ragna – love is life (EMA) – Episode 4

every1 is dancing neetu-sahil, vitthala-kamla, n others. the song changes n accordingly partners too now neetu is with prem, paki with her dad, n kamla with pakya. vitthala goes to get juice n sees kalpi standing there. he asks if everything is ok? she says yes baba i m just having a slight headache. vitthala says do u wanna go home kalpi says no dont worry i m fine. suddenly the lights are off . the organiser says now the dance troupe is here i request every1 to give a huge round of applause for them. all clap. all the troupe members have their faces covered with masks (this reminded me of raghav’s confession at the masquerade party!).

all the girls except kalpi come up on the stage. each makes a pair with one of those guys. paki likes one in a blue shirt though his face is hidden. she wants to dance with him but he refuses. paki says how arrogant like i really care she goes to another guy. the dance starts

the blue-shirt guy (b-s guy) is looking intently at kalpi who notices this n confronts him. he says he wants to dance with her . she says no never. he says please kalpana. she is about to leave when the b-s guy holds her hand n forcefully takes her to a corner of the dance floor. she says leave me n get lost. he says if u had seen my face u would have never said that. she says then show me ur face he says later first dance with me she asks what if i dont he says its up to u i wont show u my face theres a price for everything ms. jadhav
kalpi says fine. the b-s guy holds her hand gently this time kalpi thinks i have felt this touch before too.

they start dancing. kalpi is about to slip the b-s guy holds her n says why r u so clumsy? kalpi says i m not. he says yes u r n u have been like this since childhood. kalpi says stop shouting at me n if u know me so well then show me ur face i hate people who hide their real faces behind masks. the guy says u think u r really intelligent but trust me my brain starts working where your stops so i wont show u my face until n unless u complete the dance. kalpi screams i m not interested in knowing u go away. the guy says fine i m leaving but remember a day will come when u would be ready to do anything to just have a glimpse of me. miss kalpana vitthala jadhav, that is a promise.

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    So is the guy Raghav????????

    Very nice epi……….

    One request:

    Pls give a precap……….

    1. hi ww girl i have posted more updates i think u forgot to read those plz read n comment

  2. very nice yaar

  3. thanx ww girl n vaishali.
    i m sorry ww girl i cant give a precap as i write whatever comes to my mind at the spur of d moment
    so u see i dont know myself what i m going to write next.

    anyways i have a request – i know that u r v. active on d skr page too i think nobody out there knows that theres a ff being written on ema please inform as many people as u can…… coz its really encouraging when u receive a lot of praises n comments ;p


      Sure di………..

      i will……….

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