ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 43


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here’s d epi:

paki thinks abt prem’s offer. she hesitates but then sees her gud behind it n accepts. prem says that’s like a gud ( ? ) sis. they shake hands. he tells her d plan.

in d office kalpi luks at raghav n smiles. samya understand that they’ve succeeded but then sammy thinks we have to make her confess too. he writes his plan on a tissue paper n passes it to maya. maya nods. raghav sees them n says oh god u guys can never change…….. u r still passing chits?? kalpi i think they need sm privacy let’s leave. kalpi says ok n leaves first. sammy goes behind her. ( my, i just luv their plans…. )

raghav gets confused n thinks why did he leave? he turns back n luks at maya in a quizzing way n maya starts crying. raghav asks her why is she crying?? maya says ohhh raghav…. sammy doesn’t luv me, he is in a relationship wid sm1 else……. i saw him wid another girl today….. they were hugging. raghav is shocked n says that’s not possible. maya keeps on crying ( she’s a gr8 actress ).

sammy goes behind kalpi n tells her that ragya r together. kalpi turns back n is shocked coz she had thought it was raghav behind her n not sammy. she then realises what sammy just said n rushes back ( i get a foul smell……. seems like sm1 is burning wid jealousy here 😛 ). she enters d room n is shocked.

ragya r in an embrace. maya hugs him even more ti8ly. raghav says dont worry i will always be wid u nobody can ever come b/w us…… kalpi is shocked to hear this. sammy hints maya ( too much eye talk b/w these guys… ) frm behind kalpi n maya gives raghav a peck on his cheek n holds his hands ti8. raghav is surprised but he reciprocates ( unknowingly helping these guys ). kalpi’s anger crosses its limit n she rushes in n separates ragya.

samya smile. raghav gets confused n says what d hell r u doing here? kalpi says u r mad u dumb hitler ( my god !!! did she really call him that ???? ). u r simply d worst man i hv ever seen in my life. i hate u !!! raghav thinks what is she saying? he asks her to calm down n tell him what’s d matter. kalpi shouts u r crazy mr. raghav singhania. u r d craziest person on d whole planet. she throws away d things on his table. maya rushes out n stands near sammy to watch d fun.

raghav asks kalpi to stop breaking all his things ( coz he’ll turn bankrupt !!! ). kalpi says oh really? she brings down a candle holder n says how much does it cost? raghav is confused n says 50000 bucks ( for a candle holder??? d one at my home doesn’t even cost 500 bucks…… in fact i dont think i even have 1 !!! 😛 ). kalpi throws it on d floor. sammy makes a video of hers n says to maya that i’ll show this to their kids whenever they get scolded for breaking things ( he’ll make me go mad ). maya laughs.

raghav asks kalpi to stop it but she doesn’t n after throwing each n every thing in his office, she gives him a strong push ( hahahahaha ) n leaves d office after banging d door on a stumbling raghav’s face. raghav spots samya n thinks why r they laughing? he suddenly realises smthing n recollects all d happenings. he understands that everything was samya’s game n that he n kalpi were d players in it ( ohh no .. 🙁 ). he thinks what to do next.

prem n paki r still discussing d plan when neetu n sahil walk in. they ask them if they cud be included in d plan as well? paki says not u neetu. prem says of course u r in it………. coz then it will be four ( ragna, samya ) vs. four ( d wretched kapoor family ). he luks at paki. she smiles n they all raise a toast to d 2 couples.

{ ohhh my god………. d kapoors against d 2 couples……… seems like a tough fi8 🙁 }

Credit to: sweety

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  1. OMG.Someone is burning with jealousy.

  2. Best of luck for your exams

  3. Kapoor family is a genetically defective species.Please someone put them in museum or do experiments on them in science lab.

  4. Samya is very well in making Kalpi jealous.And Raghav is soo innocent.

    1. hi s,ankur no any new ff y????

      1. I am getting no spare time because of my tuitions so now I will not be able to write any new ff.Sorry.Well,do you read my previous ff??


    haha really loved it di…….. the dialogue of Sammy i will show this to their children when they get scoldings for breaking things……… warray wah……. even when i do such things my sis would say this………in fact my father only still help me in wearing my socks…… n he would say that when i dont do this to my child that time he will give me nicely………… THE BEST EPISODE OF ALL UR FFS………..

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