ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 5

the party continues…..

kalpi is looking at her watch again and again. she says to herself paki u will now face d biggest bomb blast of your life. she starts d countdown – 10, 9, …………, 2, 1, 0!
suddenly the lights r off. every1 is looking here n there. a video starts playing. every1, especially kalpi is watching intently. first d dance which kalpi n paki had performed in the final round of d competition is shown. every1 claps. then a second video is shown playing. in it neetu is seen talking to one of d judges of the comp. she later pays him some cash n says just make sure that my daughter wins d competition. the judge says but kalpi got more score. she says fine this is rs. 1 lakh more i hope u have no problem now? the judge says dont worry your work will be done. the video stops n d lights turn on.

every1 looks at neetu. she is horrified. paki is crying she goes to neetu n says is this true neetu that i never actually won d competition? that u bribed the judge to get me this trophy? neetu says i m sorry pooki i just wanted u to be happy n — paki screams just shut up neetu this is d worst i have ever felt all my life. why r u doing all this do u think i will start loving u n calling u mom if u do such things? let me make one thing clear to u i hate u n will continue to do so all my life. prem says mind your language paki she is our mom. paki says no she is just my enemy n your mom it would if u dont come in between.

paki goes to the stage d party is cancelled plz leave all of u. every1 is going she says no wait the party should go on what if i didnt win at least kalpi did so d party is now in her honour. she brings kalpi up on d stage n gives her d trophy n says this is for u kalpi u won it. kalpi is smiling n she looks at d trophy n says thanx to paki. paki says no dont thank me for something that was yours i just did the work of returning it to you. she leaves. kalpi says wow d times r really changing that is perhaps d first true statement paki has ever spoken. she kisses the trophy n says my second thing has been returned to me i didnt know it would be so easy.

an fb is shown kalpi is changing her dress in d green room when she sees neetu meeting one of d judges. she decides to follow her. she starts recording their conversation n is shocked when she knows d truth behind her “defeat”. fb ends.

paki is crying in her room kamla goes to her n says come out plz. she says no. kamla says plz, at least for your mom. paki comes out n is about to say something when kamla stops her n says let bygones be bygones. come out n enjoy , they hug. kalpi is looking at them.

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