ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 7

sm1 at the party is seen calling up some1 n saying d work is done.

on the other side kalpi is seen talking on her phone. she cuts the call when she sees kamla. kamla says come inside paki has been found kalpi says yes i m coming. they go inside.

there paki is on d stage organiser asks her to say something which is in her heart n has never been able to come to her lips. paki thinks n starts a story.she says long back there was a girl who was born in a poor family her mom was d nanny of some rich couple’s child both d children grew up together they vied with each other for d love of that lady. while d poor one believed in her heart that her mom was hers so she would naturally love her more, the rich one wanted to get the lady’s affection through deceitful means like buying her expensive gifts n faking illnesses the latter was more successful . the organiser interrupts her n says why r u telling us this story u had to tell smthing from ur heart. paki says this is from my heart only let me complete so the rich girl was more successful but she always had a fear that her truth would come out, n she still lives in that fear. the organiser asks her if she had any names for the characters of that story? paki says yes the rich girl was paki the poor one kalpi n that lady my kamla ma. i m really sorry kamla ma but this is the truth plz forgive me. kamla goes up on the stage n gives her a tight slap.

suddenly kalpi realises that this was just her imagination paki was still standing on the stage. she thinks smthing is wrong with her.

paki says that i have always wanted to dance with all the others around me cheering but could never do so due to fear of dadi. dadi says in a funny way its ok today u can do whatever u want to i wont say anything…… ja paki jee le apni zindagi

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  1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    oh no….. paki’s truth got missed….. but its okay di superb………

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