her sister. Here ragini was just going to call her but her phone started ringing and seeing the id she immediately lifted the call
Ragini: Di how was the interview ? Are you selected ? See what type of question I am asking. I know that my di will get selected only.
Khushi(with smile): Wait wait I will answer all your question, give me time. For your first question my answer is my interview was superb and for your second question my answer is that I will get a call in the evening if I will be selected. Ok now tell me how was your day ?
Ragini: Actually my first lecture will be after 5 minutes.
Khushi: Ok then you go now. I will be waiting for you in the home. Bye and best of luck.
Ragini: Thanks di and bye.

After some time ragini came home and Khushi started her question answer round. Ragini was just smiling seeing her di happiness.
Ragini: Di just calm down. Let me speak too. My day was very nice. All the students are very helpful and you know what di… I sang a song after so many months. (with chocked voice and moist eyes) I am feeling very light now. After that incident I never thought that I could be able to smile, but just because of your support and trust on me I could do something on my own.
Khushi(with moist eyes): I will always trust you ragu, no matter whatever the situation is. (with smile) now don’t cry and ha I wanted to say something to you that I am selected and from tomorrow I will be going to office.
Ragini(with bright smile): Sacchi di. I am sooo happy for you.
Saying this she twirl her.
Ragini: Ok now I am going to get fresh till then please keep something ready to eat.
Khushi: Ok go. I will get your favourite gajar halwa ready on the dining table.
Khushi to herself: I am happy ragu to see you happy. I hope your smile never fades away and hope they don’t cross your path again.
After some gossips they had their dinner and then giving ragini her medicines both sister slept together.

Guys I wanted to change the age of Khushi and ragini
Khushi – 26 years not 24
Ragini – 21 years not 22
And the additional character would be Rohit.
Rohit Sehgal: Big Business man but not as Arnav and Sanskar. Same as rajat and also villain in ragini’s life.

Guys I have another ff in my mind so should I post it soon or after some months. Please tell me about the pairs too whether it should be ragsan or raglak.

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