ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 42

prem sees his sister ( paki ) standing behind him, her arms crossed. he thinks oh no…. i hope she doesn’t know abt my plan ( just wait….. she does!!! ).

raghav takes kalpi in his arms n takes her to d office. he tries to revive her ( luv his concern 🙂 ). samya seem worried. maya cleans d coffee n juice on kalpi’s face n thinks why was she drinking both coffee n juice at d same time ( u really r 1 stupid girl )? sammy thinks i hope this did not happen due to our plan, plz wake up kalpi.

paki asks prem what was he doing? prem says nothing. paki comes in n says dont act too smart, i have heard n seen everything. why d hell did u do that wid kalpi? prem thinks i’ll have to tell her, what a dumb situation i’ve put myself into ( but not as dumb as u urself )….. i shud have closed d door. she won’t leave me now n tell that kamla d maid everything…. n i can’t let myself lose anymore. paki says i m waiting for ur answer. prem says fine, if u want to know, listen. he tells her everything. paki seems shocked.

raghav cries n thinks come on kalpi just wake up…. kalpi opens her eyes. samya r relieved. kalpi says i m okk but seeing samya she remembers their plan n threat n stays there only. raghav asks her how did it happen? kalpi tells him d entire scene. she luks at samya n thinks i didn’t know these guys cud be so cheap as to get this done wid me……. i’ll collect evidence n prove what they r to raghav sir. ( what d hell???? why blame my samya for each n everything that goes wrong wid u??? this time u urself r d reason for ur pli8…… n i don’t feel a bit sorry for u…. rejecting my hero like that )

raghav says i wont leave that guy…….. let’s check d cctv footage. samya agree. kalpi gets confused n thinks why do they want d reality to cum out if they planned everything? they’ll be caught. they check d cctv footage n find that all cctvs had stopped working ( wow prem…. 9c plan!! )…. maya says oh yes l8 went off r8, so how wud d cctvs be on ( see? i made her intelligent. just like me 😛 )? kalpi thinks oh wow so she knows everything, she is behind this…. i wont leave her ( if u say that again, i wont leave u either ).

paki says i never knew u cud stoop so low……. i’ll tell all this to kamla ma n kalpi r8 here, r8 now. prem stops her n says then i’ll tell dad that u spent rs 4 lakhs to get that diamond ring to separate sammy n maya n still didn’t succeed. paki is stunned ( 9c move, prem…. guyz now just watch out for their plan ).

prem smiles n says but if u don’t, maybe i can help u………. paki asks how? prem tells her abt samya’s plan of uniting ragna. if they fail, then their relations will turn bitter. i’ll make sure d truth then comes out n raghav leaves sammy too. having no oder shoulder to lean upon, he’ll come to u. paki thinks.

ragna n samya r together, working on sm project. kalpi luks at raghav n replays everything in her mind. she realises smthing n thinks oh no!!! i m in love wid this hitler!! why didn’t i realise it earlier???? ( bcz u r crazyyyy !!!! hate u for not having any brains n making my hero drink wine yesterni8 ) she feels raghav’s eyes lingering over her n feels v. conscious.

precap : d kapoor siblings join hands ( even hell’s doors r gonna close for them now !!! ).

Credit to: sweety


  1. I liked your creativity.I even think that if you were the writer of ema serial then it will surely become a huge hit at that time.


    wow………… at last the love track…….. but precap really terrifying………..

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