ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 8

paki starts dancing on kamli song. every1 is clapping. sm1 is seen changing d song suddenly item songs start paki is unmindful of d fact n is dancing rather strangely. kamla goes up to her n tries to bring her downstairs but paki resists n continues dancing. every1 is shocked neetu switches off d music n says to every1 to leave.

only kamla’s family n kapoor family r left now. paki has now started singing as well as dancing both on her own kamla shakes her n says wake up paki paki doesnt heed to her. kamla gives her a tight slap she falls down unconscious. every1 rushes to her. kamla asks sahil to bring water sahil pours a glass of water on paki she wakes up n asks why r u looking at me like that? kamla says do u even know what u were doing paki says no kamla ma i dont remember anything.

kamla says i knew it sm1 mixed smthing in that juice she looks at kalpi n says i know who is behind all this kalpi says what do u mean? kamla says i mean that u have sm role to play in all this otherwise why were u smiling when paki was drinking that juice? kalpi is shocked.

vitthala says no my kalpi cant do this i have full faith in her n my upbringing kalpi says no baba let ai speak today i want to know why she blames me for everything wrong that happens to paki. paki says yes kamla ma i m sure kalpi did not do this. kamla says i think u r right.

kalpi says wow ai u believed paki n not me even though we said d same thing. today u showed me my true place ai i m going home now i dont like being at a place where nobody cares about me. vitthala n pakiya leave with her.

kalpi is at d door she turns back n says ai do u remember what u said at d party ? that u love me n paki equally now let me tell u d truth ai u have always loved paki more than me n this fact is never going to change. she leaves.

sm1 is seen recording all this.

kamla says to paki take care i have to go now she says ok bye kamla ma. kamla leaves.

then a room is shown sm1 is seen watching a video of d happenings at d party. his face is darkened. he says wow kalpi i didnt know u were so smart that u would make a video of sm1 like neetu n ruin d kapoor’s happiness at that party. i must admit i m impressed such acts of yours only make me fall deeper in love with u. he smiles n looks at a pic of kalpi by his bedside.

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  1. I hope that man is raghav, I’m eager to read the next epi !! Superb

  2. Awesome I was silent … Superb yea its raghav … Eager and curious to knw more ….

  3. thanx zeefan n naina

    by the way where is ww?

    1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan


      sorry saw only now…….

      and i have told all my skr friends to read ur ff di………..

      1. oh thanx a lot………… maybe that’s i have started receiving so many comments n all d best for ur exams

  4. Awesome episode. Thanks for such nice stories. Waiting for next episodes.

  5. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    feel bad for kalpi… really emotional di………. perfect writing di……

    continue…….. i wont be coming to online for next 1 month frequently……… next 2 days i wont at all so my comments will be late……. sorry di………

  6. thanxxxxxxx sanjana

  7. anyone from d north on this ff page?

  8. Hy sweety..m a silent readr…nd m from north india

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