Ragsan 2 shots is this cheating part 1


Hii guys am new to write a ragsan os …I am not a ragsanian ..so please forgive me

Girl:sorry I can’t forgive you
Boy : please ..
Girl:I said no
You cheated me …. You are saying lie …
Girl leaves
Boy: raginiiiii
At ragini’s room
Ragini thrown her bag and dropped herself on bed
And started crying
Sanskaar you cheated me.. you said you love me but you don’t….if you love me you haven’t done that thing you broked me from inner core ……you murdered me … I hate you mr. Maheshwari ….
She cried whole nIght

Next day
Ragini’s eyes were swelled and we’re red in colour ….
She left for office and sanskaar came ragini pleased him to go
Sanskaar:please ragini listen to me
Ragini:what should I listen …there is nothing left to listen ..have seen what was needed …
Sanskaar: please
Ragini moves

Sanskaar holds her hand and pulls her towards him
And holds her waist tightly
Ragini:,okk you want to know the truth come with me
He drags her …..

At mansion
Sanskaar:swara swara where are you

Swara:I am here

Sanskaar:what happened yesterday night ..is I am wrong
Tell ragini about it

Swara: he is right ragini …that kavita trapped him
Okk you don’t believe okk let’s recall

Precap:the truth

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