ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 45

3rd epi:

kalpi thinks i m trapped. she says i– i– raghav says just say it kalpi. kalpi closes her eyes n says fine. yes, i luv u. i luv u mr. raghav singhania ( finally, now just leave….. ). raghav smiles n hugs her. kalpi thinks oh god.. he’s moving too fast. raghav thinks i knew it. i knew God wud give this happiness for sure. kalpi breaks away n utters actually sir i– raghav says rule 1 kalpi : u will call me raghav only… no sir, no hitler. rule 2 : u r going to dine out wid me toni8. kalpi is confused n thinks if its a date ( of course!! what else cud it be?? )? raghav says just tell kamla ma n i’ll come to pick u up. they both smile n kalpi leaves happily.

prem thinks toni8 i’ll bring a huge storm into ur lives ragna. he calls up sm1.

paki is really happy n calls kamla ma to tell her ( just do that n see what u get in return !!!! ). but then she realises what she’s doing n cuts d call ( oh no 🙁 ). kamla thinks of calling back but sees kalpi entering d home n goes to make lunch for her. kalpi thinks what to wear toni8 ( u r being too annoying…. just wear anything… as if he really cares ).

samya see raghav coming back n think why is he so happy? raghav comes there n hugs both of them. he tells them that kalpi understood her feelings n confessed her luv to him. he thanx them ( n here i was thinking all wrong abt him….. sorry 😛 ). samya r really happy n congratulate him. maya says sorry too. raghav says its ok…… btw cud u give me another kiss? u r really a gud kisser. samya r shocked. raghav laughs at sammy’s insecurity ( got d idea frm dehleez …… just can’t take swadarsh out of my mind n heart ). they realise d reason for his laughter n join in. sammy actually kisses him. maya luks on. she thinks oh no my ragmy r not straight ( get what i mean??? ) n leaves angrily. ragmy laugh behind her.

raghav asks him for his help as he’s going out on a dinner date. sammy agrees. they leave for home. maya comes n sits wid them in their car. ragmy laugh seeing her expressions n ask her to suggest a gud way to propose to kalpi. maya tells them. raghav doesn’t like it. he says he wants his proposal to be out of this world ( wait for prem’s plan…. then u n ur love will be out of this world !!! ). maya gets angry n asks him to propose while being upside down on his head in front of d whole staff ( LOL ). raghav says no i can’t do that ( cum on yaar she didn’t mean it ).

sammy says ok then propose on d beachside during d sunset. raghav says no i cant do that either coz there wud be too many people there n i’d get nervous. maya says fine go to d washroom. raghav says r u crazy? i cant take kalpi to d resort’s washroom as she is of n opposite gender ( u r seriously crazy raghav…. ). maya says i mean go to d washroom both of u as that’s where u guys get ideas ( really?? i thought she meant smthing else 😛 )……. i’ll prepare coffee for u here. ragmy say ok n leave ( they’re her puppets or puppies ?? ).

prem goes to a cliff n thinks this d place u’ll make ur home forever my dear raghav n kalpi. he smirks.

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  1. Best of luck for your exams di.

  2. None of the trio are romantic.Just laughed at their crazy proposal ideas.

  3. Finally Kalpi confessed her feelings.Really happy on Ragna’s confession.

  4. I liked whenever Kalpi compares Raghav with hitler.

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