ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 9

hi all so finally d party sequence is over……. my, didnt it seem like an actual soap where they carry on with a single storyline for so many days? anyways i just wanted to tell u that i m in 12th n boards r round d corner plus i have my entrances after that so i wont be really regular but still i will try my level best so stay tuned.
also a heartfelt request – plz dont be silent readers i think i deserve a little praise for taking out my time for this ff also since its been a long time d serial ended i think people have forgotten about it so plz convey to as many people as u can about my ff. now here i start…………………………..

it is next morning n kalpi wakes up n says happily oh yes today is my felicitation ceremony she sees kamla n remembers all d happenings of d past night. kamla says yes i know today is a very special day so i have made a special tea for u. kalpi ignores her n says baba i m going for a bath.

there neetu is looking at her saris sahil comes in n says do u have a kitty party today? neetu says no how could u forget today is pooki’s felicitation ceremony paki comes in n says dont get ready u r not coming d card is for 2 only dad n dadi r going with me. neetu says n what about your mom paki says oh that? my mom kamla ma will come with kalpi i will meet her there. she leaves.

kalpi is getting dressed vitthala comes in n gives her a gift kalpi asks what is it pakiya says smthing he gets only for u kalpi opens it n sees a chocolate she hugs vitthala pakiya joins in kamla is watching all this from d doorstep she thinks how to tell kalpi how much i love her n that whatever happened yesterday was a mistake? pakiya asks kalpi if they all can come to her college she says no only 2 r allowed pakiya says ok i will stay back kalpi says no u n baba will go with me. pakiya asks what about ai? kalpi says she can come with her other daughter no i m sorry i meant her only daughter paki. she leaves.

kamla comes to vitthala n asks what to do kalpi is so angry vitthala says dont come to me when u didnt come before blaming my daughter solve d problem yourself if u really care. he walks out pakiya follows him.

there paki n sahil n dadi leave in their car. kalpi leaves with pakiya n vitthala in an auto. neetu n kamla r watching their respective families n crying.

kamla thinks to call paki n go with her but then she feels that paki is already so sad after yesterday’s incident better not to disturb her more.

there sm1 is shown from d back he is dressed in a 3-piece suit (no more guesses left right???? ) n is wearing his watch he looks at d time n says just an hour more, n we will meet face to face ms. kalpana vitthala jadhav. he smiles n looks at kalpi’s photo.

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  1. Superb all the best for ur exams

  2. thanx devga which class r u in?


      devga di is in college…..

      1. oh really, how do u know?

        also which course is she pursuing????

        anyways, seems like d guess i made in my next ff was right about her sounding like a college girl


        i dont know about she told me once that she s in college………. actually we chat in Siya ke ram pages………..


    really nice di……..

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