ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 6

paki goes to her friends n they r dancing on sooraj dooban hain . she stops a waiter n says please bring us some juice. waiter says ok. he goes to get d juice.

at d juice stall, some1 is seen mixing some powder in a juice glass. d waiter takes that juice too n brings it to d girls. paki takes that particular juice glass n gulps it down. she resumes dancing. kalpi smiles. kamla sees both of them.

now d organiser announces d final game of d day……….”speaking your heart out”. every1 is super excited. one girl asks him about d game. he explains that i want all of u to say something which is deep in your heart n has never come out , today in front of us all. he says ok i will begin i still have a crush on my ex-gf even though i m married n have 2 kids. every1 laughs.

a girl comes up n says i cheated in my board exams still i could not pass in a subject. every1 laughs again.

sahil comes up n says i wish my wife was a little thinner.

neetu says i wish my husband paid more attention to his work than my weight.

mummyji says i have always hated that neetu is my daughter in law every1 is stupefied she clarifies i wish she was my daughter. neetu is really happy she says really mummyji i didnt know u love me so much

prem says i wish my mom didnt take jokes so seriously

kamla says i wish i could tell my daughters that i love both of them equally i cant choose one over d other.

vitthala says i hope to see my daughter in very costly jewellery n dresses on her marriage

pakiya is looking at paki n says i wish i could tell sm1 that i have a secret crush on her. kamla n vitthala r surprised. pakiya quickly says i mean i have never liked any girl my friends have n i wish i could feel d same for someone.

it is kalpi’s turn she says i dont know what to say i have never hidden anything from my baba i have no secrets whatsoever. the organiser says really. vitthala says yes she is right. d organiser says ok.

now its paki’s turn, she is nowhere to be found.

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